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  1. Changelog

    • Fixed an issue where Gab's Adamant would block certain Krowaz curses it shouldn't.
    • Slight change to Stun and slow calculations, they now use the correct data to calculate the rate with (this was fine in 99% of the cases, we've fixed it for the 1% that weren't correct)
    • Mob kill credit is now given to all party members in range
    • Changed HP scaling behavior on bosses a little
    • Added HP scaling behavior logging, to debug any issues with it that may be there (e.g. health bars skipping back to 100%)
    • Update: Fixed a bug with HP scaling and certain buff/debuff interactions.

  2. Changelog

    • Increased maximum upgrade to (+14) reverse for Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid, and (Level 70 / 80 quest) <selfname> items (weapons and shields).
    • Dark Mythril Fragments are now also usable on "plain" (e.g. basic armors, no bonuses!) Super Shells at +6, +7, and +8 (giving you the equivalent Exceptional Super Shell at that grade).
      NOTE: As said, it ONLY works on plain, base armors!
    • Fixed an issue in which UTC trash didn't generate loot upon death (they do now!).
    • Increased drop rates on Under the Castle trash. (Side note: DC premium works to increase these drop rates)
    • Increased the amount of materials Under the Castle trash can drop. (from 1 -> 3)
    • Fixed a bug with Gab's Adamant which allows people to be teleported, and teleport themselves, while the curse is active.
    • Fixed a bug with the [Daily] Taming the Beast quest.
    • Decreased scaling of UTC bosses.
    • Made some changes to how scaled HP is being updated (we hope this will fix the HP bar jumping around all over the place).
    • Moved the 20:30 Ultima event on Fridays back 30 minutes (to 21:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC.
    • Moved the 14:40 Juraid Mountain on Fridays back 20 minutes (to 15:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC.

    For those of you that need some help figuring out the event schedule, here you can find an always up-to-date schedule automagically translated to your computer's timezone!

  3. Makes sense to me, character transformations typically only happen when the server tells the client to do so, barring any wierd side effects from forcing the horse to become a horse.... again, I think this’d be possible to fix.

  4. 8 hours ago, Marshmallow said:

    The reason behind it is the the cost for reskilling/stats is now official my ass so people join BDW with fucked up skills, like you end up with 2 buffer or two fire mage and it's a guaranteed loss. I made a topic here 

    but seems admins don't bother and are following USKO blindly. No offense though.

    We re-disable costs for reskilling and mages will go ice and cube the carrier all the time; pick your poison :(

  5. Alright, if UTC trash is not dropping anything, that's a bug (though, it's different from bosses and behaves exactly like monsters outside of UTC - you deal most damage -> you get the loot), and we'll look into it.

    The perceived HP regen is (from our point of view right now), a visual bug in the client. When I joined UTC (quite a few times) to monitor it, I could indeed also see the HP bar of the boss visually replenishing to full (no matter what HP it was on previously). Having said that, the longer you guys were killing it (and thus the lower the actual HP of the boss), the faster the HP bar would go back to normal after it visually replenished itself.

    Furthermore, there seems to be 2 kinds of people when it comes to UTC; Those that know the boss will eventually go down (I suspect, perhaps they've raided or something similar in other MMOs), and keep at it. And then you have the people that scream "bug" from the top of their lungs, breathing uncontrollably, full of anger, and demand we as GMs do something about it. Y'all can guess what I'm inclined to do in such a situation.

    So, while we wholeheartedly believe the issue with "HP regen" on UTC monsters is a visual issue and shouldn't be causing much problems (aside from being mentally discouraging to some), we do strive to fix this so that those players can get back to enjoying the content too.