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  1. Welcome GM Eos!

    Welcome to the team, it will be a pleasure to work with you

    To answer your issue here is that you did not lose any national points by any mistakes. The 1k clan cont the color npc uses is not 1k national points, but it is actually the clan cont conversion( if you open your clan donation box to where you can save donated national points it explains it abit better. The upper number is total national points donated, while the conversion or clan cont is displayed below) clan grades and cape colors use the clan cont so 1k clan cont= 36k national points, you take the total national points donated and divide it by 36 to get your clan cont. Clan grades use the clan cont just as cape colors, so if you change your color 3x times you will use 3x 36k national points. Also for your clan grade, from clan grade 5 to royal 5( without a cape ) your clan will need a total of 1,386,000 national points donated( including the 450k nps to enter falenkor chamber) so your clan cont with that amount would be 38,500, which decreases per each grade you raise your clan.
  3. Chaos event reward

    So we have a better explanation here, how are you getting the worst reward?, because those are the rewards for winning chaos, also in that ksc you clearly were the winner and it was not a draw due to you having less deaths.
  4. Purchased name change scroll - not working.

    Make sure you have the space plus sufficient weight on your character to accept the scroll from your letter.
  5. when new server?

    We do not have any plans to open/restart the server at this time. Closing topic this concern has been answered before on previous topics.
  6. We do not have any plans to restart the server anytime soon. Closing this topic.
  7. Here is how you can now cure/delete divide armor after the most recent server update. This change is following the official behavior of the divide armor skill.
  8. Divide Armor - Cure Curse & Bless of God

    You must double click the divide armor skill on your status bar to instantly cure it. it is working as per the official server behavior now. Here is a video explaining how to cure it.
  9. Refund Please.

    Sick let me know he does not want to refund out the kc.
  10. Doubt of how to use the Cypher Ring

    No you would not have to do that, you would place the item in the bottom right corner of the character inventory. make sure the character is clanles, and log another character on the account and do the seal from that side character. also you cannot have more then one cypher ring on your account at one time. If you are human but the character is orc, please make sure the account with the sealed character is human, as the cypher rings are nation locked and cannot be traded to the opposite nation( ex character a has character c( in a ring) and both are orc, but you want to place on it on the account with character b which is human, you must move character a's account to human to be able to trade the ring to character b).

    Well to resolve your issue what you would need to do is open task manager and do the command ctrl +alt + shift and right click on your task bar at the bottom of the screen and select exit explorer. Then you will need to alt + tab to task manager and do run new task for explorer and that will open a new task bar that will auto hide as it is supposed to.
  12. The mob is in both elmorad and karus eslant, both human and karus eslants mirror each other.
  13. Re , Your account is banned

    You were already notified of your reasoning for your ban, and as per server rules, bug abuse is a permanent ban.