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    Aoe Genie

    This sounds to me like an official client bug, aoe’s are meant to target a specific location and send that locations coordinates to the server during casting; seeing you dont actually click anywhere, chances are the coordinates being sent by genie are simply not there, resulting in casting failed. Does this work on official and if so, how does it work?
  2. As much as +8 -> +9 straight up makes sense here, that’s not something we can do for normal high-class armors / weapons (think hepa shards, etc) due to the way the upgrade system is designed; it’d also open up for krowaz, dark knight, and secret armors and all other non-unique armor and weapons To clarify, it’ll cause confusion to only selectively open it up for the older +15 rev locked unique weapons and not for everything else
  3. Aesteris

    Genie and manual arrow shower

    Does letting genie do arrow shower (instead of manual) work at all?
  4. Aesteris

    Daily DC prem and actual DC prem users

    I've just tried to reproduce this on the live servers, it correctly added the DC premium.
  5. Aesteris

    UTC achievements

    For reference, 'Under the Castle I' 'Under the Castle II' 'Emperor of 1000 years' 'Darkness, Snakes, and Magic' 'Blocking of Consciousness' 'Flame Destroyer' Are the ones that need looking into; The others are merely "complete some combination of the above 2 to complete"
  6. We’ll have to take a look at how far we need to take these outdated items (e.g. what +) to be useful at all, as well as balance the rate at which these are obtainable vs. chance to get to the required + to be useful. (And then there’s the debate of do we want to let them surpass newer content, but that comes later) All in all, I quite like the idea and see opportunities to revive older content
  7. Aesteris

    UTC Expansion Official Review by me

    Thank you for the review, it's appreciated We're actively looking at ways to improve, and will have something coming in next patch day (Friday, before the first UTC event)
  8. Aesteris

    Many Topics & UTC

    We're actively looking at ways to improve, and will have something coming in next patch day (Friday, before the first UTC event)
  9. Aesteris

    Required Light Rest and INT

    You can't stop stuns, no matter how much resistances you have (int on your character doesn't affect the stun rate, int on the mages end does)
  10. Aesteris

    make ultima harder

    I'd like to say that realistically any boss with significant HP is always going to have this problem due to rogue drains :x
  11. Aesteris

    Under the Castle expansion

    Sevgili Apexians, Sonunda yeni gelecek olan genleşme yamamızı duyurmaktan son derece mutluluk duyuyoruz : Under the Castle (UTC) Genleşme yaması today tarihinde yayınlanacak, orada olduğundan emin ol! Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliğini ekleyerek, sunucumuzun gelişiminde ileriye doğru büyük bir adım atıyoruz: bu da herkese Apex'ya katılmak için mükemmel bir fırsat sağlar! Yeni başlayan oyuncuları(ve sunucumuza geri dönen oyuncuları!) güçlendirmek için, başlangıç donanımı gelişecek, yeni hafif-farm yöntemleri, yeni görevler ve yeni donanımlar gelecek. Tüm bunlarla herkese adil bir kapışmada ne yapabildiğini gösterme fırsatı sağlıyoruz! Peki yenilikler neler mi? 1) Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliği-tamamen yazılmış ve resmi sunuculardaki gibi çalışıyor, ve ödüller arasında Secret Zırhı,Under the Castle Silahları ve her ikisinide yapmak için materyaller bulunuyor – yalnızca etkinliğe katılmanız size ödülleri kazandır, ister yalnız olun, ister partide; 2) Yeni başlayanların zırhları gelişti : yeni gelen oyunculara eşitlik sağlandı; 3) CZ'ye "Spirit of Logos" eklendi : size avlamak için ekstra bir şey; 4) CSW ödülleri arttı : tüm bu çabanın doğru bir şekilde ödüllendirilmesi gerekli; 5) Aylık sıralamada ilk 4 sıradaki oyunculara ödüller : 5 günlük Darkness silahları ve Holy zırhları; 6) Super Shell'in düşme oranı arttı ve Rosetta zırhını artık farm yaparak elde edebileceksiniz; 7) Büyücünün hasarı arttı : resmi sunuculara eşit olarak; 8 )Çevrimdışı Pazar: artık bir hesabınız pazar yaparken siz başka hesabınızla oyunu oynayabilirsiniz; 9) Yeni hesaplara 5 günlük Cospre donanımı (Valkyrie,pathos vs.) hediye; 10) Ücretsiz olarak bir kez isim değiştirme fırsatı (24 saat içinde sona eriyor) Ayrıca tüm bizi destekleyen ve her gün sunucumuza katılmak için yeni bir fırsat arayan oyunculardan gelen sayısız mesajları takdir ederiz ve bunun sizin için iyi bir fırsat olduğunu söylemek isteriz. Şimdi katılmak için tam zamanı – geliştirilmiş başlangıç donanımı, imha etmeye başlamanızı sağlar ve sunucumuzun size sunabileceği her şeye katılmanızı sağlar! Apex oyuncularına, yüksek kalitede, uzun ömürlü, istikrarlı, güvenli ve en önemlisi güvenilir bir sunucu sunmak için bize katılın.
  12. Aesteris

