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    This is why we do not allow USD trades, it allows people to get scammed easily. I will lock the topic but not delete it so everyone learns from this and understands why we do not allow USD/TL trades.
  2. Foxtrot

    CONT Recovery

    Cont recovery'yi inventory ya aldiktan sonra clandan cik otomatiklen calisir.
  3. Foxtrot

    Welcoming a new GM!

    Hey everyone, Because we had to do some changes in the GM team and also had to lose one of our GM's due to private reasons of himself, we decided that we could use some extra help. So, we're glad to welcome the newest addition to our team : Sierra Sierra is based in the EU and speaks only English, he'll be available to answer questions and relay complaints (or other, larger support requests) to us Since he is in the same timezone as me, he will be able to help our users when i'm not around. This way we will have atleast 1 GM online most of the time. We're very happy to have him on the team so give him a warm welcome!
  4. Foxtrot

    Fukara Drama

    Fukara, forumdaki hesabini banlamami istemiyorsan bende sana birazcik saygi tavsiye ederim. Bukadar kufur etme millete. Ayrica Forumumuzun ne sucu var neden bizim forumlara kufur ediyon ne geregi vardi simdi ? ^^ Konu kapanmistir.
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    After discussing this with our team we have decided to give you a last warning about your behaviour. The very next time you do this again i will hapilly ban you permamently from our servers and forums. We do not have any room for people that use racism to offend people. I advice you to pick your words carefully the next time you decide to offend someone. On top of that i advice you to read what Marshmallow wrote over and over again, i'm sure that if you manage to understand that that it will make your life alot easier. Finally, you also will have to apologize to kiklop a.k.a TheNotorious for what you have said to him, if you do not do this the warning will turn into a punishment and you will be banned permamently. Topic closed, i will be waiting for a message from kiklop about your apology.
  6. Foxtrot

    Portu class

    You do realize that the highlighted points are buffs for kurians right? How did 2 buffs get in your list of stuff that made Kurians useless?
  7. Foxtrot

    TukeOwnz Selling

    http://forum.apexko.com/topic/2799-new-rule-selling-characters-in-cypher-rings/ Pm me before tommorow if you understand the rules, i'll unlock the topic. If u dont pm, i'll delete this topic. Edit: Pm received, unlocked so you can edit it. Pm me when ur done.
  8. Foxtrot

    Will you ban bug abuser?

    Ok, lets get some facts straight. 1. These guys are not NPT'ing, they just want to vs without getting disturbed by anyone. (People can ask GM's to tp them somewhere, but these guys took the liberty to do that themself by blinking through walls/mountains which indeed is a ban reason). 2. Permamently banning 2 or 3 clans for above reason without making sure they got warned and they understood the warning would be harsh. Alpha didnt tell me anything about warning them + Alpha is not here anymore. Omega has warned them but since most of them barely speak English i highly doubt that they understood any word of what he said. 3. I have made sure they got an official warning which was received and understood, after this warning they received they do not have any second chance left even though their intentions are just to vs each other. Long story short: They received their warning and didn't do anything since then. If they do decide to break the rules again, everyone who's there at that moment will be permamently banned without any chance to talk about it or getting unbanned. Like i told them. Topic closed, please make a new topic if/when they do this again and you'll see that i'm a man of my word^^.
  9. Foxtrot

    Will you ban bug abuser?

    I've been able to catch a few of them today. Seems they are all from Peru, which kinda makes it hard to communicate with them. Warning has been sent to them now and received, next time it's permanent ban for everyone who's joining them.
  10. Foxtrot

    Will you ban bug abuser?

    To be honest with everyone, i have not had the chance to warn these guys yet. On top of that this is the first screenshot/proof ive seen of them doing this. I have checked the coordinates and it's definetaly a place where they shouldn't be "vsing". I will warn both clans the moment i see them online, if they break the rules again after my warning you can be assured they will all be permamently banned. So please, in case i cant catch them, make sure you keep posting screenshots if it happens again.
  11. Foxtrot

    It's time to say goodbye for me too!

    Take care mate, thanks for all your help.
  12. Hey everyone, We're glad to welcome the newest additions to our team : Anisels and Omega Anisels speaks both Turkish & English and will be able to answer questions and relay complaints (or other, larger support requests) to us. Omega speaks only English and will be online during evening&night times to answer questions, he will also relay complaints (or other, larger support requests) to us. We are happy that they are joining our team in order to help us make this a better place for everyone, so give them a warm welcome and treat them well! Turkce: Anisels ve Omega ApexKo'nun yeni GM'leridir. Anisels Turkce konusabiliyor ve ingilizceniz yoksa Anisels'e veya bana mesaj atabilirsiniz. Omega sadece ingilizce konusuyor ve genelde aksam ve gece saatlerinde oyunda olacaktir. Bizim takimimiza katildiklari icin mutluyuz ve hosgeldin diyoruz!
  13. Foxtrot

    Alpha Goodbye

    ? ​It's a fact that Alpha can not be replaced by anyone since he did such an awesome job. ​However, this does not mean everyone gets to insult other staff members who also work very hard to make this a better place for everyone.
  14. Foxtrot

    Alpha Goodbye

    Best GM ever, you will be missed in hard and good times. You took doing a good job as a GM to a whole another level and taught me alot. ​Thank you for everything and i wish you the best in the rest of your life!
  15. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot Absence

