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  1. Sick's Buying List

    ohhhhh really?
  2. should have called me would have only been 200k :))))
  3. people really paying $400-500 on one item?! lol
  4. ill trade you everything 1 dollar kanka
  5. The game doesnt want you back frank!! BB jajajaja
  6. Taking Offers On Dual ROFs +3

    500 kc final offer
  7. all black people like fried chicken why you trippin
  8. last time i logged cz was nothing but mages lol
  9. i only gots a probably with stun/slolw from archers i like the scream rate ty bb
  10. BloodLine Clan War

    im out can i have some!?
  11. Buy Warrior Krowaz +11

    hahahhahaha haha