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    Cyper reacted to twostars in Patch notes (23/06/2017)   
    Chaos Dungeon: now only rewards [Voucher of Chaos] to players with 10+ kills. While Gab's Adamant / Blessing is active, skills will again outright fail casts, preventing mana / cooldowns from being used. Fixed a bug with the King system, which should fix human elections for next election. Also, nominees will no longer be able to Nation Transfer themselves or their clan. They must resign their candidacy first.
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    Cyper got a reaction from IamLazz in IamLaSTLaz HAKKINDA BİLGİLENDİRME!!!   
    Allah rahmet eylesin kardeşim.  Geçenlerde baya muhabbet etmiştik. Ölümlü dünya bugün varsın yarın yoksun...