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  1. Server Gidisati Hakkinda

    If I understand correctly from Google Translate; Thank you for your support, it's much appreciated
  2. Frequent disconnects

    EDIT : Maintenance has been completed and the server is back online Hey everyone, As I'm sure many of you are very frustrated by the at this point very frequent disconnects happening at random intervals, we'd like to let you know that it's something that's being worked on by the hosting company, and is expected to be resolved fully by the hosting company on 08/28/2016 02:00AM CEST. The following is the complete maintenance announcement of our hosting provider : We apologize for the major inconvenience this has brought to most of our players and we're currently thinking about ways on how to make up for it. Thank you for your continued support in these hard times!
  3. Locked and hidden the other topic; This is where you discuss the changes, not in a separate thread. We've got a fair few ideas on how to rework the warrior AoE skills; 1. We nerf their damage (which is what we'll go with at first, we'll need constructive feedback on the changes), the intent is to get it to a point where mages have a fighting chance when a warrior team runs into them to AoE them. (however brief that window of opportunity may be). You'll still be able to kill them with AoE, There's just no 1-shotting the party anymore - just like a warrior party will be healed up after a mage team novas them, a mage team will be able to be healed up after a warrior party decent AoEs into them. 2. We change it so that only the closest X targets get hit, rather than anyone in range by the warrior AoE 3. We let the AoE damage scale depending on how close the targets are to the targeted spot (where the 'hammer' hits) 4. We implement diminishing returns on damage for stacking AoEs with multiple persons Just some of the ideas, we'll go ahead and try out tweaks to the AoE damage live (as that's something we can do, the others will require a server restart). We'll need your input on the new values (post in the thread, let a GM in-game know, whatever else you've got to get your opinion to our attention), and whatever values we give them while changing them live does not mean we'll be keeping it that way; Just a 'in my opinion' thing will do. Furthermore, anyone who can't keep their post clean (within reason) will be banned from the forums, you've been warned.
  4. Not sure what you're referring to; If you're referring to the UI that'll show the character, his inventory, equipped items, as well as stat distribution, I believe you just have to right click it or something along those lines.
  5. Hey everyone, We'd like to welcome "BasiliskTR" to our team, he'll be handling inquiries in Turkish as well as English. He's based in the US and is looking forward to helping you lot wherever he can! Give him a warm welcome!
  6. I have no doubt the warrior AoE of death is harder to pull off, however I don't think it should be as lethal as it is, effectively only nerfing it as much as is needed to allow for mages to counterplay something which is currently nearly unavoidable and punish warriors who screw up a little harder.
  7. I'll be asking our Turkish GMs to translate this for our Turkish users, please wait a little
  8. Most likely due to the fact they have very high latency to the server, which in turn makes them on your screen be in a different place than they are on their screen, same goes for you; Your character is in a different position on their screen than it is on yours - the higher the latency the more visible this difference. Nevertheless, we'll be checking them out for any cheats
  9. Hey everyone, I've done some testing and comparing between both classes' AoE; The AoE (Berserk Echo) from warriors (255 str, 177 hp) to mages (255 mp, 160 int, 57 hp) deals about the same as a mage's Nova / Meteor Fall deals to a warrior in both starter gear (mage in HP set) and high-end gear (+11 reverse Krowaz weapons, +8 krowaz armor, +2 accessories). Both the warrior and the mage were fully buffed (2k, 350ac, atk+, weapon/armor enchant, lion scroll), and no debuffs were applied. When considering the following : 1. Warriors have a ton more HP compared to mages 2. Warriors have a ton more defense compared to mages 3. Warriors have very strong single target skills 4. Warriors have decent to teleport to (close by) party members, whereas mages only have channeled teleports (except for blink, but that's not as widespread on mages as decent is on warriors) 5. The fact the warrior has 4 AoE skills (300%, 250%, 200%, 150%) - where 300% is equal to the damage of 1 nova, effectively giving them 3 novas when all skills have been used, and mages have only 2. 6. The fact the warrior has no channel time on any of the AoEs, cannot be cancelled, and can be done while on the move, whereas mages have ~1.3s cast times on both AoEs, can be cancelled if they're hit while channeling, and have to be stationary while casting, on top of being faster to pump out (general physical skill combo cooldown vs. the entire skill cast time) My conclusion is as follows : Warriors should be strong, they should be tanky, and they should deal tons of damage to single targets, they should not however be on par in terms of AoE damage with a class that has to sacrifice a lot of things to be able to get the same AoE damage output (immobility + squishiness). We will therefore be nerfing warrior AoE damage to a point where counterplay from mages becomes an option. This balance will be hard to get right, and may take some time to get right, but we're confident that with help from the community we'll be able to nail this and make it more fun for both warriors and mages alike. I'd like to hear from both warriors and mages what they think about what I just wrote down, trolls will be ignored
  10. As title suggests, though why this happens is very uncertain
  11. Hey everyone, Today marks our 8 months online anniversary, and we're thanking you all by giving every account that logs in after 5:00PM UTC on 8/19 all the way through to 11:59PM on 8/21 free vouchers for 3 days of Cospre Armor, 3 days of Pathos Gloves (x2), and 3 days of Hellfire Dragon wings! We hope to see you all in-game this weekend! Have fun!

