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  1. Sierra

    Wings on Achieve

    Some rewards are disabled due to possible abuse, and also the fact that they were originally a reward and now just a freebie for new characters (which isn't the purpose of any achievement reward).
  2. Sierra

    fps option

    Try running the game as administrator and then do a proper exit?
  3. Sierra

    About the server maintenence yesterday

    There was no patch. Only noticeable difference should be that you can re-charge Apex points again. Well there was a "patch", it updates the store.
  4. Sierra

    About wawat

    It’s just visual, nothing affecting character movement speed or skill attack speed.
  5. Sierra

    cant register

    Try again now, if it doesn't work PM me your e-mail.
  6. Sierra

    PUS Offline?

    Restart your pc first, then set your version to 2199 (either in options or server.ini) and then run the launcher as administrator. That should fix it.
  7. Sierra

    ugrade failer

    What items specifically can’t you upgrade?
  8. Sierra

    New player here

    The payment provider we use has been having some problems lately, it’s temporarily disabled to avoid any potential problems it could cause for any buyer. Sorry about it but right now you can’t buy any Apex points. 😕
  9. Sierra


    We know, but it takes time to fix something that's only happening once a week... We're sorry about this even happening in the frist place, but you will have to stay patient and help us out so we all can fix this together.
  10. Sierra


    You can send it afterwards, this is nothing we will fix in a matter of minutes anyway. The importance is that we get the logs after this CSW but before the next one.
  11. I’m pretty sure votes that’s not counted are people clicking to just show result, which also prevents them from ever voting in the poll. Makes sense to me.
  12. Sierra

    Why Nerf Mage ???????

    I think it is as on official, isn't it?
  13. Sierra

    Lag issues

    To check your "true game ping" you can use the commands +ms, +ping, +latency. There's three different ones to avoid the clients anti-spam protection.
  14. Sierra

    CSW (Unfair) Full Disconnects on last minuts!

    What's interesting for us is their nicknames, otherwise it'll be hard to track down from what end they got disconnected (and possibly why). Don't think any GM was online during that time.
  15. Sierra

    Apex KC Voucher did not get Reimbursed on my ACC

    What you guys should do is provide your nicknames you exchanged them on and estimate as good as you can the time you did these exchanges. Thanks.