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  1. I could see Dragon Scale (+8) working as well, it'd make it easier to progress, reducing the perceived barrier of getting better. I think the server is pretty easily set up already, but we need something massive to get new players at this point - if PK and activity were fine there'd be no need, but both are just falling down a steep slope (faster than our expectations). The time to be asking for respect is not now, and I feel as if we're already doing anything we can to 'show respect' to those who've been loyal - what'd be disrespectful (in my opinion) is not doing anything, not involving the community in whats happening and just wait for it to die in a few weeks and go for a relaunch (which is way easier on us and will probably yield more, if you still think that's the main reason for this to even exist....); However that's not what we're doing, as we are coming up with ideas and involve you guys in them. However, biting the bullet and going ahead with the changes may very well be the last chance we get at reviving this and not let the current server, and with it, your gear and characters, go to a waste.
  2. They'll be added too, it's more of an 'addition to' / change to the previous rather than a whole new thing
  3. Added some reasoning to the changes; Refresh & read!
  4. Hey everyone, Please read the post in its entirety before commenting As I'm sure many of you are aware, the current state of the server is rather critical, in terms of being able to keep providing you lot with a nice environment to play in. Here are some of our thoughts on the matter; Realistically, it will be hard to attract new players coming to our server in its current state, newcomers are quite far behind, even with the rental gear we're providing to them and the increased EXP rates, as finding EXP parties is an issue. Combine that with some other servers launching (as well as our current players finding it rather stale at the moment, making 'switching' all that more attractive), and we've got ourselves a recipe for disaster. We don't want that to happen, and will do whatever we think will help, and the community agrees on. On to what we think should be done; The general idea here is that we want to reduce the 'barrier' newcomers are facing on being able to compete. This translates to different starter gear, a higher starter level, as well as some incentives for joining clans. Our main priority with all of this is not to devalue whatever you have gained up until now, but rather ensure the longevity and time that your valuable items and characters will be worth what they are. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the changes we're proposing, and we're completely open to additional ideas or tweaks to them. First off, we want to start players at a higher level than we currently do; Namely between 80 to 83 (though really, 83 is probably what we'll be going for). When something as trivial as EXPing becomes a problem for newcomers, it gets harder and harder to get them to stay. We'd also like to point out that rebirthing your characters permanently improves them, so there still is some room for everyone to improve (as well as having the option to increase the rebirth level cap, say if anyone were interested). Secondly, gear. Currently, the starter gear lines the newcomers up to being an easy pick even if they weren't bothered by the hardships in obtaining EXP. Having said that, we're proposing the following changes to the starter gear: (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Dragon Scale / Mythril / Ron's / Trial armor (+8/15) (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Exceptional weapon(s) (+8/80) (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Ring of Courage / Ring of Life / Shio Tears / Flame Ring / Imir Ring (+0) (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Rogue Earring, Warrior Earring, Cleric Earring, Mage Earring (+0) (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Starter Belt (which will have 70% of the Iron Belt weapon defences, with NO AC bonus) (UNTRADABLE, UNUPGRADABLE) Starter Necklace (which will have 70% of the Iron Necklace weapon defences, with NO HP / STR bonus) Furthermore, we want to add some incentives to join clans (or rather, to form them or be added to one) in the form of Clan bonuses. Depending on how many players of your clan are online at the time, you will be receiving EXP, NP, and Drop Rate bonuses. A big part of playing any MMO stands and falls with playing with friends, they are part of the fun and reason you play (this may not go for everyone, but I know it does for me). Incentivising this seems like a good step forward to expanding our community and getting new players involved. On top of that, we want to be adding quests to Ronark Land, similar to the ones that are repeatable, however these will be one-off (or twice-off). These quests will allow (new and old) to gather some diversity for their gear. They'll be rewarding untradable, upgradable uniques of your choice (limited to what we provide ofcourse, but think 2 quests between which you can choose Elf-Metal Earring / Silver Earring, similar ones for other slots). Finally, for those that don't like to (or don't want to) farm, we'll be adding a NP -> Medal system, similar to the one official used to have. To not overpower those that are already at the top ranks of NP holders, this will be using your monthly contribution, rather than your overall contribution; Meaning you'll have to be active to be able to reap the rewards. Change mining and fishing; We don't want this to be similar to the first iteration of mining / fishing, mind you - but we do want to make it feel worth doing as something when you don't have a lot of time. We're aware this will make people want to multiclient or otherwise cheat the system, however we could look into adding a monthly NP requirement to be able to mine using the new drop tables (or otherwise be 'stuck' to the old one). Possibly even letting it scale off of monthly NP, with a cap implemented of course. Further incentivising playing properly. For all existing players who've played at least 20 hours in the past month (counted back from the day we implement these changes, once we do), will receive 14 days of Cospre items, Wings, Pathos Gloves, and a pet transformation scroll of their choice (the pet system is close to being released). All in all, what will this achieve, Aesteris? We have a great set of files, arguably the best one out there, and it'd be a shame to not do everything within our power (provided you support us doing so) to get the max potential out of them. As such, we have high hopes of being able to attract a crowd that's more interested in a PK server than a farm one with these changes. Although you guys have joined and stuck with us since launch, we really wish we could do better in terms of PK activity. We feel as if the proposed changes will retain the value of your characters and items as it is, and quite possibly improve it if we do get a bunch of new players to join. This entire proposal stands and falls with the support of our community, and we hope to receive a LOT of feedback on this idea. If it is not well received, we will not be going through with it and will look into other ways of making it fun for you again. Please let everyone you know take 5 minutes of their time to read through this (even if they've already quit!), vote on the poll, and make a comment on things they feel should be considered, looked in to, tweaked, or outright removed. I'd further like to add that I'm currently on the verge of starting my midterms, and although I'll be busy enough to try and not screw those up completely, I'll make sure I've done everything I can to make this server great again. Thank you guys for your support thus far and have a great week(end)!
  5. Topic locked; Discussion with new changes continue here : http://forum.apexko.com/topic/2162-our-thoughts-on-improving-the-server-part-2/
  6. It depends on the feedback we get, how it's received by you guys, and wether we need to make changes to the plan (which at the moment seems likely). It is the top priority on our list however and could be pushed out as early as this weekend, provided we've worked out what people are saying and improve upon the idea. The backend support for doing all of this should (mostly) be there, so it's a more a matter of specifics.
  7. To add on to that, instead of putting all of these changes in one go, with proper advertisement done upfront and getting the word out there with clans interested, we could attempt to implement these changes for a weekend only (starting early on a Friday) and see how many players we'd be able to draw in with these changes. If they turn out for the worst (e.g. it doesn't really achieve much of anything), we'll still be able to go back and try working a different direction - which in the end won't hurt what we have right now, and may simply liven up PK for the weekend we do run it at.
  8. Just a small update, I've read all of the posts and am considering how we can change or improve the idea for the best possible outcome, I'll probably update this somewhere later today It seems a majority agrees with the general direction outlined in the post, if you don't - please do vote against it, every vote counts! As said in the first post, if there is no majority we won't be going through with it and will try to find a different direction to take it!
  9. Hey everyone, We'll be holding 2 boss events on Sunday 17 April 2016; Below are the timers : Hope to see you all there!
  10. The bug you are referring to is one that has been in the game since forever; It's whats allowing you all to combo, animation cancelling. This used to provide an advantage in terms of movement speed back in pre-18xx, but has since been fixed and aside from it looking wierd, doesn't do anything for the user. Closing this, thanks for the report though!
  11. Make sure the KO client is off, set version.ini to 2072, and run launcher to update to 2073. It'll be fixed then
  12. Increasing FT's monster density

