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  1. ItzMad


  2. ItzMad

    TBL ISkyperKiller

    are u retard
  3. ItzMad

    HP Damage

    mages are good they are die with 2 shoot they dont need nerf i dont wanna slay harunga ty
  4. ItzMad

    1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    gel ts
  5. ItzMad

    1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    i opened this topic when i was in Turkey lol
  6. I just wonder it this guy can write any comment without edit lol
  7. ItzMad

    DewilInsTinCMugii IS A SCAMMER

    0h its so bad its not looking like a guy lose 2v2 and paid 15.000kc in a 1 week..
  8. @Aesteris Don't buff warrior. We dont wanna see WarriorKO anymore. You also know if you buff warrior, all mages will change class or leave server then we will slayt harunga. And i dont understand why only geared warriors open topic for buff warrior? Who opened topic he have %100 +11 krowaz set, +11 wiri, full +3 uniq, full cospre, full achivements lol
  9. ItzMad

    [Cancelled King Event] -

    10gb ver razor
  10. ItzMad

    [Cancelled King Event] -

    @Razordagawd waiting for 3gb
  11. ItzMad

    [Cancelled King Event] -

  12. ItzMad


    im warrior i dont know how to play another class. Dont nerf warrior facking!!!!!!!!!
  13. ItzMad


  14. ItzMad

    Atross/Riots NP bugged

    if anyone far in your party when u killed riote/atross/sundires/cs and more... sometimes only the far one got all nps. another players doesn't get any nps. and it started 3-4 month ago.
  15. ItzMad

    rogue skills

    its also on mage tp skill. reported 2 week ago to aesteris. he dont have time for apexko sorry