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    Tetris reacted to ImmortalOne in BoomBox Tokatlama   
    wow what an achievement 
    you killed random rogue
    you are the best warrior itzmad
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    Tetris got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Competitive PK Solution - Enhance Town(ing) Req.   
    I guess we have to let this one go though :\
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    Tetris reacted to Aesteris in Spam-filter   
    There's also <enter>
    The kind of people <enter>
    Who type fairly fast <enter>
    And prefer to communicate <enter>
    With a bunch of small messages <enter>
    Which becomes a problem <enter>
    With tighter spam-filter checks <enter>
    Not to mention the retarded <enter>
    Macro spamming <enter>
    Y'all like to do when you kill someone <enter>
    you don't like <enter>
    in CZ <enter>
    lol <enter>
    Furthermore, situational awareness for the filter of the all chat (e.g. multiple people spamming completely unrelated messages to drive out other people's chatting, or clutter your chat), or the filter being intelligent enough to determine what constitutes a "selling / buying" message accurately, accounting for botched messages and people trying to circumvent it one way or another, isn't something I even have a clue about how to approach to begin with....
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    Tetris got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Spam-filter   
    I care
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    Tetris got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Competitive PK Solution - Enhance Town(ing) Req.   
    Its not about free nps... Its about that this is a PK focused server, but alot of people DONT EVEN PK AT ALL!
    If they die on human side they just relog orc etc.
    And then we can twist it around @poly, a farmer get killed, from his perspective, should he cry? No. Why? Because that zone is for killing both players and monsters!
    They are there for what you say, free np from Atross and Riote and items from Harunga that dont town. I engage on everyone i see even if they are more then one, so please cut the crap about "stop raiding farmers".
    The point of adding the farm to CZ is to make it dangerous, not a running simulator where you go bowl, town, go bowl, town.
    Im quoting myself from my topic.
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    Tetris got a reaction from soapman06 in /town   
    I really think something should be made about /town in cz. This is supposed to be a pk server, not 50% of CZ on bowl farm towning, or people engaging a fight and spamming town button just because their hp going down faster then the opponent. Almost everyone on the server have more then 200 np's and wouldnt loose any notable ammount  from NOT towning once in a while.
    This will favor everyone just as much as the ones winning the battle as the ones loosing. Next time you will come back with a better tactic and get those precious np's back
    Also another town related suggestion, disable town when genie is activated. Alot of people farming with genie on, and magically towns the same milli-second you hit them. Human reaction speed not that fast, its very obvious on some people. Not all farmers, but a few.
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    Tetris got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Competitive PK Solution - Enhance Town(ing) Req.   
    The majority of players are warriors, wich dont have a problem with this since it takes 5 minutes to burst them below 50%. As a rogue atm we can not just coordinate our bursts against priests, warriors or kurians. Same with lightning mages, that just leaves us with other rogues and mages without blink.
    Im totally with you on this one JohnWick, but unfortunately i think we are alone.
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    Tetris reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Competitive PK Solution - Enhance Town(ing) Req.   
    Dear GMs,
    This past week, I pk'ed on ApexKO and was truly disappointed at the number of players that would town after they took a series of 1-2 hits which would only scratch 10-15% of their HP. Might I ask, what is the functional purpose of even participating in colony zone for pk if the opposing nation towns as early as 95-99% HP ? Sure, there may be party vs party action, but tell me this, how long does that last until one side decides to town? Leading on to my second point, this is also partly the reason why at different times throughout the day/night, different sides are at advantage due to nation imbalance because one side decides to leave colony zone since the opposing nation runs around in colony zone and constantly towns if they are unable to out-compete their foe and denies them of pk.
    Here is my suggestion, now it is very simple and effective to making pk competitive and preventing this dilemma. Enhance the requirement of being able to town up to 90% HP (currently 50% requirement).
    If you simply disagree or have a rebuttal to my argument please do enlighten me. I am perplexed as to why this wasn't implemented earlier.
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    Tetris reacted to Razordagawd in He is swearing at God ..   
    I have a fun tale of a muslim girl who got offended at a question in TS regarding having a husband and left. Later we found out she shared naughty pics with many other turkish players.
    Double standards and hypocrisy. That's how religion goes most of the time.
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    Tetris got a reaction from MostHatredxx in About for Warrior Scream Skill ..   
    Its insane atm :/
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    Tetris reacted to Razordagawd in 5 Archer tips to not be bad   
    helenid was impossible to find for like a week or 2 when i started playing, so i had to settle for wf.
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    Tetris reacted to Foxtrot in Will you ban bug abuser?   
    Ok, lets get some facts straight.

    1. These guys are not NPT'ing, they just want to vs without getting disturbed by anyone. (People can ask GM's to tp them somewhere, but these guys took the liberty to do that themself by blinking through walls/mountains which indeed is a ban reason).

    2. Permamently banning 2 or 3 clans for above reason without making sure they got warned and they understood the warning would be harsh. Alpha didnt tell me anything about warning them + Alpha is not here anymore. Omega has warned them but since most of them barely speak English i highly doubt that they understood any word of what he said.

    3. I have made sure they got an official warning which was received and understood, after this warning they received they do not have any second chance left even though their intentions are just to vs each other. 

    Long story short:
    They received their warning and didn't do anything since then. If they do decide to break the rules again, everyone who's there at that moment will be permamently banned without any chance to talk about it or getting unbanned. Like i told them.

    Topic closed, please make a new topic if/when they do this again and you'll see that i'm a man of my word^^.
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    Tetris reacted to Codeine in Will you ban bug abuser?   
    we reported 2 weeks ago and Alpha said he warned them as well. 
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    Tetris reacted to soapman06 in Spam-filter   
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    Tetris reacted to Majestic in Spam-filter   
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    Tetris reacted to TheBeastaq in Spam-filter   
    +1 really need do somethin for this