    Under the Castle expansion

    Dear Apexians, We are extremely happy to finally announce the release date for our next expansion: Under The Castle. As anyone could’ve guessed by now, we’ll be releasing the expansion Soon™ Kidding aside though, the expansion will be released today, so make sure to be there! With the addition of the Under the Castle event, we’re taking a big step forward in the development of our server as it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to join Apex! It empowers newcomers (and returning players!) by improving the Beginner Gear, new methods of light-farming, new quests, and new items. All of this enables everyone to put up a fair fight and enjoy the server to the fullest! What’s coming with this expansion? 1) The Under the Castle event – it’s completely scripted and works like official, and it’s rewards include Secret Armor, Under the Castle Weapons, and materials to make both – simply participating in the event already gets you rewards, whether you’re solo or in a party! 2) Improved Beginner Gear: enables you to get right in the action! 3) Addition of “Spirit of Logos” in CZ: giving you something extra to hunt; 4) Improved CSW rewards: all that effort needs to be properly rewarded; 5) Monthly rewards for our top 4 ladder rank players: 5 days of Darkness Weapons and Holy Armors; 6) Increased drop rate on Super Shells, and farming of Rosetta Armors; 7) Mage damage increase: matching the official servers; 😎 Offline merchants: no need to leave your computers on anymore to hustle Moradon; 9) 5 days of Cospre items (Valkyrie, pathos, etc) as a gift for new accounts; 10) One time opportunity to name change for free (expires in 24 hours); We’d also like to express our appreciation to all our supporters and the countless messages we receive daily asking for a new opportunity to join our server and say that this is your chance! Ever wished to join Apex but were scared of being unable to put up a fight as a newcomer? Now is the perfect time to join our great community –the improved beginner gear put’s you right at the gates to start kicking ass, and enables you to participate in everything the server has to offer, right out of the box! Join us on our journey to bring Knight Online players the highest quality, longest lasting, most stable, most secure and, most of all, most trustworthy server!
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    Thanks for sharing this, someone else also opened a topic on this. We'll be looking into it and resolving it as soon as possible EDIT: After having looked into it, it looks like it's nothing we haven't seen before, and just because they manage to remove the client side cooldown does in no way mean the server doesn't enforce it. There's 3 things being (seemingly) abused in this vide: Minor heal - which, if you slow the video down and look at the information message box, shows you that a <lot> of those minor heals are actually failing, as they haven't come off cooldown yet server side. It seems as if it's much faster than it should be because of all the spam in there. Range - this is indeed too far, having said that, it seems worse than it actually is because he's trying it on worms - our adaptive range checks only apply to players attacking other players. There's a few ideas we've got to fix these kinds of problems too, so we're gonna start looking into those. Helis - visually the cooldown is removed, but he isn't exactly spamming it. In fact, he wouldn't be able to and this is the same speed / rate of attacks someone would have when they're combo'ing (and no faster than that). Surprised he didn't show potions having no cooldown (as those work differently, he wouldn't be able to :))
  14. Aesteris

    bitfrost Npc's

    Hi there, The NPCs were removed as the Bifrost zone is only open for Ultima at the moment to prevent abuse (NP farming, etc.) Having said that, removing the teleport gate from there is an oversight and will be fixed with the restart (we've spawned the teleport gate manually for now to help you guys out) Thanks, Aesteris
  15. Aesteris

    Dual Weapons Bug

    Closing this as it is not an issue. Works as per official.
  16. Aesteris

    UTC: Scrolls deleted on entry & exit

    I can't reproduce the scrolls being deleted on entry / exit, I've tried multiple times with various situations (relogging, dying, etc.) but nope - any hints you could give out here?
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    For those of you that are experiencing this problem: When these problems start happening, please take a moment to help us diagnose this. 1. Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) 2. Type in "tracert login.apexko.com" 3. Make a screenshot of the output (after it's done entirely - this may take a while!) 4. Send a PM to twostars & me with a link to the screenshot We'll be able to diagnose where the problem lies, after personally experiencing it today it seemed to be a problem with LibertyGlobal (an internet carrier) We've also added a few more options for us to help alleviate problems ad-hoc, which we need to test with someone experiencing issues (if they're different) before enabling for everyone on the server Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience
  18. Aesteris

    Refund for KC spend on shadow pieces

    Small update: Just checked, a whopping 6 Shadow Pieces were used in total, 3 by 1 player, 2 by another, and 1 by the third. You'll have the KC returned to the accounts by the time you read this, closing
  19. Aesteris

    Refund for KC spend on shadow pieces

    Hi there, I understand the frustration and we will compensate those that have used pieces before the official guide was up. In future, don't trust user posted guides on new content. While we aim to stay close to official, considering the server is now a PK server, certain rates will be different. Finally, you will yield much better results in trying to get us to do anything for you with a normal attitude - yes, your frustration is understandable, but I'd like to think we have never been and never will be unreasonable. We're here to help with these things and provide you better support than official does, but simply acknowledging mistakes are human and bringing it to our attention like say "Hey guys, we used a bunch of shadow pieces prior to you having released the guide, is there anything you can do for us?" would be very much appreciated. Thank you, we'll sort you guys out as soon as possible
  20. Aesteris

