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  1. S> Restricted Diet raum 10 S>2x Ets 11 PM on Forum
  2. B> Mage items

    PMed you back @IronHarpoon_
  3. B> Undef/Trainor Kate Fuitol 11 B> Draki MP SS B> Dual Flame 3 B> Dual LKP 3 PM via forum.
  4. Ultima spawn at csw time

    Keep cz open and change the ultima time
  5. damn man.... memories for sure.
  6. Looking to come back to this game. B> Krowaz set 8 mage dual Rol 3 Draki Pendant SSS Dual SSE 3 PM ME ON FORUM
  7. S> Mage items Undeaftable Fulitol 11 rev IBOL +2 EP +3 Dual Flame Rings +3 SSE +3 LKP +2 Chitin Shield +0 Iron Belt +1 Draki Pendant SSS Magic Kro mage 3x +8 2x Rosetta 8 Looking to sell together. PM ON FORUM OR PM FLUFFY IN GAME
  8. Alpha Goodbye

    Thanks Alpha! Best of luck to you mate. Hopefully you come back to us soon
  9. B> 3x SSE 2 B> SSE +3 PM ON FORUM
  10. S> 4x Krowaz Mage 11 pieces SOLD Pauldron SOLD Pads SOLD Helmet SOLD Guants SOLD S> Undef Fuitol 11 reverse S> 2x Flame Rings +3 PM ON FORUM!