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    maybe give tuke "NO LIFER" title on forums
  2. Chaos event reward

    Brazil-Hungary 2:0
  3. pff even black farmed more buses than me :D.But he was making nicks like zeppelin1,zeppelin2 and so on
  4. didnt open those links sorry
  5. at the end of all this u 2 will become best friends.:D Btw need david to vs yougotpwned for title of best player in apex
  6. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    still dont have ada +11 asdasdasd
  7. Post a picture of yourself

    u should start with ur pic first
  8. need teramvepra warrior ty
  9. Dj old pics

    rafa won this round
  10. this brook 10 y on priest still suck without Serbians bb.
  11. for ur combo to be good u need to hit 3 skills before ur hp or mana pot refresh after pressing one of them.and attack warr cant beat passion one.
  12. AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    hahaha that feeling when immortal talking about skills
  13. Buying

    make mike great again
  14. AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    Hahah paying real money.Whats the relation between gear and following obvious targets?i could play sin also but tuke scammed my items.
  15. AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    luckily we have skilled players here like warcrawl or onetrueidol About brook ur right if u dont know which target to attack without ts ur not so good.when we are on ts he is calling targets when needed.main problem with brook he is talking too much when ppl dont do the obvious things and after we have 10min monologue instead of pk ,but i blame his italian origin for this.
  16. sell earrings also u faking finlando
  17. about ur signature 1+1 can be 11 if its like this ''1" + "1" = "11"
  18. do u sell ur char also?
  19. Is there anyone around here...

    Need new option for vs against archers.Everytime when ppl try to slide archer in vs archer gets killing blade item.that can fix ur problems with vsing in cz.
  20. Stun rate going crazy again

    Playing few bdws against lighting mages and i can say stun rate is kinda OP again.Idk what did u do but u can maybe tweak it a bit its like every 2 hits stun.
  21. Stun rate going crazy again

    @onetrueidol haha ur amazing!!!Why da fak ppl think that there is a diff between usko and psko players.Maybe ur good idk and dont care but ur ego is skyhigh.I can think about 2 things that can help u out: 1.Find/pay to some girl or boy to have sex with u 2.Since ur kinda friend with dr.manh ask him to recomend u some specialist to deal with ur psychological issues,im done with u
  22. Stun rate going crazy again

    When did i say "be my bff"?Ur so funny guy,u moved up on my list of funny archers,now its u few blank spots then kingaurelio .