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  1. It's the involved people in a trade or the sellers responsibility to use their brain.
  2. Either if it was a trade or a merchant it’s the users responsibility to make sure the items and prices are correct before opening the merchant or confirming the trade. Word against word make it hard to revert something we don’t know the deal about.
  3. Bugged items/letters.

    Define bugged and include character name. Do you have letters containing items which you can't accept/retrieve? Make sure to check the obvious, free item slots and weight limitations.
  4. Seals and Unsealed Items

    Normally when an item won't seal you just have to put it in your inn and take it out and try again. That should de-bug it, however if it still won't work you can re-log and and make sure you're using the correct seal code.
  5. ummm the anvil deciding what items to give now ?

    We'll check it out, thanks.
  6. Welcome GM Eos!

    Welcome to the team!
  7. HANGOVER & ItzMad Swearing..

    You should use '/chatblock' ingame to ignore these users.

    You should pm @twostars and/or @Aesteris, only they can help you out with OTP issues.
  9. Account ID PASSWORD

    If he remember his email he should try this. https://apexko.com/account/recovery
  10. These topics will just spice up the drama (which you claim you don’t like) so stop creating them. I suggest using the block feature both ingame and on the forum if anyone is annoyed or offended by anyone. Simple solution.
  11. If i remember correctly your other characters will be forced out of their clans if you accept the clan nt, i don’t think it will prompt you about it. To be on the safe side i’d simply advise you to save the items in the regular bank before accepting it, worst case scenario if you do this is that you will have to relog again to disband the clan manually but i doubt that’s even the case here. I might be wrong, was a while ago since i used this, let me confirm later.
  12. I’m guessing it was you and me who spoke about this Marshmallow, and i’ll repeat myself, currently we’re not exchanging any kind of item for any other kind of item. So the answer to your question is no, we don’t have a feature for it, and it’s nothing we do manually either.
  13. We have no plans for a new server right now if that's what you mean.
  14. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration for future patches.
  15. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    We're working on improving stuff that concern warping and moving around in general, hopefully we'll be able to provide a better experience for users with older/slower hardware when that's done.