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  1. Hi Brook

    Brook, I pray to God your village cafe burns down.
  2. Hi Brook

    Don't know how to contact you anymore but just wanted to congratulate you on the World Cup. Someone will eventually get your attention!
  3. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    Nice Cancer
  4. S> Ets 11 / Other odd things

    I genuinely don't know what any of it is worth lol.
  5. S> ETS 11 Sash of sorrows +3 Amulet of Str +3 SSA Dex Pendant Iron Belt +1 BLOWOUT SALE MUST GO Will sell all for 10.5k KC
  6. S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

    Allanoon please pm me! And Bergunhoe maybe text me np.
  7. As title says! Offer please. SOLD. THANKS FOR THE BUMPS GUYS, Will miss ya'll
  8. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

  9. S> CHAOS WIRI 11

  10. as title states. Pm me on forums or ingame ( i'm rarely on)
  11. I've said this before, but I just want to irritate. Make CZ like CSW pk, a free for all. Have two safe zones that parties can be made, anyone not in a party is considered an enemy. This fixes the inconsistent nation balance, not to mention it makes pk a thousand times more competitive. When Felenkor and Ultima times are coming, set them up so it's back to regular as long as it's up (since you can't kill either with 1 party. Hypothetically have it like when a party kills CSW stone. The felenkor or ultima dies, everyone's tped to town and it's back to CSW-like pk). Have an item rental system for 2 hours for 20m. Those items include uniques +3 and Krowaz 8 (no weapon or maybe Personal weapons +9). Give newbies a chance to compete and it'll help the server greatly. Other Thoughts: Make medals trade/sellable. It adds another thing new players could sell if they have bad rng, and possibly makes pk more full as well.
  12. Priest krowaz parts 8 Holy Animor +9 Please pm me at Pennywise or SirBangAlot ------------------------------- Selling Sash Of Sorrows +3
  13. Meme wars

    is that the guy who uses invisi pots to divide?
  14. While we're at it, can we give kurians lightfeet too?