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  1. A few bugs/issues

    when inn host bug occurs,you cant use right click of the mouse. you cant click on party chat,clan chat.but yo ucan click on gate and for example teleport to morodon by using enter on keyboard.but still your inventory screen stands still and you are still bugged wherever you.
  2. A few bugs/issues

    well,mostly it occurs when a mage tps you while you are checking your inn host.almost every time.yet i cant remember if another action causes that bug.Regards!
  3. A few bugs/issues

    twostarz could you mind checking the inn host bug which happens randomly when you take a look at your inn host.Your inventory screen gets stuck opened yet you cant close it. i do always use task manager to end ko to get rid of this bug.it doesnt disappear even you move to another zone like morodon luferson.your inventory screen stays open like the shown below (photo is random from google)
  4. how did he get 1 win, macro failed?
  5. Inn Bug

    yeah i had to open task manager and terminate apexko everytime my inn is bugged
  6. Darius Sell/Buylist

    no sell tbl ?
  7. dark ile utc ayrı.utc lerin +7 leri krowaz silahlarından daha fazla apye sahip ama krowaz özellikleri yok.dark knight silahların ise krowaz özellikleri var.sanırım gelecek olan utc silahları.dark knight silahların gelmesi zor
  8. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

    i wanna see aurelio playing kurian athenslayer used to be a good warior but i dont see him lately
  9. thats the point versace.noone can kill ultima alone.my advise was for all players in apexko since ultima is harder to kill then felankor,drop should be better.so in your case, join a clan or make a clan man.ko is for clan players mostly.dont take everything personal and dont think that every player asks something for his own good.you think i get any item from felankor or ultima? wanna repeat it again for you THE ADVISE WAS FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL PLAYERS.people like you think that u look smart while u are flaming chinese actually ur lowering urself.i had explained it many times the clan barely makes 1 and half pt if we are lucky.most of the time some play while others are asleep.why the fuck i wanna get better drops from ultima since i get nothing except if we are lucky 1gb to 200kc.you think felankor drops rof everyday? or do you think 50 persons on clan are online everyminute? i tell u what 20 maybe 25 are active players.you will gain nothing while flaming others keep that in mind
  10. can someone explain why cheaters still are in game? if donating is the answer most of us donate too.so what makes them unbanable?
  11. well,You all dont get the point... the thing is 2 wariors are blocking 2 priest in bdw somehow.neither i nor leha could healed the party or the cures...at some point yes a warior can block the heal and cure maybe... but constantly? is that possible razor?
  12. you can see cast fails on info bar
  13. https://pasteboard.co/1PPQTVbm3.jpg