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  1. KO in the end is nothing but a bunch of gamblers addicted to betting stuff or risking it all in anvil. Maybe that's what gets people to come back over and over again. On a more related note, I find it hilarious how these threads always have some sort of excuse from the losing side no matter who it is.
  2. Apparently dark knight crossbow has a 4% chance to root / stun you. So it gets kinda hectic. When I tried it the curse was bugged though so I gave up lol.
  3. What is my AP?

    wow he actually changed it lmao i dont judge, but double standards are always funny.
  4. What is my AP?

    nice huge ass anime signature btw mr. mental illness
  5. What is my AP?

    people use bdw EXP sc? i always trash those lol
  6. It's a 5 minute event lol chill.
  7. An epithet for beginners

    Dauble clan member on shit gear talking smack. Lovely.
  8. 3 ideas 1. Rotate specter spawns each 10 waves, that way afkers will constantly have to be on the move. -> So wave 10 red, wave 20 blue, wave 30 red, and so on. 2. Add an unremovable debuff if you remain idle. Minus 20 to all resistances every 60 seconds of inactivity, stacks indefinitely and prevents adding buffs like mage resistances, fresh mind or magic shield. Can't be cured, lasts 30 minutes. 3. Or simply add an auto-kick if you idle for longer than 3 minutes. Easy workaround, add a warning every 60 seconds and done.
  9. Those haven't worked for a long time in official.
  10. I would say idling is standing still without using any ability. Sure someone could use a potion or whatever every 60 seconds, but it becomes much more annoying for AFKers to keep that up as opposed to just alt tabbing every now and then when specters are up. Warnings could stack up (1st warning, 2nd and last warning, removed).
  11. A few bugs/issues

    Trade and inn bug are similar in the way that you can't click icons or dialogues at all anymore (such as, the X in a private message, any skill in your skill bar, the press OK button after death, etc) however left click wont be entirely useless because you'll still be able to drag items in your inventory, clicking on the ground to move and such. Difference between the two is that inn bug is mainly triggered by getting teleported while in the inn. It doesn't always happen though (you might get teleported and the inn window auto-close as it should), and it's only in the inn, never while in sundries (thought it wouldn't surprise me if it could somehow happen in a rare scenario like buying stackable items). This results in the inn vault interface becoming visually bugged at the right of your screen after the teleport, and you being unable to close it because your left click is useless. Clicking exit is also a no-go so you gotta task manager your way out. There is a chance to get inn bugged randomly after interacting with stackables or simply putting an item in the inn though, but that's rare. Trade bug mostly happens in strange circumstances where a player cancels a trade interface or someone accepts a trade request while his character runs outside range (I call request for the initial dialogue, and interface for the actual window where players drag items to). I can't tell for sure what causes it and even though unlike the inn bug, the trade window does disappear, your left click remains bugged. Getting teleported while in middle of a trade can cause this but that doesn't happen often.
  12. A few bugs/issues

    The legendary inn / trade KO bug where your left click becomes unusable finally getting fixed? That's a fix on the level of character select. Always been there.
  13. I like how he has the guts to acll other people "mentally retarded"
  14. YouGotPwndByMyAss/Darius vs ItzMDMA/LauraWells for 5000KC

    geez hope that faggot doesnt show his face around here anymore.
  15. make the clan that wins csw, possibly and most likely the strongest clan in server, able to farm armors in order to make them even stronger HOW DOES HE DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  16. First castellan wep 7!

    2H sword really does suck. Almost same stats as baal but somehow less ap.
  17. Stats on the warrior weapon and the shield are indeed garbage, even at +9. It isn't very different from baal and the shield is just worse in every aspect compared to gabs +7. The rogue and mage weapons provide stats that are unique in their category though. While the bow also does the same but the AP can't hold a candle to windforce.
  18. my sigs i made whatu think?

    You asked me what do I think, and I told you. Not gonna keep going to avoid hurting any susceptibilities.
  19. my sigs i made whatu think?

    Lots of jagged edges...
  20. Logitech vs Razer Steelseries vs Corsair Nothing more exciting than seeing literal programs go up against one another. A true test of mastery - to see who can customize the sickest and most efficient macro setup! Almost as exciting as this.
  21. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    If macro is so accepted everywhere, why do people still hide their skill bars? Sad tbh. I wonder what kind of people enjoy these videos other than the vid makers themselves.
  22. After 2 weeks of farming you and all your clan could have competitive gear to face all the +9 wearing people. Maybe not win 8v8s against melees, but mages don't usually excel at that anyway. I don't usually defend apex anymore, but this longevity is the one thing they have going for them. If you want restarts every month or 2, you're free to try the dozens of turkish private servers out there. I mean... what's the point anyway? I don't imagine Pyramid / 4difference playing apex longer than a few weeks.

