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  1. Revolution 8vs8 TheGangAgency

    Where is macrolyte anyway
  2. Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    i dont get the it indeed.What happens if the pk lasts longer.Do you wanna kill someone in a sec or get killed instantly? Whats the point then getting tped or healed or whatever? to whom concern about the damages or the holy armors.then lets skip the skills or hp calculating things just who hits the target first and does 10k damage wins then i assume you guys will be happy about being the fastes or whatever
  3. rogue skills

    rogue = light feet slow cast animation- never seen lupin slow cast 3 or 4 times in 2 years cure slow cast around 20 times in 2 years
  4. [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)

    Thanks a bunch
  5. Required Light Rest and INT

    Are u on your kurian mate? Try lr potions it may help a lil
  6. You might add silver bars to little bosses instead of useless metals.So we get either items ( %20-%30 i dont know ) or only silver bars.They do drop silver bars i know but you might just delete those unnecessary droplings like moss,chain etc.This issue was a splinter in my mind
  7. make ultima harder

    Hello mates.First of all,in order to clarify '' pk is dead '' argument you should consider that there are 3 time zones which effect pk efficieny or the population.There is 1 time zone which includes americans,peruvans,basicly latin america part.there is the other one china and taiwan time zone and there is the europe part including Turkey.Thats why we all cant log in together and fight as many.For the ultima,i'd like to say that killing it is way too hard nowadays,still i dont understand what you are complaining about Regards!

    dafuq prides frag.doesnt it drop bus or smt? only envy and greeds frag is worth smth

    those mobs usually dont drop frags.i am pretty sure about that cause i kill 6 of them everyday and the chance is like %40 - %60... so it is as its used to be...
  10. Undefeatable Curse

    as far as i know the one got cursed cant be teleported by a mage.but i am not sure if he can town...probably he can town but cant be teleported by a mage.when i play mage i cant tp my party member if he got cursed undef.
  11. Temporary Assassin Buff

    dude you said yourself 3x kurian. so i assume 1x warior 1x db pri against 3x kurian 1x db pri.what were u expecting.you could have won if they were 3 archers or 3 flame mages.even 3 lr mages could have sttuned ur pri.ah allon he should be a rogue i guess.in that case it would be a miracle to survive
  12. Temporary Assassin Buff

    just to clarify things,rush ratio %50,pull raito %50,divide works properly,60 lvl attack skill fails too many times.additionaly kurians hit lower than warior.if a warior hits 900 a kurian probably hits 700.so basicly kurians seem like half char for now.on the other hand all other chars function properly.imo just delete kurians since they are useless now
  13. Temporary Assassin Buff

    aq if ur planning to buff sin,then to be fair denerf the kurian.so we dont become hypocrats
  14. Yardım gm pls

    actually he could see,unfortunately he threw more gold coins on garbage.so roc +3 stayed i guess on very deep.i assume he needs gm to recover it.Regards!
  15. [Grand Merchant] Kaishan

    kanka sen rocu çöpe attıktan sonra coinleri çöpe atmasaydın keşke.coinler çöpe dolmus roc diplerde kalmıs.aynı hatayı bende yapmıstım.belli miktardan sonra kaishandaki eski çöpler gozukmuyo.en son attıkların tepede kalıyo.eskiler kayboluyo.genede gm den rica et.loglardan gorur gm. aesteris,sierra,vivaldi,omega.