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  1. If they're anything like your signature's last picture; I'm all for. That'd be something I'd read every time it was posted The blogposts have been neglected for quite a while indeed, I've intermittently written a few of them, but never finished one entirely. It's not such a bad thing either, I'd have had to come back on a few things I wrote for them (mostly timeframe related). In conclusion, I should probably figure out a better format for writing them, and fire them back up
  2. Hey everyone, We're happy to announce our staff applications are now open! Please read through this announcement before continuing to apply here. Threads made in this section are only visible to you and us - you can't see another member's thread. Thank you and have a great weekend!
  3. i gotta problem reversing my level

    Sealed EXP =/= Actual EXP; You gotta get enough EXP out off your Sealed EXP and make sure your 'actual EXP' is 100% of the requirement.
  4. Think this is about as long as this topic needs to stay open; Closing it.
  5. Replied to his PM which should've fixed it; Closing this topic. (If it still doesn't work, we can solve it through PM )
  6. Right, let's get some facts down. 1. The server does NOT allow under ANY circumstances a cast be completed as fast as his seemingly did in the video. 2. A TBL does not have an on / off switch; It's either on all the time (and ALL of his heals would be as fast ALL of the time), or it's off. I have no idea whether there was any party member near him at the time to throw him that heal, all I know is I can't see what's behind Karambit (e.g. who else except for LostQueTamo is there, as he has him targeted for most of the 'clip'), and I know that the server does not under any circumstance allow a cast that fast (it's encouraged to try it out yourself, because why take my word for it). Topic is closed, any further evidence on the matter will be looked upon if provided (open a new topic).
  7. I could, it's a toggle, though some functionality (e.g. alliances being part of the defenders etc.) may not function properly right now, I personally don't think the new CSW makes a whole lot of sense, and understand there's a lot of people who'd like to see it the way it is at the moment, it's one of the biggest 'clashes of clans' there is, which, when you can only attack the castle defenders, becomes a whole lot less chaotic, challenging (for the attackers), and ultimately fun. Unless a decisive poll, in which more than 75% vote in favor of changing it somehow passes, I'm not inclined to change it. *note to self* I should start work on an in-game polling system to more accurately be able to take the server in a direction the majority of the playerbase wants. *end of note*
  8. 0 banned unfair

    You were banned for 7 days by me for playing on both sides in a Border Defense War event. Contact me on the 14th to get unbanned
  9. Issue was fixed through PM; Closing the topic, if it resurfaces let me know
  10. Topic closed, nothing was touched, as usual. Random is random, you were just extremely lucky to encounter "2x slots" with only coins and no items. The clan bonus, is not a flat +20%, it's 20% of whatever the droprate is; e.g. If it were 10% drop rate, the clan bonus would make it a 12% drop rate (20% of 10% is 2%).
  11. I like how the weapon does exactly what it's saying it will; causing "great confusion", so much so it's effect is not only limited to in-game but also real life 10/10, I'll inject myself with one of these and report back results
  12. How to play Apex at MAC

    I believe you can do it using wine as well, however you'll have to set it up yourself (e.g. figure out what it needs etc.), patch it up, and hopefully it'll work fine. Furthermore, I believe you need to go through this process every time we release a client patch, which may in the end prove less efficient than simply bootcamping W7 or W10. Good luck nevertheless
  13. Lightning mages cancel rates

    Cancels work exactly the same throughout - if it can cancel a nova, it can cancel a heal
  14. Topic is very interesting; If your ping to the server is high, you will be able to "fire" multiple "Using minor healing" before the heals come in, having said that; at 0:15 into the video posted by DrManhattan, you can clearly see someone else is using a skill to the left bottom side (and a pair of wings just a little before he turns the camera), I'm inclined to believe that this was another rogue who must've been healing him, as you can clearly see he has a cooldown on the minor skill; Koxp sends packets to the server directly, which wouldn't even trigger the cooldown on his minors. Friday holds great things
  15. I've been considering this for quite a while; If we do get to reduce the price it'll be reduced by 50%, and anyone that's already purchased a royal cape will be refunded for the difference in price
  16. Lightning mages cancel rates

    They used to cancel, but then people told us that "THEY DEFINITELY DONT CANCEL ON USKO", which the client shows no sign of adhering too. It was disabled nevertheless (10 tries is not representative of an actual rate, but it's disabled eitherway....)
  17. Krowaz weapons

    72 staff is a melee skill (is calculated as such, and is considered physical damage)
  18. Alliance cape (still bugged)

    Won't be fixed without a restart.
  19. From what I was told by him, you were just as AFK as the people you were reporting; Not several seconds, but several minutes near the end. Unless he wants to reverse his decision (which is entirely up to him), you won't get anything - spamming the shoutbox doesn't really help either
  20. Weekly boss events

    Hey everyone, We're happy to announce we'll be hosting boss events in Ronark Land every Sunday at 15:00 CET and 21:00 CET - let your friends know and plan around it for some great PK Greets, Aesteris
  21. 2 new team members

    Hey everyone, I'm very glad to announce that we'll be adding 2 new team members today! Welcome to the team, Zulu and Vivaldi - we expect great things Zulu will be handling English requests in the EU timezone. Vivaldi will be handling English requests in the US timezone. Say hi to them in-game when you get a chance and give them a warm welcome! Have a great weekend!
  22. We'll manually give those that are missing the gift Cospre items the ones they are missing, just send me a message when I'm ingame
  23. Hey everyone, As promised, here's a few price cuts on items in the Power-Up Store : Switching Premium - 1799 Apex Points Nation Transfer - 399 Apex Points Class Transfer - 399 Apex Points Wings of Hellfire Dragon - 699 Apex Points Alencia Wings - 599 Apex Points Lesson of Master - 459 Apex Points NP increase item - 599 Apex Points Golden Fishing Rod - 349 Apex Points Golden Mattock - 349 Apex Points Dragons Wing - 429 Apex Points Scroll of Armor 350 - 59 Apex Points 2000 Health+ scroll - 59 Apex Points Transformation scrolls - 149 Apex Points Genie Hammer - 99 Apex Points STAT+ scrolls - 39 Apex Points Power of Lion - 39 Apex Points Attack Damage+ Scroll - 79 Apex Points Scroll of Armor 300 - 29 Apex Points 1500 Health+ scroll - 29 Apex Points Scroll of Armor 150 - 15 Apex Points 1000 Health+ scroll - 15 Apex Points 500 Health+ scroll - 5 Apex Points See you in-game!
  24. Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share a few notes on getting started : 1. If you're not level 83, you will automatically be leveled up to 83, every time you log out / in (so if you delvl, just relog ) 2. Existing character do not get the new items automatically, you will need to get them from [Gear Dispenser] in front of Moradon stairs! 3. Restat / reskill IS NOT FREE (unless you've got WAR / Switching Premium) 4. The FIRST CHARACTER you log in to will receive the 10 day Cospre items (1 time per account), they are NOT TRADABLE and NOT STORABLE. The exchanged versions (with stats on them, and wearable) are STORABLE however. Just make sure you know what to get in case you log into the wrong character 5. Level 62 scrolls are not automatically added to your inventory, they are however available for free from Sundries! 6. The [NP Merchant]s in Luferson and El Morad Castle will be disabled until the monthly contribution reset has taken place (tomorrow night 00:00) - everyone starts with a clean slate 7. The 10 days cospre / pathos / wings vouchers EXPIRE in 72h after receiving them (meaning, you MUST use them within 72h of receiving them)! Hope to see you in-game!