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  1. Aesteris

    Fire to lightning high item scroll doesn't work

    Can you tell me exactly which staff you were using and whether it was reversed or not?
  2. Aesteris

    Kurian Issues

    Need someone to confirm this is fixed
  3. Aesteris

    Slowing / teleporting issue

    Been trying to reproduce this, but I just can't seem to do it; any hints you guys can provide me with?
  4. Aesteris

    Nation Transfer bug

    What's the archer's name?
  5. Aesteris

    Nation Transfer bug

    Hi there, Just checked on your account - you seem to have fixed it, what exactly did you do (I'm assuming you re-did the lvl 10 'mastery' quest and changed class to warrior?)
  6. Aesteris

    [English] PvP beta announcement

    I don't get it, Gab's Adamant will be added at the same time as Krowaz weapons for melee, where's the problem? (not to mention other shields being available at +8)
  7. Hi there, We'd just like to let everyone know that we will be accepting payments for Apex Points during beta through PayPal for anyone interested, the prices for items in the PUS currently are expected to be roughly the same as they will be on official (premiums and the likes definitely will be, some other not quite as important items might change a bit). 500 (+0) Apex Points - $5 USD 1000 (+50) Apex Points - $10 USD 2000 (+125) Apex Points - $20 USD 3000 (+250) Apex Points - $30 USD 5000 (+500) Apex Points - $50 USD 10000 (+1500) Apex Points - $100 USD These are the packages that will be available during official; the (+x) indicates bonus points. So, buying $30 USD worth of Apex Points will get you 3250 Apex Points. During beta there will be a flat 10% bonus calculated over the base (excluding bonus) points, for example the $30 USD will get you 3000 + 300 + 250 = 3550 Apex Points ONLY DURING BETA. As long as your payment was made before the official release, we will apply this bonus to your purchase. Furthermore, only for purchases made during beta, members will get the "Beta Donator" title on the forums! To purchase any points, please contact me (Aesteris) on the forums.
  8. Aesteris

    Kurian Skills

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  9. Aesteris

    Berserker Lv 45 Attack Skill Doesn't Work

    Just checked this out, works fine.
  10. Aesteris

    NP Symbols overlapping

    Guessing this is caused by current symbol holders not getting their symbol removed until relogging after the rankings have been updated, probably not something we can do anything about as that information is only requested on logging in.
  11. Aesteris

    Issue with EXP Lock feature

    Yes, will be added soon
  12. Aesteris

    Scroll of teleport friend bugs

    Confirmed this, whether this is actually something the client disallows or just the server needs further looking into.
  13. Aesteris

    The game randomly closes occassionally.

    It was indeed magic bag related and his since been fixed!
  14. Will be tweaking their drop rate, but otherwise this is intended.
  15. Aesteris

    old unique from random mob not boss in MS

    Will be nerfing the rate a bit on the normal mobs dropping them; this is however intended
  16. Aesteris

    Is fairy account wide?

    This is a side effect of cospre items not resetting on selecting character, we'll be disabling the select character feature until we've fixed the problems caused by it.
  17. Aesteris

    Fire to lightning high item scroll doesn't work

    Alright, will check into it
  18. Aesteris

    Buying Apex Points in Open Beta

    I'm actually looking into making mining a free alternative (although, quite sub-par) to genie; EXP drops depending on your level as well as monster stones should make mining a very desirable method for people who don't have money (or are otherwise unwilling to use) to keep up somewhat As for events, that's because we haven't scheduled them yet, once we do I'm sure you'll be able to make some!
  19. Aesteris

    Fire to lightning high item scroll doesn't work

    Does it actually change it to lightning though?
  20. Aesteris

    Chat info says wrong thing when burning item

    The chat actually announces which item you've burned (e.g. your +8 item which you tried to upgrade burned going to +9), if you succeed it'll say which item you've succeeded to make. Unless I'm missing something and you're upgrading your +9 Impact to +10 and it says +8, this is not an issue.
  21. Aesteris

    Can't equip personal shield as Kurian

    Checked it on USKO - They offer the reward as if you're a warrior too; any future Kurians - don't pick the shield.
  22. Aesteris


    We do indeed intend to have the events on a fixed schedule; for the purpose of the initial beta (not the PvP one) we felt like we needed to make sure the events are working properly prior to scheduling them. For our PvP beta, you'll (in all likelihood) see all events scheduled!
  23. Aesteris

    Unexpected Error!

    Probably because the 2046 patch had a fresh d3d9.dll in it; if this happens in the future please check whether it's still there
  24. Aesteris

    Kurian Issues part 2.

    It doesn't, verified on USKO - ours is currently in between USKO (current) and USKO (before they changed it).
  25. Aesteris

    Dispel scrolls for staff dont work

    High class scroll trying to upgrade a Reverse item, doesn't work on USKO, won't work on ours either.