    [Guide] Dark Knight Armor

    DARK KNIGHT ARMORS Hey everyone, We've recently updated the Bifrost monsters to drop new "Dark Fragments" rather than the original fragments. This change also introduces the ability to craft Dark Knight Armor. We hope this guide will help those that want to create these legendary armors! First off, how to get the new Dark Fragments? Simple, just kill the monsters in Bifrost as you did before, nothing's changed there! The required materials needed to craft the new Dark Knight Armors can be checked by looking at the Manufacturing Guide accessible from [Hepa Pupil] Shojin The required items to create these armors are basically the same for every class with the exception of the "Recipe" used. An example of the required items to create a Dark Knight Warrior Pauldron is below. The "Ancient Armor Mold" can be found in the Sundries NPC for 55 million Noah each. The "Ancient Sheet Metal", "Light Elemental Stone", and "Transmutation Stone" can be obtained exactly as their discription tells you: The "Ancient Sheet Metal" is ONLY dropping from Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth in Bifrost - the stronger the mob, the higher chance. (DC flashes are advisable as their drop rate is rather low!) The "Light Elemental Stone" is ONLY obtainable by talking to [Hepa Pupil] Shojin and selecting the "Dark Knight Material" option in his dialog. This is a National Point gamble, you gamble with 1000 of your National Points for a chance to obtain the item. This is infinitely repeatable provided you have enough National Points to do so. The "Transmutation Stone" is obtainable from ALL monsters in Bifrost, but again the drop rate is fairly low. (DC flashes are again advisable!) Finally, the last ingredient (the recipes) are obtainable by exchanging the new Dark Fragments obtained from killing the Bifrost monsters after the update happened (the normal fragments DO NOT have a chance to drop these recipes!), the rate to obtain these goes up with the grade of the fragment, from pretty garbage down below to a decent chance for the best fragments. After going through all this trouble, you'll be glad to hear that the manufacturing rate for the Dark Knight Armor is 100% (NO Shadow Piece required!), and the resulting Dark Knight Armor will be given to you at (+6). That's it, happy hunting!
  21. Aesteris

    [Guide] Delos Dungeon

    Hey everyone, We've recently added the Delos Dungeon to our server. We are writing this guide to help those out that are strong enough to be victorious in Castle Siege War but have no idea what this zone is all about! First off, the entrance NPC to this zone is located in Delos, at the back of the castle (where previously the abyss teleport gate was!) Once inside the dungeon, you will find the following monsters : 1. Tarantula 2. Wandering Ghost Knight 3. Bloody Tarantula (boss) 4. Bloody Krowaz (boss) The Bloody Krowaz drops the "Blooded Fantasy Cube", and the Bloody Tarantula drops the "Gold Peels" item. Both of these are needed to create the Castellan Weapons. Both bosses are on a random 7 ~ 9 hour respawn time. The normal Tarantulas drop "Tarantula's Teeth", these can be exchanged for 200k each (by accepting the quest and completing it at the entrance NPC in the back of the Castle in Delos). These Tarantula's Teeth are also needed to receive the "Castellan's Key" item. This item is required to enter the room the Dark Dragon (boss) is in. To enter the room with Dark Dragon in it, you must have the Castellan's Key to enter. Once you have the key, proceed to the teleporter located at the back of one of the normal Tarantula spawns. NOTE: If you do not have the Castellan's Key, the dialog will not continue and you will not be teleported. The key will be consumed upon teleportation. You will be teleported next to the quest NPC that allows you to exchange the required items for the Castellan Weapons, a bit further down on the ledge, Dark Dragon will be waiting for you. Dark Dragon is on a respawn time of ~18 hours. Finally, if you are a Warrior, Kurian, or Rogue the ONLY quest you're able to get from the NPC for the Castellan Weapons is as follows : For Priests and Mages, the only quest available is the following : That's it for the Delos Dungeon, hopefully this has helped shed some light on things. Happy hunting!
  22. Aesteris

    Inn Bug

    Hey guys, Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience, I was trying to reproduce this problem locally and couldn't seem to manage to. It'd be great if you can provide any additional information (such as, which slot was the item in (in your inventory), and which page + slot did you move it to in your inn hostess, did you drag it there or use right mouse button to let it snap there, how full (or empty) is your inn, how many items did you put into your inn since you opened the UI and it got bugged, etc.) Anything at all that you can correlate when it comes to reproducing this bug is helpful, no matter how small or seemingly unrelated would help Thank you, we'll get it fixed as soon as we can reproduce this!
  23. Aesteris

    ROGUE MINOR BUG!!!!!!!

    We're looking into it, once we have a solution we will push it out
  24. Hey everyone, Following up on twostars' great blog post from last Friday, here is the official announcement of our next "expansion", and yes the new Bifrost gems will also contain part of the materials needed to craft the new armors displayed on the first picture!