    Premises is great, except that leaves very little to no reason to attend Juraid We're looking into some other things regarding spicing up current events with something different, but for the time being they'll remain as they are
  13. What is this problem ? [Please Check]

    Issue has been resolved, closing the topic.
  14. Stun rate is being nerfed, money sink isn't quite there yet but will be added soon, in the meantime, income will be nerfed. Locking the topic for now
  15. Scamming, don't show yourself here again - thank you.
  16. rebirthing lousy pickpocket windforce

    It's apparently not supposed to happen and is fixed pending a restart.
  17. If they're anything like your signature's last picture; I'm all for. That'd be something I'd read every time it was posted The blogposts have been neglected for quite a while indeed, I've intermittently written a few of them, but never finished one entirely. It's not such a bad thing either, I'd have had to come back on a few things I wrote for them (mostly timeframe related). In conclusion, I should probably figure out a better format for writing them, and fire them back up
  18. Hey everyone, We're happy to announce our staff applications are now open! Please read through this announcement before continuing to apply here. Threads made in this section are only visible to you and us - you can't see another member's thread. Thank you and have a great weekend!
  19. i gotta problem reversing my level

    Sealed EXP =/= Actual EXP; You gotta get enough EXP out off your Sealed EXP and make sure your 'actual EXP' is 100% of the requirement.
  20. Think this is about as long as this topic needs to stay open; Closing it.
  21. Replied to his PM which should've fixed it; Closing this topic. (If it still doesn't work, we can solve it through PM )
  22. Right, let's get some facts down. 1. The server does NOT allow under ANY circumstances a cast be completed as fast as his seemingly did in the video. 2. A TBL does not have an on / off switch; It's either on all the time (and ALL of his heals would be as fast ALL of the time), or it's off. I have no idea whether there was any party member near him at the time to throw him that heal, all I know is I can't see what's behind Karambit (e.g. who else except for LostQueTamo is there, as he has him targeted for most of the 'clip'), and I know that the server does not under any circumstance allow a cast that fast (it's encouraged to try it out yourself, because why take my word for it). Topic is closed, any further evidence on the matter will be looked upon if provided (open a new topic).
  23. I could, it's a toggle, though some functionality (e.g. alliances being part of the defenders etc.) may not function properly right now, I personally don't think the new CSW makes a whole lot of sense, and understand there's a lot of people who'd like to see it the way it is at the moment, it's one of the biggest 'clashes of clans' there is, which, when you can only attack the castle defenders, becomes a whole lot less chaotic, challenging (for the attackers), and ultimately fun. Unless a decisive poll, in which more than 75% vote in favor of changing it somehow passes, I'm not inclined to change it. *note to self* I should start work on an in-game polling system to more accurately be able to take the server in a direction the majority of the playerbase wants. *end of note*
  24. 0 banned unfair

    You were banned for 7 days by me for playing on both sides in a Border Defense War event. Contact me on the 14th to get unbanned