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  1. Alpha Schedule

    Schedule's been adjusted to account for the new date!
  2. Alpha Schedule

    Schedule's been updated for Alpha Stage 2!
  3. We could also keep the 'distinctive' premiums, remove the free items (except for trina / karivdis pieces), and put those up for sale separately, reducing the cost of them (as a trade-off for reducing their bonus)
  4. As someone who absolutely doesn't care about the symbols this might be hard to comprehend for me, but can you voice exactly where the problem with the WAR premium lies, is it the NP bonus + WAR flashes stacking, and if so, are there any more parts to that premium that you deem too powerful (irrelevant of its price)?
  5. Alpha testing

    This is correct, we are very close to transitioning into the PvP stage, we'll be notifying everyone through email once we do!
  6. server status?

    Hi there, Thanks for your interest in Apex KO, we'll be inviting more alpha testers soon! The server is currently in test mode and will be for a while, we'd like to ensure everything is working as expected before launching (e.g. fix bugs, exp rates, drop rates, etc.)
  7. Wouldn't you just use a buffer priest to achieve this though?
  8. Aah, I understand the question now; No, that won't work - it'd work like a completely seperate item that has no functionality ingame except for being able to trade it in for the points. e.g. 100 PUS points item, 200 PUS points item, etc.
  9. As opposed to an item from mobs? Not sure if I understand your question, please do elaborate
  10. The 2K HP / 350 AC will be in the PUS too, however at a (relatively much) higher price, to keep this somewhat of a premium. Whether they'll be sold from the start of the server remains to be seen; I'm personally inclined to keep them out for a while until the (majority of the) server reaches the end of the EXPing process. As for the undying scrolls, i'm not quite sure whether we want them to be in there; We would like to give buffers a role in the server too and making everything buyable in the PUS regarding buffs seems to counter this idea.
  11. When this timer expires, the keys will start to be activated and emails sent out. After you've received your email you should apply your personal code to your own account, and distribute the invite codes to your friends. After applying your code you'll be able to download the client. Hope to see you all soon!
  12. Hi there, I hear your concerns regarding scrolls; I would like to know if a solution like this would be more acceptable. 1500/300/AP/SW scrolls will be available only through the PUS, however the cost of these will be low. Furthermore the points used in the PUS can be traded in for ingame items which can then be sold to other players who can convert those items back to points which they can use themselves. I'll be waiting for some good feedback on this!
  13. Alpha Schedule

    Yes, basically every feature in the game should be run over; however a LOT of these features is something you guys will be doing without input from us (think trading, partying, upgrading; anything you would normally do in KO). The events such as Juraid need input from us as we have not yet defined a proper schedule for these to run periodically (we'd like to make sure they function correctly before scheduling them).
  14. We don't have any concrete plans for the PUS for now, however I would imagine it would be USKO like (minus dragon boxes, ibex potions, and anything else deemed too powerful)
  15. First :)

    Web server needs to be updated before you can apply for Alpha (Edit: which has long since been done)
  16. Welcome to the Alpha!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your willingness to join our Alpha, we hope to hear a lot of feedback from all of you! - twostars & Aesteris