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  1. Sierra

    Chat Abuse

    Can’t open that picture. However i advise you to just ignore whatever is in there and use /chatblock to not be bothered again.
  2. Sierra

    Delos Bug

    You’re absolutely right, it doesn’t belong to anyone right now. Without knowing your nick ingame or clan, you don’t happen to be king? Or someone else in your clan? Sounds a bit funny, but you can’t be the king and own the castle. 😐
  3. Sierra

    Delos Bug

    Can you try to explain one more time what exactly is wrong here?
  4. Sierra

    A new addition to the team!

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Sierra

    rez not working

    Did work on both Warrior and Kurian for me.
  6. Sierra

    rez not working

    Just tried all of them both as Karus and El Morad. Level 33, 42 and 54. They all worked just as they should. 😐
  7. Sierra

    Low drop of pus .. gm check please

    The drop rate was lowered a bit last week. See it from the bright side, it will help maintain a better market for them.
  8. Sierra

    Archer Skill Blow Arrow range bug

    Yeah, it's fixed and will be as it should in the next patch or restart.
  9. Sierra

    GM Read this PLEASE !!!!

    1 & 2. We didn’t change either the drop rates or upgrade rates, my guess on this is you’re just unlucky. 😐 (4.) And as dominiccc said, it can’t be too easy to farm and upgrade to maintain a healthy market, which is what we want and not a ”free item pure pk server”. 3. The mage cube bug is already fixed and will be applied next restart, which should be very soon. And about active gms, we’re all here on the forum or ingame almost every day. Sometimes we announce we’re online and sometimes we don’t. If you can’t catch any of us ingame you’re very welcome to send us a pm and i guarantee you we will reply very fast.
  10. Sierra

    StrongLegion scammer clan nps

    Yup, what Xiao said. You’ll be able to get them back so there’s no harm done.
  11. Sierra

    How to remove assistant leader?

    Do you mean kicking an assistant doesn't demote them?
  12. Sierra

    Please Help !

    No, you can use this account.
  13. Sierra

    Please Help !

    You should PM me, Aesteris and twostars and provide your account name and the email you used to register the account and we will look into it.
  14. Sierra


    You should pm @twostars & @Aesteris in order to reset your OTP, make sure to provide all info you can about your account such as account id, e-mail, seal code, VIP storage code, last time you were online or something else we can use as proof of you being you.
  15. Sierra

    Hata Veriyor

    Fyi, hizliresim only works in Turkey. None of us on the team can see that picture.