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  1. iSpikez

    black's offer topic

    Will you accept my trade offer? It's legit, I swear.
  2. iSpikez

    Buy/Sell List

    Get out troll. Until any of us actually hear you talk you're still just an automated trolling machine.
  3. iSpikez

    Buy/Sell List

    What're you after for the Baal? Please don't say "offer".
  4. iSpikez

    A kurian pk

    Hmm, I always love watching Kurian movies nowadays since I still wanna learn how to play it, lol.
  5. iSpikez

    Our thoughts on improving the server (part 2)

    I don't recall them ever promising a merge. If you can locate this promise in writing then please, post it.
  6. I don't think you actually read what I posted. ONLY IF YOU GET STUNNED. NOT FROM THE NOVA ITSELF. Last I checked you can only use potions while stunned, feel free to test it. On Apex and USKO. I could be wrong, if someone can prove me wrong then I'll concede defeat. I'm speaking from experience, nothing more. lol.
  7. We'll go over this. You do not get cancelled by a Nova unless it's lightning and you get stunned from it afaik. It's only R attack that I know of that actually cancels heals.
  8. iSpikez

    GAREZ so big dmg for 83lv Rogue

    Was he de-buffed or Armor Divided? Or just plain CP + Blinding?
  9. http://forum.apexko.com/topic/1135-guide-item-disassembly/
  10. iSpikez

    WreckeD Apex V2 - Currently not recruiting.

    This is true. Why don't you speak to me anymore homo? Not cool. (It' s Jason btw)
  11. iSpikez

    WreckeD Apex V2 - Currently not recruiting.

    Still doing customer service stuff nub?
  12. I nation transferred earlier and it appears it's bugged my character to act as if it's still basic class (first class being prior to changing @ level 10). I'm unsure if this is already posted so I'll post it nevertheless just in case it's not. Let me know if this is insufficient evidence.
  13. iSpikez

    WreckeD Apex V2 - Currently not recruiting.

    Shall we talk about you just exping a character, playing it once and then not playing again after that? Hmm?
  14. iSpikez

    WreckeD Apex V2 - Currently not recruiting.

    Any room for me on official kanka? I don't think we're making Villains at this stage since a few of us aren't playing this time around. MaryPoppins/FinalFantasy (no, not Andrew or sebbe, lol)
  15. iSpikez


    Razer products have these standard as this generation of 'gamers' tend to require them to play in general. Essentially just software that allows the user to dictate what he wants his or her macro to do really, lol.