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  1. S> Warrior items | KC

  2. TheGANG New Video

    i really dont know how u arent ashamed to post such a video... quality sux and use free trial program also u fight against 3 kurians with 6 warriors btw nice typing in pk
  3. S> Warrior items | KC

    buy this shizz
  4. Oguz/ItzMad/HANGOVER

    ItzMad best warrior in apexko??? maybe best shield warrior haha now when revolution quit maybe they can make some np in cz and not kill only riote and harunga
  5. S> Warrior items | KC

  6. KINGS Specials*

    best kings clan :D:D
  7. Revolution vs kings 2v2

    funny to see DaubbleAbble warriors calling anyone trash when they are the worst players in the server
  8. S> Warrior items | KC

  9. S> Warrior items | KC

    just 1 part left
  10. S> Warrior items | KC