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  1. idc about ur pk vids truthfully... it's a pk game ffs lol ... most everyone in KO has a BIG EGO
  2. whether he was banned for being a shitbag scammer or w/e is immaterial to the fact that this post/thread is about drama of clans that u seem not to approve of imho ... i've pk'd with these ppl and seen nothing wrong or bad about their clan ... if killing atross and roite got them some nats then good for them... if thats a bad thing in ur eyes oh well ... but, when i was in pk with them they were at HB not bowl and what does ur music video do ? prove u can login youtube and post music to an argument? lmfao awesome
  3. Doom knights will chase you to death

    dam near back to town ... yes i noticed
  4. buying merchant

    appears that buying merchant don't announce what ur buying or trading as u sit or stand there ... only shows what item u want ... not that i'm trying to trade as i typed
  5. monster stone lvl 50+

    no mobs NO BOSS either wth
  6. monster stone

    can't kill last boss but it's killing me http://oi57.tinypic.com/scvn9d.jpg it rather sucks in any case
  7. then in my opinion everyone who was doing it should be judged and sentenced the same... it was announced in game abusing the towers IS BANABLE simple
  8. i've killed SQ Talos HQ DT Samma and DF in Karus Eslant so they do spawn only 1 i haven't seen is TK
  9. Mining and Fishing

    http://oi58.tinypic.com/jky35f.jpg best i can do to show the Screen Shot while fishing or mining it just stops for no reason at all so going afk is not a good option .. which is why ppl mine ... they have rl things to do ijs.. and look into why please thank you
  10. BUS

    has anyone mentioned or noticed bus get over stacked in the inn hostess? and they're not easy to pull back out and will over stack in ur inventory thereafter i know the limit is 200 so they should stack @ 200 i thought .... idk just asking