    Dear ApexKo users, ​I would like to inform everyone that i will not be available in game or on forums from December 9th untill January 2nd. I have to make a business trip to another country which will take all my time every day, this will make it impossible for me to be here. ​I hope i will not be missed too much, Alpha and Aesteris will still be here so it won't be a big problem. I will try to find some time to check the forum pm's from time to time in case there are Turkish users that can't translate their problem to Alpha or Aesteris. ​On further note, i'm very sad that i have to miss the 1 year anniversary, we are so close now and i would have loved to be there. I congratulate everyone on the staff with this great accomplishment and i thank all users that have been with ApexKo and helped us reach the 1 year mark. ​---------------- ​Sayin ApexKo oyunculari, ​9 Aralikta calistigim sirket beni ozel calismalar icin yurt disina gonderiyor, 2 Ocak'ta geri yasadigim ulkede olucam. Bu sure icinde hem oyuna hemde foruma girme ihtimalim cok dusuk olucak. ​Ben burda GM oldugumdan beri genelde en fazla turklere yardimci oluyordum, genelde dil sorunu yasaniyor diye derdinizi anlatamiyordunuz. Lutfen Alpha'ya veya Aesteris'e yazmaktan cekinmeyiniz, onlar benim yoklugumda size ellerinden geldigi kadariyla yardimci olmaya calisicaktir. Elimden gelirse ara sira foruma girip dil sorunun yuzunden cozulemeyen sorunlar icin yardimci olmaya calisicagim. ​Yakinda ApexKo 1 yasina giriyor, bunu kutlamak icin burda olmayi cok isterdim. Butun Apex Ko Staff arkadaslarimi tebrik ediyorum ve sizlerede cok tessekur ediyorum. ​Have fun/ iyi eglenceler, ​Foxtrot
  16. Foxtrot

    Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    Please keep your personal cute fights personal guys. No need to ruin someone's post with that, i hope that's clear.
  17. Foxtrot

    BDW is still bugged

    Thank you for reporting these bugs. ​I have passed it on to Aesteris and i'm sure he'll take care of it!
  18. Foxtrot

    About the recent ban and some more

    So what is your suggestion? ​Keep warning them and allow them to cheat? Wow, that would be a great way to manage a server.
  19. Foxtrot

    About the recent ban and some more

    Hi Frank, thank you for sharing your opinion on this mather. ​I just want to clear out that this ban was only for about 6 users in total. Chris should have been banned way before this, he already got many second changes and this was his last chance which he clearly messed up. Chris has shown us over and over again that he can not play this game in a fair way. If he does not bug abuse, he will either use Multi client or anything else to give him an advantage on other players. To be honest, i don`t think anyone else got more second chances than Chris did so defending him like this shows me that you guys either have no idea who Chris is and what he did before or you just like people that cheat...
  20. Foxtrot

    About the recent ban and some more

    We appreciate your comments&opinions, as long as we can read those without being insulted make sure we will spend attention and time on it. ​At this time i do not have an answer on some of the questions/opinions. ​There is no map for the spawn spots of the new mobs in CZ, we expect everyone to find out for themselfs. All i can say is they spawn around bowl, not inside it. ​I am thinking about ways to improve pk effectivity of BP's but i'm not sure how we could improve the fun for bp's. I'm not sure if there is any way to improve it to be honest so i would love to see some tips or idea's on this.
  21. Hello everyone, ​As you all know after the last patch +2 uniques became free in order to give our new users a better chance to have a nice pk/farm session. Even though this caused some of our old users to panic, because they thought their items would lose all it's value as it just became free for everyone. Using this topic i want to calm everyone down and announce that uniques will soon be upgradeable to +3. At this moment we do not have exact numbers yet but the upgrade rate from +2 to +3 will be very high. In case you have any questions, feel free to pm me or any other admin/moderator about this. ​At this moment upgrading to +3 will always burn, do not try this yet as it's not possible yet! ​Merhaba herkese, ​Bildiginiz gibi son patch'den sonra +2 takilari isteyen herkes Gear Dispenserden cekebiliyor. Bu sekilde yeni userlerimize pk yaparken veya farm yaparken yardimci olmak istedik. Yeni itemlerle artik onlarda pk da ve boss eventlerde istedikleri sekilde kasabilirler. Bu degisiklikler eski userlermizde hafif bir panik olusturdu, eski userlermizin item degerini yok ettigimizi sandilar. Bu konuyu kullanarak sizi rahatlatmak istiyorum, yakin zamanda takilarinizi +3e kadar upgrade yapabiliceksiniz. Suan icin oranlar hakkinda daha kesin bilgi yok ama upgrade oraninin cok yuksek olucagini simdiden belirtebiliriz. Sorulariniz varsa bana veya herhangi baska admin/moderatora pm atabilirsiniz. ​Suan +3'e upgrade olmuyor, denerseniz her turlu iteminiz yanar!
  22. +1, please be patient and you'll see what the plan was here. Everyone can be assured that the items they made will keep their value in time.
  23. Foxtrot

    Suggestion for Juraid event.

    ​Hello Edrad, ​I like this idea alot! ​I will make sure Aesteris sees it so he can think about changing this ​Thank you for your suggestion!
  24. Foxtrot

    Someone need to be muted

    Then he will simply get a permament mute the next time we see it happen again.