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  1. Felankor should be removed

    only cause you are an archer xD waste post i suppose
  2. Got carried 150 wins

    necro is best mage
  3. selling bergundy's items

    you are quitting this server ?
  4. server still worth to play ?

    op is from space
  5. Comeback4kill (or something)

    onetrueidol you should really open an investigating agency , you'd earn a lot
  6. Bye Bye Argents

    lol noob video .. just wait for this mini patch in 7 hours and then it will be BYE BYE LoseYourSelf xD , eagerly waiting for a video from the mage side and their kurian was only able to pull the priest 1 time correctly xD only which he showcased xD and rest of the time it was just turks shouting on ts "fuck kurian ..fucking wrong pull" lol
  7. selling rogue items

    thanks for the bump MDMA save money and hire an englsh tutor asap
  8. selling rogue items

    dual eme+3 dual se+3 judi belt+3 aod+3 krowaz helmet+5 reb krowaz pauldron+5 reb chd+11 kc or trade for warrior items
  9. Slow & stun rates, take #203

    so you are saying that if a sin uses dual lego+3 and dual cocks+3 he can never be slowed or stunned ?
  10. maybe the other mage is zynxd of never winning a juraid
  11. APEXKO Whistle Funny MOVİE 2 Good bye apexko :(

    ahaha why do you say bye though
  12. When new server ?

    we dont need a new server lol
  13. Selling Out : Elite Rogue Items

    my bad my eyes got twerked