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  1. You think people are gonna fight and PK for the entire duration for 2 krowaz chests?
  2. Muted 24 hours for no reason

  3. Was nerfed back in farm apex days, full plate was introduced even though nobody asked for it. Never touched again since 2015 or so.
  4. Details

    all the cool kids already quit
  5. Not sure why this is upvoted. Melody's cool and all but those ideas are horrendous lol. First of all, +3s in the gear dispenser? When the respective +1 or +2 versions don't even exist? (talking about EP, LKP, etc). Why? So what you do as a mage is log in, get the BiS items from Gear Dispenser and just pk your heart out? With no real sense of progression they would leave just as quickly, especially considering that NP symbols (a big factor for mages) are practically not available to them. Second, blue potion huh? Because every single melee wouldn't also buy this? But I guess it doesn't matter because mage damage ignores defense. Third, a bad idea as it is. KC is a currency not attainable by any means except big events and your credit card so it doesn't make sense to arbitrarily introduce it as a bandaid fix to appease those that happen to own high NP accounts. However, at that value it wouldn't really hurt because it's kind of a joke (1M nps for 1k kc, you could probably sell the character for higher than $10) it seems way off tbh. It just doesn't make sense imo. If it was up to me, I... actually, not gonna say anything because APEXLUL. Good luck getting any features to come out, Melody. You'll need it!
  6. But it's more fun to let an automated script play the game for you! And then talk shit like the best of them, when all you did was click on a new target at the right time.
  7. I Challenge You.

    you're on motherfucker kingaurelio and i are about to go medieval on that ass edit: stfu
  8. KO in the end is nothing but a bunch of gamblers addicted to betting stuff or risking it all in anvil. Maybe that's what gets people to come back over and over again. On a more related note, I find it hilarious how these threads always have some sort of excuse from the losing side no matter who it is.
  9. Apparently dark knight crossbow has a 4% chance to root / stun you. So it gets kinda hectic. When I tried it the curse was bugged though so I gave up lol.
  10. What is my AP?

    wow he actually changed it lmao i dont judge, but double standards are always funny.
  11. What is my AP?

    nice huge ass anime signature btw mr. mental illness
  12. What is my AP?

    people use bdw EXP sc? i always trash those lol
  13. It's a 5 minute event lol chill.
  14. An epithet for beginners

    Dauble clan member on shit gear talking smack. Lovely.
  15. 3 ideas 1. Rotate specter spawns each 10 waves, that way afkers will constantly have to be on the move. -> So wave 10 red, wave 20 blue, wave 30 red, and so on. 2. Add an unremovable debuff if you remain idle. Minus 20 to all resistances every 60 seconds of inactivity, stacks indefinitely and prevents adding buffs like mage resistances, fresh mind or magic shield. Can't be cured, lasts 30 minutes. 3. Or simply add an auto-kick if you idle for longer than 3 minutes. Easy workaround, add a warning every 60 seconds and done.
  16. Those haven't worked for a long time in official.
  17. I would say idling is standing still without using any ability. Sure someone could use a potion or whatever every 60 seconds, but it becomes much more annoying for AFKers to keep that up as opposed to just alt tabbing every now and then when specters are up. Warnings could stack up (1st warning, 2nd and last warning, removed).
  18. A few bugs/issues

    Trade and inn bug are similar in the way that you can't click icons or dialogues at all anymore (such as, the X in a private message, any skill in your skill bar, the press OK button after death, etc) however left click wont be entirely useless because you'll still be able to drag items in your inventory, clicking on the ground to move and such. Difference between the two is that inn bug is mainly triggered by getting teleported while in the inn. It doesn't always happen though (you might get teleported and the inn window auto-close as it should), and it's only in the inn, never while in sundries (thought it wouldn't surprise me if it could somehow happen in a rare scenario like buying stackable items). This results in the inn vault interface becoming visually bugged at the right of your screen after the teleport, and you being unable to close it because your left click is useless. Clicking exit is also a no-go so you gotta task manager your way out. There is a chance to get inn bugged randomly after interacting with stackables or simply putting an item in the inn though, but that's rare. Trade bug mostly happens in strange circumstances where a player cancels a trade interface or someone accepts a trade request while his character runs outside range (I call request for the initial dialogue, and interface for the actual window where players drag items to). I can't tell for sure what causes it and even though unlike the inn bug, the trade window does disappear, your left click remains bugged. Getting teleported while in middle of a trade can cause this but that doesn't happen often.
  19. A few bugs/issues

    The legendary inn / trade KO bug where your left click becomes unusable finally getting fixed? That's a fix on the level of character select. Always been there.
  20. I like how he has the guts to acll other people "mentally retarded"
  21. make the clan that wins csw, possibly and most likely the strongest clan in server, able to farm armors in order to make them even stronger HOW DOES HE DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  22. First castellan wep 7!

    2H sword really does suck. Almost same stats as baal but somehow less ap.
  23. Stats on the warrior weapon and the shield are indeed garbage, even at +9. It isn't very different from baal and the shield is just worse in every aspect compared to gabs +7. The rogue and mage weapons provide stats that are unique in their category though. While the bow also does the same but the AP can't hold a candle to windforce.
  24. my sigs i made whatu think?

    You asked me what do I think, and I told you. Not gonna keep going to avoid hurting any susceptibilities.
  25. my sigs i made whatu think?

    Lots of jagged edges...