    ım join
  24. The ProSLauGHTeR gauntlet

    I'm just a bystander, go make him reroll guys. (Does anyone know who he is?)
  25. Hi! Razor here. I'll post a long list of tips for every class. These are no advanced strategies or anything, instead they are the most basic of things one could imagine. So basic that 99% of players aren't even aware of them, and don't even realize how much they suck at the classes they play for so long. If I could define this guide in two words it would be common sense. Without further ado, let's begin. Warrior protips: Always have a shield in your inventory ready to be swapped, just like (good) rogues do with Chitin Shield. It can save you long enough until you get the 10k heal. It's also a must have in BDW. In BDW, destroy the altar with shield equipped. It has a fast attack speed, unlike the Very Slow attack speed that Raptor has, or Slow in case of Baal or Wiri. You will always get the altar. Yes, in BDW, as a Warrior, it is YOUR JOB TO DESTROY THE ALTAR. You are the tankiest class. So pay attention to the fucking timer, and get there. It isn't rocket science. Don't overextend and chase away from your party in general pk. You will never catch a rogue. NEVER. Stop getting killed stupidly. In Juraid, use your passion tree AOE skills when trash mobs spawn, such as Dooms, Apostles and Troll Warriors. Juraid is a speed event, and even 5 seconds can make the difference. If you have a priest with 75 points in heal or higher in your party, do not use HP booster, because it will prevent said priest from casting a superior restore heal. Use Resistance potions from sundries for the right situations. I know you warrior players are used to just mashing away Cry Echo to win, but please try your hardest to incorporate these protips into your regular gameplay. You will do much better, trust me. Assassin protips: Don't drain a weak monster (such as a Riote, or Bach) that is already below a certain HP threshold where your Spike + Thrust would do higher damage. Use Illusion. It's a legit support skill that can save your poor party member from getting slain by another assassin. In BDW, minor heal your flag carrier. Why is this so hard to comprehend? In Juraid, don't drain Deva before your priest parasites, dumbass. For every other situation, let your macro do the job. Next. Archer protips: Do not get into Arrow Shower / Multiple Shot range unless you're absolutely sure it's safe and you won't explode from focus fire in 2 seconds. People will focus archers. Never use Blinding Strafe for damage. You're TRASH if you do so. It's one of the few panic buttons that an archer has and it's on a long cooldown. Never use Power Shot unless you want to prevent a town attempt, or you want to finish someone off. Those are literally the only 2 uses this skill has. Blow Arrow exists. In Juraid, attack Minotaurs from the edge of the green targeting circle. That way all your arrows will land and not fail. In BDW, try to be more supportive (cures, minor) and tanky than you would usually be, because you're the weakest class there along with BP in there. If you are spamming 400-600 damage arrows, you should probably go do something better with your time (like farming gear). You're like a mosquito to that guy you're attacking. Kiting is a thing. It's a legit strategy in every single game out there. You have range, they don't. Use it to your advantage. Elf Rings are not good. Windforce +11 > Hepa IB +11 > Helenid +11 / EE +11 (these last two only for when you're starting out). There are no other bows worth getting. Personal +11 also sucks. Never get 23 points in master for Eskrima. It's beyond garbage on archers. Clunky and lower range than regular arrows. Cure Disease is a much better choice. Styx exists. Some archers to this day don't even use it. I would say 4 out of 6 archers that I've faced in Apex (or even official KO) don't know of this item. Archer isn't as easy to play as other class because you actually feel underpowered in every situation that isn't partying up with another 6-7 archers. Keep training. Mage protips: Instantly Magic Light Shock more often. Double Blink isn't the be-all end-all. Try to give resistances to your priests and warriors. In BDW, have at least a Chitin Shield or better (like Gab's Adamant +7). Do not join BDW if you're a MP fire mage. You are not helping, and this isn't official KO where you would sometimes get in party with 3-4 more mages. In Juraid, Double Blink and Call Party to save some seconds. If you have another lightning mage, then Double Blink, Teleport him, and have him Double Blink and Call Party (roles can be inversed). You will save a lot of time. These are useful, but not that vital with the exception of the last tip in Juraid. Just have good positioning as a mage and a good sense of when to TP people, and you'll do fine. Priest protips: 10k and 960 aoe heals aren't the only heals that should be in your skill bar. Debuffing takes a back seat to healing. What's the point of getting the perfect Torment when your party members are dead? Don't Parasite a target that is already low on health. That's a free /town for them. In Juraid, Parasite and Superior Parasite monsters in advance, not those that are already being killed. In BDW, it is wise to reskill before it begins and leave your points unspent (other than 60 in heal) so you can then ask the other priest and go Buff or Debuff depending on what is needed. In Forgotten Temple, give Fresh Mind to your party members if possible, also Undying. In BDW, make sure to give Undying in case enemies don't have a debuffer. In BDW, make it a priority to stay around your flag carrier, and heal him as much as you can. In Juraid, it's all about speed, as previously stated. If you're a lobo hammer wielding priest who never attacks, you are not helping. Put Helis on your skill bar and help out with Smites +11 or something. Are you telling me there's more than just healing whenever the party heals are off cooldown? Kurian protips: In Juraid, wait until your debuffer malices / torments the monster before using Divide Armor. In Juraid, do not use Divide Armor on an almost dead mini-boss, you idiot. Don't join Juraid as a DoT Kurian. Do not Pull an enemy that is already close to you. Instead, Divide Armor first, then Pull if they run away. Most Kurians do this already. Most. If you are a DoT Kurian and you're facing a rogue that has Cure Disease just give up and town. Your entire build is negated by a potion worth 482 coins in Sundries. Use Rush over Pull if your target knows you're there. Odds are that he will immediately town once pulled. At least Rush is a 50/50 on whether he gets away or not. Use Pull on unaware enemies. In Juraid, if it's a KS-race on who kills Deva first, use Thunderstorm the enemies when Deva is at 5% HP so that they're stunned and you take it. Timing takes practice. Never use Berserk (50% bonus attack - 0 defense) unless you're facing mages or you're 100% sure your target hasn't noticed your presence. The most braindead class of them all. Always makes me chuckle when despite that fact, people still manage to fail as a Kurian. Then I feel a little sad for them, it must suck to be that dumb. Thanks for reading, let's see if you guys finally learn to play this 15+ years old game for once. I put it very nicely in colors so you guys have an easier learning experience See you.