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  1. Now it instantly activates on quest reward, shouldn't it be giving me 1 extra hour of premium, considering I have the DC prem from PUS? Am I getting robbed?
  2. Petition to remove magic shield

    2 points in master for rogues. It does nothing. You get slowed and stunned just as much as without it so please remove it. It's worthless.
  3. Buy> Fire Rain Windforce +11

  4. bugged monthly quest

    better weapons quest was removed, if thats the one you mean
  5. UTC achievements

    All the ones that say "defeat X without dying". /achieve -> Adventure tab -> Dungeon section. Pretty much the entire page 9 and 10.
  6. About BAttle Priest

    well the answer is that cry echo does 300% and 200 while helis is only 250% and 400.
  7. UTC achievements

    None of them are working, but they somehow fail if you die while (losing EXP) outside UTC (after having attended it).
  8. [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)

    Excellent guide. No discredit to the admins though, I'm sure they're hard at work developing new features.
  9. Buy> Fire Rain Windforce +11

    pm / letter razor in game or post here.
  10. Event Schedule [UPDATED: March 10th 2018]

    schedule is wrong btw
  11. [Rehber] Under The Castle (UTC)

    Tfw player guide already out.

    I'm turk here from Ankara. Zero issues.
  13. A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    Yeah but that's how it is in official. It's the only way for non-stealth classes to gain stealth for a short gimmick. Please do not change that lol.
  14. A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    And the related achievements if you want to go for 10k mobs without dying for wings! But yeah @twostars if this means making the item useless for attacking then forget I made this topic lol.
  15. A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    Not sure about granting people immunity... people do use it in pk, and even if you restrict their attacking ability like a poster above said, it could basically be used to cheat death in panic moments. People also use it to anger explosion town or nova town. A rare strategy but fun to do. Maybe the stealth fade-out duration could be made so it takes at least 1.5 seconds to lose the invisibility as opposed to normal stealthing effects, but I think that might break regular rogue stealth. The best solution is probably to prevent genie from locking attacks into players or monsters if you are stealthed.