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    maybe give tuke "NO LIFER" title on forums
  2. Chaos event reward

    Brazil-Hungary 2:0
  3. pff even black farmed more buses than me :D.But he was making nicks like zeppelin1,zeppelin2 and so on
  4. didnt open those links sorry
  5. at the end of all this u 2 will become best friends.:D Btw need david to vs yougotpwned for title of best player in apex
  6. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    still dont have ada +11 asdasdasd
  7. Post a picture of yourself

    u should start with ur pic first
  8. need teramvepra warrior ty
  9. Dj old pics

    rafa won this round
  10. this brook 10 y on priest still suck without Serbians bb.
  11. for ur combo to be good u need to hit 3 skills before ur hp or mana pot refresh after pressing one of them.and attack warr cant beat passion one.
  12. AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    hahaha that feeling when immortal talking about skills
  13. Buying

    make mike great again