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  1. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration for future patches.
  2. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    We're working on improving stuff that concern warping and moving around in general, hopefully we'll be able to provide a better experience for users with older/slower hardware when that's done.
  3. Happen itemsto another character(cospre, wings,etc)

    That's not possible. First of all those items are for the character they're distributed to only. Aswell as every character will get them once, so you've already gotten them on your 'main' character.
  4. Forum account

    I banned it but i don't remember the exact reason. But still, it was only used for promoting your own posts and that could be misleading to other users. I don't see the point of having a second account for that reason. Or am i wrong about your idea behind the account?
  5. Character seal scroll dont work

    I mean the cypher rings, if you have one on your account, you can't seal another character. You would have to open the ring or move it to another account first.
  6. Character seal scroll dont work

    You can't have two Character Seal Scrolls on the same account at the same time (for now, might be patched soon), this might be the problem.
  7. We’re looking into it, we’ve never had this issue before. Please be patient.
  8. Did you try using 'O' instead of 'Ö'? Normally that should work. o.o
  9. Make sure you did this, if it’s updated you shouldn’t get that message.
  10. Wolfden 2vs2 KINGS

    Locked on request.
  11. This is true, drop rates are indeed increased even though that text just say noah.
  12. You're always welcome to make suggestions, but we're not obligated to obey them or answer within any timeframe.
  13. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    No, you won't do that quest again i assume.
  14. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    You did it 7 times before reporting something wrong? Anyway, we became aware of issues with this yesterday evening and had more reports today. Fixed it about an hour or two ago. If you try it again it should hopefully detect what stage you're at and let you continue where you should continue from. Just try and see what happens, i'm sure we can refund you the NPs missing from your character.
  15. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    If wasn't working for you, you should try again now. It should be fixed for anyone having troubles with it.
  16. As stated before, these kind of bugs happen in certain locations when players climb objects. Well known and old KO-bug.
  17. From what i can see this is not any multi clienting.
  18. Not nice indeed, but no "scam" here or anything banworthy. Will keep topic here as a warning to everyone.
  19. ItzGameMAFIA ban?

    Banned for cheating.
  20. Unique Upgrades to +2

    Nothing associated with anvil/rng mechanics has been changed, same goes for the upgrade rates
  21. Below you can find the ApexKO event schedules for the CET timezones. Be mindful that the Hourglass in-game is now correctly tuned to accurately showcase which events are coming up, regardless of your timezone. Click HERE to see where to find it. Central European Time (CET) Turkey: Add 1 hour
  22. If you go to apexko.com and log in you can read about it in Turkish aswell
  23. Warrior Build Setup (Guide)

    Something that might really help some users out would be updating them, and yes, you should add credits to whoever wrote these the first time.
  24. You can go rebirth 5 times for extra stat points, which would require you to go to 100% exp those 5 times. Anyway for that attending events and doing some quests should be enough and you will have it in time. Switching premium right now would probably be mainly for switching between DC and WAR, depending on if you're going to farm or PK.