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  1. vincent

    Things that might kill the server

    Not sure how it's a stupid statement when someone here stated that they want to see the 200%-300% EXP left turned on in official release. SO i guess you want people to reach level 83 in 2-3 days, by this post?
  2. vincent

    Hiding/Showing Cospre Items

    I agree, they are beyond ugly, not to mention moving through moradon gets to be a headache
  3. vincent

    Things that might kill the server

    But the thing is that no one is forcing you to buy premium. You can play USKO without premium for example, hence the phrase "Free 2 Play. I somewhat agree and disagree with this topic because from past experience and observation, it's a two way street. If the EXP is made easier, users will max out quicker, which will lead to boredom quicker, which could lead to "killing the server" quicker. Secondly, the same people who are judging the "hard exp" haven't even completed many of the EXP quests which are available in every single zone you could possibly teleport to. Before making a drastic change such as reducing the EXP I think we should tally up the total EXP that can be granted by doing all the quests first and see what that adds up to. That's just my opinion though. We had users who hit level 83 in 2-3 days before gear was dispensed at +8 and when the rate was 200% EXP -- mostly on genie, without EXP quests. That's just my opinion though, everyone wants quick access to CZ, but no one wants to grind -- find a PK server then? When you folks played USKO did you refuse to war or go to CZ without reaching max level? Oh, me either And if everyone following your logic about not wanting to spend 15$ dollars, this server is good as dead then, since it will survive on donations (especially after the amount of money they have pumped into this project (not to mention literally thousands of hours of work)).