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  1. mrhankey

    Manufacturing the UTC weapons?

    For each weapon you need 10 fragments.And the materials are written on the book at npc shozin in morodon.I assume all the materials are same for each weapon : 5 decoration jewel,11 connected iron.1 aragonite,11 five colored blabla,13 chain,15 refined gemstone,5 special leather
  2. mrhankey

    What about the perfect balance in apex?

    is that you Thanos?
  3. mrhankey

    About Priest Damage

    Well,everything is said above on the previous pots,i wont bother explaining like hawking,no wonder someone responds these posts
  4. mrhankey

    About Priest Damage

    I dont want to be harsh but i think you miss the point.Once you are on random armor( kro+8 or rosetta 9 hp bonussed) and using whether dual platinum ring or rol,dual wse,1x holy animor 1x leonard,with malice you ll be able to hit a warrior at least 900,depending on his def it might change to 1-1.1 here is the problem what if you dont have lupin you ll die anyway.Even with the lup on,priest cant descent like wariors.or what if a mage pops up.I dont think a 11 armor with int bonus ll change whole thing.if you do 100 kills a month you ll do 120 thats all.my point is priest is not a attacker class at all yet i am not saying you shouldnt.try your best but as soon as you switch to dual weapons you ll need at least 1 priest to cover for you.Still keep in mind you cant descent away not mentioning some people will descent away when u are about to kill them or rogues flying away with light feet,mages blinkin.I assume u ll do 150+ damage with +11 rosettas.
  5. mrhankey


    it maybe a local failure.Chinese arent disconnecting and i am login from Turkey.Here webbrowsers work,youtube everything is fine except apexko.i get dcs constantly.Could be a launcher problem or smt?
  6. mrhankey


    attack skills rush divide pull fail on kurian.only stun works
  7. mrhankey

    OBL bugged?

    just shitty drop rate thats it nofin more, barely drops tough
  8. mrhankey


    buy mirage dagger +7
  9. mrhankey

    ice / lr skill

    sadece asas deil hiçbir class adım atamıyor okcuçların kendisi dahil gme e taşısınlar konuyu eski oranlara dönsün bence
  10. mrhankey

    YougotPwnedByMyAss Range+Skill Tbl

    2 gene iyimiş ben 4x1k gördüm 1 saniyede
  11. just my humble explanation.i hit a mage wo malice 800 with my kurian whereas a mage hits me 1200.i got 11k hp and +11 weapon but a mage still beats a kurian.if you see it as normal.then keep that way but its kind of annoying to be honest...
  12. mrhankey

    Occasionally the cast animation slows

    it happens when ur on orc side and gm said its been worked on... still...
  13. mrhankey

    Priest holy boots +7 for sale

    sold to a friend thanks!
  14. mrhankey

    Priest holy boots +7 for sale

    reb +1 700 kc no discount pm in forum.Thanks in advance
  15. mrhankey

    Suggestion about garges bow's curse

    actually garges bow drop rate is insanely high to normal fire rain bow.if you do that there will be normal fire rains + garges fire rains.there ll be lots of fire rains.if thats the case,gms should drop the garges bow ( which has fire rain curse ) rate a lil bit more.sounds like a math