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    Luster got a reaction from Built4CZ in Sick's Buying/Selling List   
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    Luster reacted to muffzord in ApexKO combined guide for everyone   
    you should be saying 'I am groot' only :s
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    Luster reacted to BulletClub in B> Mage Support Items   
    Best tank mage. Mr Jay 
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    Luster got a reaction from Smooth in ********S>Mage Items******* Fluffy   
    S> Mage items
    Undeaftable Fulitol 11 rev
    IBOL +2
    EP +3
    Dual Flame Rings +3
    SSE +3
    LKP +2
    Chitin Shield +0
    Iron Belt +1
    Draki Pendant SSS Magic
    Kro mage 3x +8 2x Rosetta 8
    Looking to sell together. PM ON FORUM OR PM FLUFFY IN GAME
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    Luster reacted to Namkeen in S> Undeaf Fulitol11 reb   
    pmed you via telephone...
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    Luster got a reaction from Smooth in S> Undeaf Fulitol11 reb   
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    Luster got a reaction from Sirbangalot in Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan   
    those signatures are hurtful
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    Luster reacted to SacrificeProductions in RoyalFamily & Randoms vs 4Prisoners( 4Towners)   
    To all 4Prisoners members please turn off your egos if you can't manage to back it up. Also shouts to IntelectualPenis for trying to save them from losing all of their nps.

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    Luster reacted to Namkeen in B> some mage items   
    Sell> mage krowaz +5 bro, i have like 10x .
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    Luster reacted to muffzord in About Archers   
    Hello LegacyKing, my name is Muffin and I would like to join this conversation.
    Most archers run with full dex accs so if they dont have priest around they die to sins easily.
    They have high cancel rate but the rate is in my opinion broken for every class. So first cancel rate should be looked at generally and then checked again for archers.
    Mind that for archers (who mostly use dex accs) going for the priest in a crowded cz full party pk to arrow shower him is insta death.
    Sadly, most archers on this server just troll around attacking from far and when they are being targetted they run away. Its lame and definately not fun but mind that other classes like melee parties just insta town when their db is dead.
    Also you can counter enemy archers by having some in your party.
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    Luster reacted to L2CustodyRRR in Server Gidisati Hakkinda   
    Black translate x2 ty
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    Luster reacted to Luster in Ninja Looters   
    SIon you are so gullible if you believe everything you hear or see. Post a screenshot then of a guy saying I am a scammer. It proves nothing.
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    Luster reacted to Luster in More Drama >>> VVVV ( he is best tp magic)   
    Penis Out
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    Luster reacted to MeeP in Karambit! I Need you in my clan and in my life!! <3   
    I had to buff black to feel manly again
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    Luster reacted to Luster in Edrad S/B list   
    S> priest kro boots +7 if you are interested pm or letter fluffy or sirbangalot in game
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    Luster reacted to Luster in My general thoughts on the server and assassins specifically. (really long sorry in advance) aimed for Aesteris to read though   
    just no. I play mage and Im pretty sure hands down I have the highest amount of defense on apex as a mage with a kro set 7 and some pieces close to 8 and with a shield on. I still get whacked for over 2k+ damage by just 1 sin. Doesn't matter if we have blink because rogues have light feet. Sin is just fine. If you want to nerf warrior damage, go for it but sins are fine as it .
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    Luster got a reaction from soapman06 in Ninja Looters   
    @Root It seems like in this server, most people usually do clan parties anyways so I really think It would be beneficial to switch to your idea.
    +1 at 1minssilienceankur. Yougotpwned,aziz, blackaq are all liars. Don't have to believe me but they were in our clan also for a short period of time so we know from experience.
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    Luster reacted to twostars in Ninja Looters   
    I think rather than banning people for this, which isn't really fair (generally speaking, anyway), it would be better to take a step back and look at how we can help to prevent this type of behaviour.
    With the loot system being round robin, this type of thing is always going to happen, so perhaps it's worth considering letting the party leader change the loot system if they feel they need to (e.g. to a master looter type system [party leader controls who gets loot, but then obviously the party leader can ninja], or perhaps a personal loot system [everyone has a chance to get their own loot, though this probably wouldn't work as well for KO considering all loot is tradeable -- this kind've ends up being more like the system it's at right now, just more RNG]).
    The problems then come down to trying to make this as easy-to-use with KO as possible (since it's not something KO natively supports/allows for), but I think giving parties options in terms of the loot system is a step in the right direction for tackling this specific problem.
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    Luster got a reaction from Namkeen in Ninja Looters   
    Nah black... You're probably in the ninja loot (scam) too. Scamming shit and literally you whole clans vocabulary is M>Black. Oh, who am I kidding? What clan? lol
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    Luster reacted to Sick in +8 to +9 Exp True Silver   
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    Luster reacted to Luster in OldGregsMangina's Market (Updated Daily)   
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    Luster reacted to Luster in Aziz - Video of a VS with M :D   
    Nice!!! what macro do you use??? Black probably got you one imported from turkey!!! THOSE ARE LEGIT!!! Black get me one!
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    Luster reacted to soapman06 in Hellfire wings change to chaos wings   
    3 post jay,.. #postcountgame
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    Luster reacted to Luster in T> Rogue rosetta set +6/7 for warrior rosetta set   
    never mind going to sell individual pieces
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    Luster reacted to Luster in Para's List of Crap