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  1. Fate killing npc's during war invasion

    Yea a warning and even a warning a bit much for Killing NPC ? we all kill NPCs cmon nowww
  2. How to be a dragon!

    Clan? This isn't a Clan issue is an Individual ISSUE FUCK clans.... sorry but seriously don't take it like is a clan thing clan is nothing but an easier way to get pt, unless your Friends thats a different story. U guys got some gg respectable guys in bloodline but not everyone will follow the right footsteps is not a representation thing, i can testify to herbie and black for example they left IMMEDIATELY. these 4 however maan they Milked us. They Milked us gooood and btw Tila mage Blink. and TP Yes everyparty had a mage i can assure you that however am not entirely sure if you can walk up somehow, anyways is just a 1-3 days bann no big deal if aesteris decides to do it that is. if not then is cool a warning would be nice.
  3. How to be a dragon!

    nonono Not everyone lol just those 3 readable names they are the ones that stay the longest and wouldn't let us leave am sure Drmanhattan can post here how he Ressurected a few times and couldn't make it to the TP gate. Everyone else left after we told them that isn't legit those 3 tho don't give a damn gotta get that NPS yo! hehe The fourth guy i forgot its name and SS not showing it for some reason owell lucky. 1 day bann for my 15 death! lol it hurts maan
  4. How to be a dragon!

    yee for sure man 1 day ban. me and DrManhattan suffer man lol he died and came back up trying to escape xD btw hes not standing still alive hes dead!
  5. How to be a dragon!

    even 1 Day will do but it has to be done.
  6. How to be a dragon!

    double post srry
  7. How to be a dragon!

    Camp players until they have 0 NPS w.e you do DO NOT allow them to leave and abuse as Much as possible! I would never cry about this for sure, i letter black and herbie they were cool like ye we leaving but these 4 however they stay as long as war closed i literatelly couldn't leave war cuz of them, one more thing is a principal thing. If anyone in my party were to do this i would stand against it and i assure you my party wouldn't camp anyone Even chase then there cmon now you already winning war why gotta be so NP hungry man shiiit. Don't want them ban ofcs not but a temporary block 3-7days should teach them a lesson
  8. Nefarius Clan Wall Bugging In CZ

    OMG! lolll i just noticed it... hes nonstop minoring now that's so lameeee what a Fail on top of being a jerk your a no skill scrub haha no wonder you were so mad.
  9. Nefarius Clan Wall Bugging In CZ

    One more OBVIOUS thing seem on this video. If my mage was Wall bugging as you said. HOW COME you killed it? Not too smart are you uhm cuz if i wanted to bug abuse it i would have run all the way back with the mage and you would have NOT being able to kill it. For suree but i didn't.
  10. Nefarius Clan Wall Bugging In CZ

    ofcs i wouldn't i figure out why it happen tho ^^ a mage can't be too close to a wall otherwise u get tp to another side just a game glitch Anyways i just find it really pathethic that this dude tries to bann us, i spoke to him in Villains TS all he had nothing to say but I if i can get sh1theads like you out yea. Lol he don't even know me but yea Kids get ANGRY easily. now hes gonna get search for always, next report gonna be PLEASE BANN THEN i die too [email protected] Lmao
  11. Nefarius Clan Wall Bugging In CZ

    <---- BP guilty of charge please! forgive me for killing humans ! lols Regarding the wall bug that just happen after the TP game glitch. TRUST ME THO. is not my intention to be tp somewhere to simply get stuck there so you should be HAPPY it happen otherwise we would have stomp you again.... Your logic is completely retarded is okay to be mad tho but going as far as trying to get us bann? your pathethic seriously thats just saddd
  12. Server?

    Relaunched ? Why not just decrease drop rates on mining that would work plain and simple while increasing the drop rates of better gems on juraid once people start farming it to balance things out Server looks good thought just give it time. Drop rate on cardinal is perfect but a bit too high a 30% decreasement of the current drop rate would do and about 70% decreasement on Blue chest from Mining 40% on Green chest and leave red as it is. 80% on gems and fragments as well. from what the current drop rate is this should do it. Leave coins as it is and maybe decrease in the future as this is where the Noah is going to come from and as we all seen not that easy to stack on the gold so is great maybe perfect as it is time will tell but i can't seen to keep any gold as i was using it for Scrolls so the decreasement on Cardinal Bus should keep the game going smoothly with players sinking gold