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  1. Easy cowboy, let's get a few things straight.

    1. I asked you to send me a PM on the forums with the name of the account/character you were having issues with, which item(s) you lost, when you lost them, and what you were doing when you last touched them and when you noticed them being gone.
    2. After your continued reluctance to do so, I told you that unless you send me a PM with the required information, there would be no support. On top of that, if it turns out that you're lying, I'd ban you for lying to an admin; This is where you said "ban me pls", and so I kindly complied.

    I'll lock the topic as this isn't going anywhere, and on top of that, still misses the information I've explicitly requested from you.

    Looking forward to your PM.

  2. I've investigated this by creating a new warrior and kurian character.

    I've statted them both 255 in STR and left the remaining stat points undistributed.I've taken of all armor / accessories / cospre items, and equipped the Untradable Hepa's Raptor (+11) reverse.
    Furthermore, skill point distribution was as follow; Kurian: 75 points in Attack (rest undistributed), Warrior: 83 points in Passion (rest undistributed).

    This yields the following results:
    Kurian AP: 2215
    Warrior AP: 1856

    Furthermore, as the warrior requires the buff to be able to use Cry Echo, the AP for the warrior increased by exactly 100 to 1956 upon using the buff.

    The damage on the <Iron Scarecrow> in Moradon was as follows:
    Kurian: 1800 ~ 1970
    Warrior: 1600 ~ 1790

    The damage difference is easily explained by the difference in AP, what's causing your difference - I don't know, but I'm guessing you're not accounting for something.

    Closing this topic.

  3. Yup, we're scheduled to release this with the upcoming (unannounced so far) PK expansion. For those that are curious, this upcoming expansion focuses purely on revitalizing PK and ensuring there's always a good reason to go PKing. It also lays the foundations for us to do something completely different in the future which we think will keep things interesting for months (years) to come :)

  4. I like the idea, and have actually recently pondered upon this.

    We'll have to add support for switching the map behind the scenes, get the NPCs in there (if they aren't already), tune them for level 83 characters (Ardream guard towers won't make a dent in y'all), but other than that, I think it could definitely be attractive and something new to be enjoyed by all in moderation.

  5. Okay, then I'll recommend not getting more resistances but instead recommend testing yourself w/ a friend in the arena so you can objectively conclude you're not "getting stunned/slowed with literally every single fucking lighting and ice shot from archers".

  6. You’re not the first and won’t be the last to suggest opening up +21 reverse for select items;  It’s not that we’re inherently against it (if it’s balanced), but rather that it’s currently impossible with the upgrade system we have. As we have to choose between making all non-unique upgradable items upgradable to +21 rev, or none. There’s no choosing (and Krowaz would therefore also be upgradable to +21 rev). While we will need to eventually change this entirely because of its inflexibility, the amount of testing and checking that has to go into doing this is probably no joke. So, if we were to consider doing this, itll take a fair amount of time before we can implement your suggestion.

  7. The mage damage is accurate as per official, think otherwise? Please provide proof or stop insinuating otherwise, we’ve spent upwards of 10+h going back and forth, fine tuning it and trying to make sense of things. With the data set we had (which was as varied as it could be - different MP / int / staffs / bonuses / character level), it all worked out with these calcs. I’m confident they are correct.