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  1. List of bugs 2017

    Never happened to me tbh, but I've just tried (twice) to login with a macro that spams enter (~400 times a sec) and both times i got this https://i.gyazo.com/761a7e98704e94b50c2b955a756f25c7.jpg
  2. List of bugs 2017

    35. isn't a bug, that's how it is in official as well
  3. there's no red chest in 60+ (at least not in USKO, pretty sure neither in STKO) Also if you win FT you get a Forgotten Temple Coin, those you can exchange at the Operator Moira NPC. (in 60+ FT : 2 Forgotten Temple Coins can be exchanged for a green chest. 3 Forgotten Temple Coins can be exchanged for a blue chest) PS.: About the top 25% getting blue chest : AFAIK NTTGAME didn't publish anything regarding this. I remember me getting blue chest in Manes with just 3 people in party (1 Priest and 2 Mages) and i doubt that we were somewhere near in the top 25%. Maybe it's just like if you deal over a specific amount of damage as whole party you'll get blue chest. For example every party that deals more than 500k damage gets blue chest, party's that deal under 500k get green chest. But yea who knows
  4. List of bugs 2017

  5. List of bugs 2017

    To reproduce it, you firstly need a mob that aggros. https://i.gyazo.com/3df95152d34c28bd03132d1617dec269.jpg can't see it that clear but im still blinking(switched instances) and it hits me
  6. List of bugs 2017

    literally reported nr. 19 in beta lol
  7. Is there anyone around here...

    pls, i dont want any drama
  8. Delete topic

    gift item or report
  9. Alpha Goodbye

    Thank you for all what you've done for this server and the community of it. I deeply appreciate all the support you've given to us. I wish you all the best for the future and im pretty glad to have met you. cheers mate
  10. yeah let's believe a guy who literally just tried to scam someone 3 days ago.
  11. Even tho you got banned on ko4l, you still opened different accounts and kept trying to scam people. Guys like you don't deserve another chance. Nice story mate. There's nothing like a "clean start" for a scammer. Once a scammer always a scammer, it's in your blood. PS. 1 : Last attempt to scam someone was 3-4 days ago, so please tell me more about your "clean comeback". Link : http://www.gamers4life.com/forums/f22/manu-355624/index3.html#post3273196 PS. 2 : This guy tried to scam 2 of my clannies, including me. Link : http://www.gamers4life.com/forums/f22/manu-355624/#post3265826
  12. I wonder why every single account of this guy ingame/on forum isn't banned yet. ps. : he's also banned on ko4l (not just 1 single account - he tried to scam people few times with different accounts)