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  1. Hey everyone,

    It's that spooky time of the year again and this year we've got the following for you in store!



    The halloween monsters will spawn all around Ronark Land and will drop Halloween Chests, inside these chests you'll find a variety of items; The most sought after is the Darkness Weapon Exchange voucher (the voucher itself lasts 72h, and can be traded for a Darkness Weapon of your choice which also lasts only 72h!)

    The Halloween chests can be exchanged through [VIP Manager] Juliane



    We hope everyone has a great halloween!
    ~Apex KO Staff

  2. Hi there,

    I understand the frustration and we will compensate those that have used pieces before the official guide was up.

    In future, don't trust user posted guides on new content. While we aim to stay close to official, considering the server is now a PK server, certain rates will be different.

    Finally, you will yield much better results in trying to get us to do anything for you with a normal attitude - yes, your frustration is understandable, but I'd like to think we have never been and never will be unreasonable. We're here to help with these things and provide you better support than official does, but simply acknowledging mistakes are human and bringing it to our attention like say "Hey guys, we used a bunch of shadow pieces prior to you having released the guide, is there anything you can do for us?" would be very much appreciated.


    Thank you, we'll sort you guys out as soon as possible :)



    6XJBjv.gif Q7V59y.gif r2O473.gif

    OLobP4.gif YNgym2.gif vpjGr4.gif qWG0Vd.gif


    Hey everyone,

    We've recently updated the Bifrost monsters to drop new "Dark Fragments" rather than the original fragments. This change also introduces the ability to craft Dark Knight Armor.

    We hope this guide will help those that want to create these legendary armors!

    First off, how to get the new Dark Fragments?
    Simple, just kill the monsters in Bifrost as you did before, nothing's changed there!

    The required materials needed to craft the new Dark Knight Armors can be checked by looking at the Manufacturing Guide accessible from [Hepa Pupil] Shojin


    The required items to create these armors are basically the same for every class with the exception of the "Recipe" used.
    An example of the required items to create a Dark Knight Warrior Pauldron is below.


    The "Ancient Armor Mold" can be found in the Sundries NPC for 55 million Noah each.


    The "Ancient Sheet Metal", "Light Elemental Stone", and "Transmutation Stone" can be obtained exactly as their discription tells you:





    The "Ancient Sheet Metal" is ONLY dropping from Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth in Bifrost - the stronger the mob, the higher chance. (DC flashes are advisable as their drop rate is rather low!)

    The "Light Elemental Stone" is ONLY obtainable by talking to [Hepa Pupil] Shojin and selecting the "Dark Knight Material" option in his dialog.


    This is a National Point gamble, you gamble with 1000 of your National Points for a chance to obtain the item. This is infinitely repeatable provided you have enough National Points to do so.

    The "Transmutation Stone" is obtainable from ALL monsters in Bifrost, but again the drop rate is fairly low. (DC flashes are again advisable!)

    Finally, the last ingredient (the recipes) are obtainable by exchanging the new Dark Fragments obtained from killing the Bifrost monsters after the update happened (the normal fragments DO NOT have a chance to drop these recipes!), the rate to obtain these goes up with the grade of the fragment, from pretty garbage down below to a decent chance for the best fragments.


    After going through all this trouble, you'll be glad to hear that the manufacturing rate for the Dark Knight Armor is 100% (NO Shadow Piece required!), and the resulting Dark Knight Armor will be given to you at (+6).


    That's it, happy hunting!

  4. Hey everyone,

    We've recently added the Delos Dungeon to our server.

    We are writing this guide to help those out that are strong enough to be victorious in Castle Siege War but have no idea what this zone is all about!


    First off, the entrance NPC to this zone is located in Delos, at the back of the castle (where previously the abyss teleport gate was!)



    Once inside the dungeon, you will find the following monsters :
    1. Tarantula
    2. Wandering Ghost Knight
    3. Bloody Tarantula (boss)
    4. Bloody Krowaz (boss)

    The Bloody Krowaz drops the "Blooded Fantasy Cube", and the Bloody Tarantula drops the "Gold Peels" item. Both of these are needed to create the Castellan Weapons.

    Both bosses are on a random 7 ~ 9 hour respawn time.



    The normal Tarantulas drop "Tarantula's Teeth", these can be exchanged for 200k each (by accepting the quest and completing it at the entrance NPC in the back of the Castle in Delos). These Tarantula's Teeth are also needed to receive the "Castellan's Key" item. This item is required to enter the room the Dark Dragon (boss) is in.


    To enter the room with Dark Dragon in it, you must have the Castellan's Key to enter. Once you have the key, proceed to the teleporter located at the back of one of the normal Tarantula spawns.


    NOTE: If you do not have the Castellan's Key, the dialog will not continue and you will not be teleported.
    The key will be consumed upon teleportation.

    You will be teleported next to the quest NPC that allows you to exchange the required items for the Castellan Weapons, a bit further down on the ledge, Dark Dragon will be waiting for you. Dark Dragon is on a respawn time of ~18 hours.



