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  1. Maltuz

    A Knight Online story (KO History)

    I may not be the best story teller but the truth has been spoken *,* pt 2 coming soon, sub for more ko/gaming related vids :* peace
  2. Maltuz

    ApexKO Trailer

  3. Maltuz

    ApexKO Trailer

    really awesome video mate! is that adobe after effects you're using for the flying knife at the end? :3
  4. Maltuz

    Sexual Insults against my Girlfriend WTF..

    I was actually thinking of puting it up for newyear this weekend and my gf would join me shes just playing wow atm but I don't feel good about having her in the stream when kids acting like fucking retards, leave her out of it, its a game for god sake, trash talk me as much u want idc, but stop talking shit about my gf she has nothing to do with anything!!! :c
  5. This fucking turk keeps mailing me everytime I beat his middle east ass you better do something about it, Idk how he found out my girlfriends name but he must have been stalking my FB page.. Anyway pls do something about it cuz im getting really pissed off right now Name: EliteJeaR This one I recived today during BDW [removed] Here's another one he mailed me few days ago [removed]
  6. So much for a WE, Lots of fun tho :3
  7. Maltuz

    I'm the legend! Title achived

    just two nights really, but I was like lvl 50~ last time I died in pve
  8. Maltuz

    I'm the legend! Title achived

    1 Million mobs without dying, ez game Title stats:
  9. Maltuz

    Fly of the wings of love!

    hahaa so wiiierd
  10. Maltuz

    Closed beta rush

    anyone else got that launch hype? :3
  11. what I mean basicly is that lotta old players on this server that havent been active for some time to come back and play. We spent so much time and money on the server as it is right now, It would be a totaly ripoff to start all over again with nothing
  12. I dont think relaunch would be a smart move tho
  13. Hello guys! Since the population dramatically dropped the last couple of days me and some friends (that's planning to make a fresh comeback to the server) wondering some things and I myself think ppl are afraid to play right now cuz they don't know whats gonna happen to the server and espacally spend money in pus, I'll be here to the end if that's how it's gonna be. But I think if we can just get some straight infomation on however you gonna keep the server alive as it is with no relaunch or something else then i'll pass that infomation around to get some old and newer players back to this server. fuck the haters, I love this server, appreciate all the work you've done since day one.