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  1. NakedRussian

    Let's not let warriors,rogues wear shields.

    another slow player that cant put shield on fast enough 😂
  2. NakedRussian

    S \ B List

    Selling : Castellan Bow/Book (FR / LR) / Mace Buying : Opal Earrings+0/+1/+2 SSS STR PM iNaked ingame
  3. NakedRussian

    server need something new!

    1) bus people always buy 2) draki everybody just do it by themselves or buying its really cheap 3) most of server running with +9 set or +9 parts so no one needs krowaz +7\+8 anymore (+8 not worth because u get +9rev rosetya from gear dispenser) 4) rosetta drops at +7 and u get free +9rev so what u expect to gain from this useless farm lol... farming holy knight will be awful for pk and server because the dmg now is already a joke so with this new armor will be much worse than it is now and darkness weapons will just make this server archerko because many brainless kids playing around and the 4% stun rate + effect dmg is no fun at all! the only thing i can think of to make krowaz and other items valuable is to open upgrade to +21rev that will increase the damage cap (which is extremly low atm) and the krowaz / weapons at any + will be needed so people will buy it... this server is already 3 years? and there are more +9s than +8s in this server so i think its a good time for a change
  4. NakedRussian

    Imbalance of server

    i know my english isnt the best but you cant even understand what im saying 😂 ice and stun isnt supposed to be that high it ruins the pk we have enough with dot kurians in apexko (the only server that made kurian best class) but now brainless turks use ice\light shot and town and from your comments im sure you are one of them i feel sorry for you
  5. I guess admins decided to not decide anything at all
  6. NakedRussian

    Imbalance of server

    where do you see me complaining about mage and archers dmg? i play melee and also mage and as a mage i can say stun rate is too high ... 1\3 skill stun with 180 lr+ is just not normal and because all the nerfs warrior got and lack of duration pot and redpot all the decent melee clans left this server long time ago because they lost hope in this server pk nowdays is just z skill and its all about numbers not skills anymore but that probably fits well with idiots like you who probably play dot kurian\archer
  7. NakedRussian

    Imbalance of server

    stun\ice rate is insane doesnt matter how much resist you have ... sin dmg sux and also aoe for warrior very short range and fail 50% of the time dot kurian and archer are best classes to play on apexko no skills needed at all
  8. NakedRussian

    Staff Skill

    range is normal just the stun and ice rate is insane atm and they should fix it but lower range will just ruin the class just like they ruin warrior class (aoe skill) and also assas class cuz lack of duration pot
  9. NakedRussian


    nerf cry echo dmg nerf aoe dmg nerf aoe range nerf battle cry...no wonder there are no melee clans in this server because admins just ruin any class in this server now pk is full archers because other classes are just useless oh ya and u have some mages and even if u buff them x10 more no one will be back to this old server because u always manage to ruin everything .. and no im not with any gear at all im just with starter and i play this server almost 2 year and its sad to see how good it was a while ago and so bad this times..maybe one time admins will listen and open +21reb and add redpot to make this server a little bit better
  10. NakedRussian

    B> Elite Warrrior items

  11. NakedRussian

    Revolution 8vs8 TheGangAgency

    there will never be a 2nd vs they had enough with the first vs
  12. NakedRussian

    B> Elite Warrrior items

    i am back
  13. NakedRussian

    B> Elite Warrrior items

    help me quit this server already
  14. NakedRussian

    B> Elite Warrrior items

  15. NakedRussian

    B> Elite Warrrior items

    am back