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  1. dafuq prides frag.doesnt it drop bus or smt? only envy and greeds frag is worth smth
  2. those mobs usually dont drop frags.i am pretty sure about that cause i kill 6 of them everyday and the chance is like %40 - %60... so it is as its used to be...
  3. as far as i know the one got cursed cant be teleported by a mage.but i am not sure if he can town...probably he can town but cant be teleported by a mage.when i play mage i cant tp my party member if he got cursed undef.
  4. dude you said yourself 3x kurian. so i assume 1x warior 1x db pri against 3x kurian 1x db pri.what were u expecting.you could have won if they were 3 archers or 3 flame mages.even 3 lr mages could have sttuned ur pri.ah allon he should be a rogue i guess.in that case it would be a miracle to survive
  5. just to clarify things,rush ratio %50,pull raito %50,divide works properly,60 lvl attack skill fails too many times.additionaly kurians hit lower than warior.if a warior hits 900 a kurian probably hits 700.so basicly kurians seem like half char for now.on the other hand all other chars function properly.imo just delete kurians since they are useless now
  6. aq if ur planning to buff sin,then to be fair denerf the kurian.so we dont become hypocrats
  7. actually he could see,unfortunately he threw more gold coins on garbage.so roc +3 stayed i guess on very deep.i assume he needs gm to recover it.Regards!
  8. [Grand Merchant] Kaishan

    kanka sen rocu çöpe attıktan sonra coinleri çöpe atmasaydın keşke.coinler çöpe dolmus roc diplerde kalmıs.aynı hatayı bende yapmıstım.belli miktardan sonra kaishandaki eski çöpler gozukmuyo.en son attıkların tepede kalıyo.eskiler kayboluyo.genede gm den rica et.loglardan gorur gm. aesteris,sierra,vivaldi,omega.
  9. [Grand Merchant] Kaishan

    hangi charla çöpe attıysa o charla baksın çöplüğe.ben bazen mage ile çöpe atmış oluyorum item.warior ile çöpe bakıyorum ozaman gözükmüyor.item hangi charınla çöpe attıysan ancak onla alabiliyorsun
  10. basicly kurians are useless atm.not mentionin having less ap than wariors.
  11. i agree that mage gears are cheaper nowadays.on the other hand we should remember this to be clear.mages dont have light feet they cant run away from enemy to gain enemy with hp pot or minor.they dont have descent also.they only need to be healed or tped while under attack.not mentioning having not lupin in mage pt basicly when a mage is under attack by a sin, the issue is no descent no light feet but only priest heal.under torment attack by a warriors its hard to tank also.as brook said above mages should move as at least 1 team to gain nps and to be pleased by pk.2 or 3 teams would be better.i dont think +3 uniqs or the kro set +8 is the issue here.have fun Regards!
  12. I Challenge You.

    holy ghost of yougotmacromyass