    Finally, if you are a Warrior, Kurian, or Rogue the ONLY quest you're able to get from the NPC for the Castellan Weapons is as follows :


    For Priests and Mages, the only quest available is the following :



    That's it for the Delos Dungeon, hopefully this has helped shed some light on things.


    Happy hunting!

  5. Hey guys,

    Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience, I was trying to reproduce this problem locally and couldn't seem to manage to.
    It'd be great if you can provide any additional information (such as, which slot was the item in (in your inventory), and which page + slot did you move it to in your inn hostess, did you drag it there or use right mouse button to let it snap there, how full (or empty) is your inn, how many items did you put into your inn since you opened the UI and it got bugged, etc.)

    Anything at all that you can correlate when it comes to reproducing this bug is helpful, no matter how small or seemingly unrelated would help


    Thank you, we'll get it fixed as soon as we can reproduce this! :)

  6. 3 minutes ago, root said:

    Alright, that's more than enough of this. This entire situation has gotten quite out of hand.

    At this point, the alleged scam (that's not been directed towards us, whatsoever, mind) is none of our concern. What is, though, is the constant back and forths of insults and accusations. There's no need for any of it.

    You guys have gone way too far. Either be civil or don't bother posting at all.

    Consider this a warning to all. I don't care who you are or your reasons for doing so: I won't tolerate it here.

    I'd like to add onto this;


    Any further shit stirring will be welcomed with a permanent ban on both the forums and the game.

  7. 1 hour ago, Chayni said:

    when the proc goes off, every class beside mage shouldn't be able to attack the priest

    So are you being cancelled by it proc'ing or are you talking about casting a skill that gets cancelled while the buff is active?


    First one would be a bug, second one I'm not so sure of and would need investigating on official

  8. 8 hours ago, Chayni said:





    Forgive me for being stupid, but if the shield "goes off", what do you mean; The shield proc'ing or the shield's buff finishing.....?

  9. That video seems to imply it.... restores priest buffs? Scrolls all have the same visusl effect on people as swift / light feet, no?


    (Not to mention the uselessness of disabling scrolls for 1 second, which is how long it lasts for...)

  10. Changelog

    • Changed stun and slow rate calculations.
    • Scream stun rate reduced.
    • Leg cut slow rate is now set instead of calculated.
    • Shock stun for human warriors is now set instead of calculated (Shock stun for Karus warriors was already set instead of calculated).
    • Kurian/Porutu DoT skills (Drakey curses) no longer stack; Only the most recently applied DoT skill will tick. (NOTE: ANY Kurian/Porutu can, and will, overwrite another Kurian's already applied DoT).
    • Kurian/Porutu Rush [Passive] now no longer makes Rush stun with 100% chance, instead it now has a 50% chance to stun.
    • Kurian/Porutu DoT skills (Drakey curses) now enjoy 100% MP contribution (up from 55%).
    • Kurian/Porutu Spear (1H and 2H) AP contribution is now inline with Swords, Clubs, and Axes.
    • Freezing Distance now has no chance of working on targets under 50% of their max health.
    • Freezing Distance now has no chance of working on targets currently holding the Border Defense War debuff.
    • Attempted fix for mage skills hitting players after they town and are already teleported there.
    • Range checks on melee skills have been tightened a bit.
    • Monsters in Ronark Land should no longer aggro on you if you are in combat with one of their "friends".


    Kurians/Porutus have remained untouched for too long, and we're taking this opportunity to hit them with the nerfhammer. Inspired entirely by the Korean servers, which have introduced these changes after prolonged discussion with the community, we felt as if this will address a few of the key issues with Kurians at the moment. We will be monitoring the situation and take a look at how players respond to these changes, and whether the effect on the balance of this class is similar to how we'd like it to play out.

  11. There's also <enter>

    The kind of people <enter>

    Who type fairly fast <enter>

    And prefer to communicate <enter>

    With a bunch of small messages <enter>

    Which becomes a problem <enter>

    With tighter spam-filter checks <enter>

    Not to mention the retarded <enter>

    Macro spamming <enter>

    Y'all like to do when you kill someone <enter>

    you don't like <enter>

    in CZ <enter>

    lol <enter>


    Furthermore, situational awareness for the filter of the all chat (e.g. multiple people spamming completely unrelated messages to drive out other people's chatting, or clutter your chat), or the filter being intelligent enough to determine what constitutes a "selling / buying" message accurately, accounting for botched messages and people trying to circumvent it one way or another, isn't something I even have a clue about how to approach to begin with....

  12. Just as much as you pick your fights (targets is probably a more appropriate word), your opponents should be given the opportunity (and ample time to go with that) to retreat from said fight. I doubt there are much people who willingly go into a fight against someone obviously stronger than them. There's a difference when people are "VS'ing" and then decide to retreat, one could argue that's a problem - but then again it's near impossible for us to go and do much about that. Even the proposed "disable towning when people are in combat for more than X seconds" isn't great as it incredibly heavily favors rogues (both because of their speed and the archer class in general; being the only class to have a chance at getting out of combat, and being able to keep fleeing opponents in combat with relative ease).


    Don't think we'll ever change this.