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    StrongLegion scammer clan nps

    Yup, what Xiao said. You’ll be able to get them back so there’s no harm done.
  2. Sierra

    How to remove assistant leader?

    Do you mean kicking an assistant doesn't demote them?
  3. Sierra

    Please Help !

    No, you can use this account.
  4. Sierra

    Please Help !

    You should PM me, Aesteris and twostars and provide your account name and the email you used to register the account and we will look into it.
  5. Sierra


    You should pm @twostars & @Aesteris in order to reset your OTP, make sure to provide all info you can about your account such as account id, e-mail, seal code, VIP storage code, last time you were online or something else we can use as proof of you being you.
  6. Sierra

    Hata Veriyor

    Fyi, hizliresim only works in Turkey. None of us on the team can see that picture.
  7. Sierra


    So you did heal and/or debuff? If so it might be bugged, at least that's how it's designed to work.
  8. Sierra


    For a priest it should be enough to cast one heal and you should be guaranteed to be accounted for. That heal can even be on a character with full hp. Or helping with attacking and debuffing aswell obviously. Did you do any of that and it still didn’t count for you?
  9. Sierra

    ByRagnar SCAMER LPP RAUM +11

    As ImmortalOne said, we don’t support any kind of account sharing. I advice you to use your own account, keep the password and seal code private and preferably enable OTP on it. That’s how we can guarantee your items will stay yours.
  10. Sierra

    Ladder Points

    To be honest i'm just assuming it's the time (00:00 server time) when the months shift, this might be set to another exact time. I'm not 100% sure.
  11. Sierra

    Ladder Points

    Oh, @MERET just said 'monthly reset' and didn't mention the rewards so i thought he just wanted the time and date lol. Quoting the patch notes of 09/03/2018 then. (http://forum.apexko.com/topic/6004-patch-notes-09032018/)
  12. Sierra

    Ladder Points

    What details do you want? Nothing special about it, just resets the points back to 0 at 00:00 server time last day of the month.
  13. Sierra

    Occasionally the cast animation slows

    We said it's hard to reproduce and therefor very hard to fix. We still haven't managed to do it, that's why it's not fixed. @MERET no need to bump these topics, we know it's happening and as soon as we get more information or figure it out we will patch it, i promise.
  14. Sierra

    bad buy ordeas help me plz

    Open the letter and keep the voucher in your inventory but do not exchange it and we will refund it asap.
  15. Sierra


    Just because we don’t reply and share details doesn’t mean we don’t care or do anything about it. Aswell as your report doesn’t actually prove anything, it’s just a picture of him standing there so it’s not a clear case. Killing NPCs or players shouldn’t award him anything, if even possible to attack them. It should be prevented to obtain any nps. And fyi we are looking over every mechanic involving the opposite nation entering the other nations homeland to see if there’s anything we’ve missed out on regarding nps.
  16. Sierra

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

    To be honest i don't know if that system is active or not, will look it up though.
  17. Sierra

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

    No there isn't. This has been a subject before and we expect you to stay king the whole period. It would be kinda unfair to the other nominees if we would approve of this. 😕 As for nt'ing, it wouldn't break anything. It just wouldn't let you do it. Clan nt i don't remember how it would behave but i'm pretty sure Razor would stay on human side.
  18. Sierra


    The problem with Chaos is that you can't just enter it again. It's because the client simply can't handle it, we've of course tried this already and it bugs out. Nothing we can fix to be honest. Even if we could though it wouldn't be the best idea either because; player kills a few guys, logs out just to log back in near the end and gets good kill ratio.
  19. Since it's spawn is randomly located every hour i guess you had a very bad luck finding it and someone else beat you five times. :|
  20. We've been trough this already...
  21. Sierra

    About kurian class

    I dare you to try koxping/tbl-editing, we've done quite alot about these stuff and i'm positive you'll have a hard time doing it. Leaving the Kurian and KRKO topic for someone else to answer, i simply know too little about it.
  22. Sierra

    [New rule] Selling characters in Cypher Rings

    Since this rule is still not being followed i clarified it as much as possible. Bump for that.
  23. Sierra

    Lag Problems !

    Try using: tracert
  24. Sierra

    Lag Problems !

    @MERET Didn’t you tell me you had Turk Telekom? If so this explanation probably applies to you aswell if you still have any doubts.
  25. Sierra

    VIP Vault Key

    https://www.nttgame.com/knight/en/guide/enjoyknight/enjoyknight_warehouse According to this MERET is right, read on the bottom of the page. ”If you have items remaining in the vault after the key expires, they will be returned to your inventory.”