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  1. Don't really want to comment on it or w/e clan rules you have; but shouldn't you, as clannies, at least share the IN / IB / CS between the 3 of you? (I don't know if you did or not) The whole "Aziz got us the drop because he drained" is a fairly pointless argument - everyone in a party does what they have to do - that's why it's a party, to collaboratively achieve something (be it a boss kill, exp, pk, or farm).
  2. Hey everyone! We'll be hosting a boss event today; with the Krowaz (+7) rental items available for everyone to enjoy during the event Be sure to be there 10 minutes in advance, as the [Mercenary Officer] will only be available for 5 minutes before the event - after which you CANNOT get the Krowaz rental items anymore! Hope to see you all there!
  3. I'm New here!

    Welcome, Genie never runs out - it'll stay at 120 forever Enjoy your stay!
  4. Archer cancels heals at a ridiculous rate

    This is intended the way it is; Each arrow applies the cancel rate (which means 5x for AS, and 3x for MS) - in line with official.

    This should've been resolved by our recent 2.067 patch; Let us know if this is still the case
  6. Hi there, I'll get to you as soon as I can - leave the voucher in your inventory so I can remove it and refund you Greets, Aesteris
  7. Opening npc's freezing client

    I think it's caused due to the way we handle disabled quests
  8. I meant, a minor crit should count as well in your sample data; 156 attacks with CP is a larger sample than others would've bothered to get, but statistically it's not a whole lot The way it was before is probably not going to happen; I didn't watch hours of assassin videos in 0.25x playback speed writing down how many attacks and heals critted vs. how many didn't for no good reason - if there's going to be a buff it'll be a minor one, definitely not like it was before!
  9. Alternatively, undercut Moradon sundries prices (mainly the apexis chest) by lowering your tax to 5% and announcing it as an event! I like the scraps in Sundries idea; will most likely go ahead and add it to there (it's just a bitch and could open up a new okay way to farm some coin for new players)
  10. CP is currently in-line with official percentage wise. Question; have you tried using 1 Jamadar as off-hand and seen your damage increase by any chance?
  11. What I feel is needed here is not so much a decrease to warrior damage (though a small one might be warranted), but rather an increase on the available Jamadar weapons; There's a good reason USKO implemented them, and there's probably a good reason for us to do so too - Dagger Defense against Assassins is simply very strong (twice as good as Spear Defense versus warriors). Perhaps we should add the new Jamadar weapons to Sundries at a reasonable price, and make the Exceptional True Silver drop from say Apostle of Cold in Ronark Land
  12. I actually like most of these ideas; perhaps with some tuning (not really into the lotto item dropping the eslant uniques)
  13. Hey everyone, Following the MASSIVE success we had last weekend with the pop-up boss event, we've decided that we'll be running 2 of those this weekend! The [Mercenary Officer] in Ronark Land will disappear ~20 minutes before the event starts. Once [Mercenary Officer] reappears (5 minutes before the event starts), you'll be able to get free Krowaz armor & weapons (+7) for 1 hour to be able to enjoy this event to the fullest! As soon as the event starts, the [Mercenary Officer] will be removed so make sure to grab your set before he's gone! This rental gear is ONLY available during the event; After the event he will be giving you the usual shells (+7) for 6h. Felankor, Isiloon, Latenoid, and Chaos Stones will be spawned in Ronark Land bowl for the event. Any events scheduled to run at those times are cancelled. We hope to see everyone there!
  14. Leonards / BP

    You're comparing fully geared up warriors to a support class, as I've said, if needed I'd like to make STR BPs more viable in the current ecosystem, but you can't expect to get the best of both worlds.
  15. Leonards / BP

    Int BPs are fine as they are; you can't expect tanks to hit like trucks (though IRL they do ) (paper) STR BPs could use either a bit of a damage output upgrade (to compensate the lack of paper defense armors), or some more defense like paper defense armors to make them a little less paper-y. Other than that I'm unwilling to touch anything
  16. Rosetta Armor Bonuses

    Yes, you're right - my bad
  17. A new team member!

    Hey everyone, We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new (trial) team member; Athena! He'll be helping out our Turkish player base as well as English one (though please, don't overwhelm him too much ) We're preparing a nice new advertisement campaign specifically targeted at the Turkish community to hopefully increase the rate we're growing at, Athena and Callisto will be key players in making this succeed! Welcome to the team!
  18. Rosetta Armor Bonuses

    Defensive stats are in between Dragon Scale and Krowaz, with the set bonus of Krowaz; Dragon Scale < Rosetta < Krowaz
  19. I've checked into it - the person getting access to it knew his password and didn't do it for personal gain (all items were either burned or deleted entirely), furthermore they were careful enough to not expose who they actually are (though I doubt they even play the server)
  20. Perhaps we should open a 'Just starting out? Here's a few tips' topic for new players, to me most of these seemed overly obvious (hell, play the content we provide you with, who'd have thunk!), but it seems there's a need for it
  21. 1. Great idea, won't work that great in practice - the stronger will only get stronger faster than new players (which is the opposite of your intention) - decreasing the gap while keeping their progression rate the same is (in my opinion) the only way to make any meaningful change, the tradeoff being no attachment of new players to their characters. There are other ways (which need to come with other changes at the same time) which could achieve what you're asking for, too, however I'll need to run some numbers to get a clearer idea on whether these changes won't end up making the stronger even stronger as well. 3. Trinas and Tears are convenience items, they increase your chance of succeeding an upgrade of your choice, while adding these to bosses (as per your suggestion) sounds great on paper, the only thing this will achieve is the stronger getting the drops, increasing the rate of their gear progression. I'm not averse to adding it to some bosses, as you pointed out it might increase PK activity in bowl, however your initial problem (e.g. the 'need' to spend money) won't quite be addressed the way you think it will. 4. This actually sounds like a good way to close the gear gap somewhat, will be running some numbers prior to making a change to this though. Yes, you mentioned "fk portu"
  22. ApexKO Trailer

    Thank you - we need a new forum title "Community Champion" only for those that really help the community grow, GM Y U NO ADD?!
  23. Stealing loots at Krowaz

    The following characters can all be linked to Xho; 1. RaMPaLiM 2. BeeGee 3. BoR 4. FaRMM 5. MistikPeri 6. String 7. WeRDeRWeReMeM 8. WeReCeN 9. mystical 10. Tequlia 11. Tequliaa Do with this information whatever you please