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  1. Hey everyone, We'll be holding 2 boss events on Sunday 10 April 2016; Below are the timers : Hope to see you all there!
  2. Kind of surprised it took this long for anyone to start complaining about it. Didn't hear anything when Krowaz was only just introduced and barely anyone had a (+7) set. Ooh well, no worries; It'll be changed to Rosetta for next event(s)
  3. I actually don't mind changing it to Rosetta (+6) / Rosetta (+7) for the events; We'll see how turnup is when we make the change and evaluate
  4. AOE Passion skills

    Been abusing these during the Kill the GM events with no cooldowns on; They definitely work as intended (also verified they work with cooldowns)
  5. Krowaz armor is rented at (+6) during wars, (+7) during events - the point of doing so is to lure more people to attend them (and remove any of the 'I can't join because I'm undergeared' arguments). If we see players aren't making much use of this during wars, we can consider changing it back to Dragon Scale, however we won't be changing the Krowaz rental gear during the Boss events - the stronger getting stronger with no chance for newcomers / private drop parties for the strongest clans etc. etc.
  6. Hey everyone, This weekend, we'll be joining both wars on Saturday with our Kill the GM characters (prices for killing us are 1 scroll package (2000 HP / 350 AC / ATK+ / Power of Lion) + 1 Krowaz item (+1) OF YOUR CHOICE) Furthermore, we'll be having a boss event on Sunday for everyone to enjoy; with Krowaz rentals available for everyone Timers down below : Hope to see you all there!
  7. Aziz - VS Video

    Nobody wonders why he changes the view distance to lowest there is? No? It improves FPS and in turn lowers your cooldown on minor heal! (Not even kidding, higher FPS means a higher refresh rate on skill cooldowns - thank mgame; which is why minoring on 30FPS can get you a disadvantage of 1000 / 30 = 33ms PER minor, whereas minoring on 200FPS can, at most get you a disadvantage of 1000 / 200 = 5ms per minor) Yes, this goes for USKO, and yes, this goes for any and all KO clients out there. Furthermore, a lower ping will always beat a higher one; Considering he's located in Germany, I'd hazard a guess towards him having a very low ping. Oooh, and illuminati confirmed.
  8. Yay, now that this mystery is solved, the secret to being a super-duper OP Kurian is go in devil mode, go full MP, and spam the DoTs as much as you can (the devil mode increases DoTs by the same % it increases heals, which yes, I got from testing on official). Makes sense now then that MP is a requirement on Krowaz Portu armor
  9. I could mention how after wasting 5 hours on assassin VS videos (only USKO, not the ones floating around from other private servers), counting every minor & skill, and determining the critical point percentage, the rate SHOULD be 33.33%, it's slightly higher than that now because apparently people need it.... or something. Let me know what's not in line with official when it comes to Kurians (talking USKO, with some evidence please - Kurians changed only about a dozen orso times on official since its release), and I'll gladly make it work the way it should.
  10. I see 8 ticks of DoTs, (assuming there are 2 more up there), did it do this 10 times (as in, 100x DoT damage, 2 seconds apart), or did it simply do the ticks accelerated (which seems likely, given our previous problems with monsters sometimes taking all DoT damage at once, rather than delayed by 2 seconds for each tick)?
  11. What would YOU like to see next?

    f.lux (google it); We really should be doing something with the forum template though, options & something more KO-y preferably
  12. Get the most out of this patch with this weekend's Power-Up Store sale. Shadow Piece will be reduced to 425 Apex Points (regular price 550 Apex Points) only for this weekend! See you in-game!
  13. Hey everyone, This weekend, we'll be holding yet another boss event - we know you love it and we love to see all of you participate; so write it down and tell your friends, here are the 2 times we'll be running it at! The free Krowaz (+7) rental will be there for everyone to enjoy too Hope to see you in-game!
  14. Major Blink problems (Mage)

    To me, this sounds like all, except for the blinking on top of the building are intended the way they are
  15. Don't really want to comment on it or w/e clan rules you have; but shouldn't you, as clannies, at least share the IN / IB / CS between the 3 of you? (I don't know if you did or not) The whole "Aziz got us the drop because he drained" is a fairly pointless argument - everyone in a party does what they have to do - that's why it's a party, to collaboratively achieve something (be it a boss kill, exp, pk, or farm).
  16. Hey everyone! We'll be hosting a boss event today; with the Krowaz (+7) rental items available for everyone to enjoy during the event Be sure to be there 10 minutes in advance, as the [Mercenary Officer] will only be available for 5 minutes before the event - after which you CANNOT get the Krowaz rental items anymore! Hope to see you all there!
  17. I'm New here!

    Welcome, Genie never runs out - it'll stay at 120 forever Enjoy your stay!
  18. Archer cancels heals at a ridiculous rate

    This is intended the way it is; Each arrow applies the cancel rate (which means 5x for AS, and 3x for MS) - in line with official.

    This should've been resolved by our recent 2.067 patch; Let us know if this is still the case
  20. Hi there, I'll get to you as soon as I can - leave the voucher in your inventory so I can remove it and refund you Greets, Aesteris
  21. Opening npc's freezing client

    I think it's caused due to the way we handle disabled quests
  22. I meant, a minor crit should count as well in your sample data; 156 attacks with CP is a larger sample than others would've bothered to get, but statistically it's not a whole lot The way it was before is probably not going to happen; I didn't watch hours of assassin videos in 0.25x playback speed writing down how many attacks and heals critted vs. how many didn't for no good reason - if there's going to be a buff it'll be a minor one, definitely not like it was before!
  23. Alternatively, undercut Moradon sundries prices (mainly the apexis chest) by lowering your tax to 5% and announcing it as an event! I like the scraps in Sundries idea; will most likely go ahead and add it to there (it's just a bitch and could open up a new okay way to farm some coin for new players)