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  1. RoyalFamily & Randoms vs 4Prisoners( 4Towners)

    Sen canını doldurmuştun. Canın dolu olduktan sonra (Magic Shield) yeteneğini kullandıktan sonra VS'ye başlamıştık. Bu detayları söylemeyerek oyuncuları manipüle etmen çok yanlış bir davranış.
  2. RoyalFamily & Randoms vs 4Prisoners( 4Towners)

    VS'den kaçan birinin çektiği videodur. İtibar etmeye gerek bile duymuyorum...
  3. What's the "Fragment of sprit stone" drop?

    @Sick, I don't ask for it. Do you read my message again?
  4. Hi, What's the "Fragment of sprit stone" drop?
  5. Login Issue From Behind The Disconnection

    @Aesteris, When I was disconnected to game, I'm having this issue. This issue itself is fixed after some time has passed.
  6. Hi,Quest items aren't dropped. When I teleported quest dungeon, I'm party leader. I don't quit this party. Dungeon gates don't seem.
  7. "Dragon Tooth Commander" Doesn't Give EXP

    @Jona, other monsters given EXP but this monster doesn't give EXP.
  8. Login Issue From Behind The Disconnection

    @Aesteris, This issue is ongoing. Please, can you make the necessary checks?
  9. Hi,When I checking quests, I saw this monster doesn't give experience points. Can you check this monster?
  10. Krowaz Weapons Doesn't Work As It Should Work

  11. Moradon Hidden Wall Issue

    Hi,Wild smilodon slot has a hidden wall at Moradon. I ran to the wall, sending me back. You can see the problem in detail in the video.https://vid.me/ct3o
  12. "Master's Teaching" Item Doesn't Sent Letter

    @Aesteris, Can you open this item in-game trading? (Merchant, Letter, Trade.. etc.)
  13. Hi, After the disconnection when I want to get back to the game I get the error shown in the picture below.
  14. Hi,As you know, Krowaz weapons sometimes show special impacts. This feature works seamlessly in USKO. But, it doesn't work in ApexKO. Probably, this feature isn't working. I think, that should be check this feature.
  15. Merhaba,Resimde görüldüğü üzere, "Master's Teaching" eşyası mektup ile başka bir karaktere gönderilemiyor.