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    69 is the sex #
  2. Selling out warrior items

  3. Selling out warrior items

  4. Selling out warrior items

    Warrior Krowaz set +8 2x PE +3 2x ROC +3 IN +3, SOS +2 AOS +2 1x OPAL +3 1x DR +3 CS +0 ------------------------------- 2x Rogue Krowaz +8 21x Tears Of Karivdis Around 50gbs in items (Chaos stuff +3/+5, Adamants +5) 140x 2k medals 8x SOS +0 ROC +1, ROC +0 Theres a bunch of other uniques/items to upgrade in the inn (ergo medals werent exchanged). ------------------------------- Would want to sell as a package deal.
  5. Bye Bye Argents

    Love the macro
  6. Got carried 150 wins

    Necro had it a month ago or so.
  7. Beat this juraid record

    Nice adamant tho. Word on the street is you refused to invite MON5TER to pk parties because he wouldnt sell you his +11.
  8. Sudo the funny Raider

    You do realize theres fraps of your garbage clan getting wiped in 3 seconds (literally) whilst having 3 priests. You should stop calling people randoms while you can, friendly advice. EDIT: Also if you think you're witty or funny in your trolling attempts, no you're not, you're just being retarded. Pretty sure you totally misunderstood the concept of trolling. But i guess, one could say, that your ability to troll people is just as "good" as your ability to play a priest.
  9. TheEndOfTheLine

    Kill yourself. EDIT: For amazing input on the current topic.
  10. Th3EndOfTheLine

    You need to relax. False accusations lead to ban, no?
  11. yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test

    This topic is hilarious.
  12. yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test

    Get geared and we can vs for any amount of kc you want. Dont really trust turks to use starting gear.
  13. yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test

    That warrior combo is actually pretty slow.
  14. Selling alot of items.

    idioto it's dual*