    This is resolved with the implementation of the new Forgotten Temple spawns
  13. VR not reduced in few people FT

    I'm unaware of official 'nerfing' the VR in lower-numbered FT instances (probably because they don't bother with instances and it's always in demand).
  14. Clan notice won't update.

    I checked as per his description; Change the notice, close and re-open the clan window and it did not reset to the older one. Assuming it's resolved.
  15. Hey everyone, We'll be holding 2 boss events on Sunday 10 April 2016; Below are the timers : Hope to see you all there!
  16. Kind of surprised it took this long for anyone to start complaining about it. Didn't hear anything when Krowaz was only just introduced and barely anyone had a (+7) set. Ooh well, no worries; It'll be changed to Rosetta for next event(s)
  17. I actually don't mind changing it to Rosetta (+6) / Rosetta (+7) for the events; We'll see how turnup is when we make the change and evaluate
  18. AOE Passion skills

    Been abusing these during the Kill the GM events with no cooldowns on; They definitely work as intended (also verified they work with cooldowns)
  19. Krowaz armor is rented at (+6) during wars, (+7) during events - the point of doing so is to lure more people to attend them (and remove any of the 'I can't join because I'm undergeared' arguments). If we see players aren't making much use of this during wars, we can consider changing it back to Dragon Scale, however we won't be changing the Krowaz rental gear during the Boss events - the stronger getting stronger with no chance for newcomers / private drop parties for the strongest clans etc. etc.
  20. Hey everyone, This weekend, we'll be joining both wars on Saturday with our Kill the GM characters (prices for killing us are 1 scroll package (2000 HP / 350 AC / ATK+ / Power of Lion) + 1 Krowaz item (+1) OF YOUR CHOICE) Furthermore, we'll be having a boss event on Sunday for everyone to enjoy; with Krowaz rentals available for everyone Timers down below : Hope to see you all there!
  21. Aziz - VS Video

    Nobody wonders why he changes the view distance to lowest there is? No? It improves FPS and in turn lowers your cooldown on minor heal! (Not even kidding, higher FPS means a higher refresh rate on skill cooldowns - thank mgame; which is why minoring on 30FPS can get you a disadvantage of 1000 / 30 = 33ms PER minor, whereas minoring on 200FPS can, at most get you a disadvantage of 1000 / 200 = 5ms per minor) Yes, this goes for USKO, and yes, this goes for any and all KO clients out there. Furthermore, a lower ping will always beat a higher one; Considering he's located in Germany, I'd hazard a guess towards him having a very low ping. Oooh, and illuminati confirmed.
  22. Yay, now that this mystery is solved, the secret to being a super-duper OP Kurian is go in devil mode, go full MP, and spam the DoTs as much as you can (the devil mode increases DoTs by the same % it increases heals, which yes, I got from testing on official). Makes sense now then that MP is a requirement on Krowaz Portu armor
  23. I could mention how after wasting 5 hours on assassin VS videos (only USKO, not the ones floating around from other private servers), counting every minor & skill, and determining the critical point percentage, the rate SHOULD be 33.33%, it's slightly higher than that now because apparently people need it.... or something. Let me know what's not in line with official when it comes to Kurians (talking USKO, with some evidence please - Kurians changed only about a dozen orso times on official since its release), and I'll gladly make it work the way it should.
  24. I see 8 ticks of DoTs, (assuming there are 2 more up there), did it do this 10 times (as in, 100x DoT damage, 2 seconds apart), or did it simply do the ticks accelerated (which seems likely, given our previous problems with monsters sometimes taking all DoT damage at once, rather than delayed by 2 seconds for each tick)?
  25. What would YOU like to see next?

    f.lux (google it); We really should be doing something with the forum template though, options & something more KO-y preferably