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    Apostles in Eslant not dealing damage

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  2. Aesteris

    Atross and riotes respawn time in pvp zones.

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  3. Aesteris

    Some apostles of cold don't aggro

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  4. Aesteris

    Monster Stones giving no exp at 73+

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  5. Aesteris

    Fishing / mining stops randomly

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  6. Aesteris

    Magic bag/space inventory bug

    This issue is resolved, pending the next restart.
  7. Aesteris

    What can we expect in terms of economy?

    The main thing you should keep in mind is BUS drop rate / availability, high class items being around in abundance doesn't matter if there's not enough coins going around to actually buy BUS to upgrade them. 1.5m per 10 minutes at ancients works out to 3-4 BUS per hour (when bought from the NPC), obviously there will be monsters such as cardinals which'll drop BUS by themselves at higher rates; however these will be highly contested (and probably put into a PK zone!)
  8. Aesteris

    Pull Skill lvl 70 atack Kurian Bug

    Adding onto that, it only seems to fail a range check when just getting in range (probably because Porutu / Kurians are quite 'fat')
  9. Aesteris

    Invisible Mob in Monster Stone

    This is actually present in current USKO as well; it seems to be an issue with the map files.
  10. Apparently they only last about 10 minutes!
  11. Aesteris

    Few question regarding this version.

    Hi there, 1. The stats gained are 2 per rebirth level, there's upto 5 rebirth levels (10 stat points total, non redistributeable) 2. As far as my understanding goes the strongest ones are UTC weapons, which we won't see for quite some time during official - the weapon breaker is often upgraded to +8 and can be used double wielding quite effectively 3. We haven't completely implemented the UTC event yet, but it's basically a massive fight against several bosses whom goes through several phases. The UTC weapons that drop from it can be of any type, including Jamadar, and yes they're the weapons displayed at character creation. The other thing that came with the patch is the new class, Kurian / Porutu. I personally know very little about them but they're supposedly quite strong if used correctly. 4. Depending on which type of weapon you use, the INT or STR stat is used for the calculation; if the weapon explicitly says "Priest Weapon" it'll use the INT stat, otherwise it'll use the STR stat. 5. There's a few different kind; The blue one you're talking about is available from achievements (7 days) and from WAR premium, the Dragon Wing is only available through the PUS. We'll probably add a few more with similar stats to the Dragon Wing (but better looking, because it's horrible) to the PUS. The only other way of obtaining wings is through winning the Chaos event. 6. They haven't changed, though there has been a change to FT on KRKO which we'll eventually implement as well. 7. Nope, doubt we can surprise you, atleast I can't. 8. The EXP flash can be used once for a 10% bonus for non-premium users, EXP premium users can use it upto 4 times, it starts off at 50% for premium users and adds 10% per subsequent flash. WAR flashes are only usable by WAR premium and reward 1 bonus NP per flash used, DC flashes are only usable by DC premium and add 20% coin drop increase per flash used. Hope that answers some, if anyone wants to elaborate on this; please do!
  12. Aesteris

    Things that might kill the server

    About the very much sought after items needed for master quests; I've personally thought of two solutions. 1) Add them to the droptable of the non-boss variants at a very low rate. 2) Change the items needed to be more of a gathering quest, say 1 item from mining (special), 1 item from fishing (special), 1 item from PKing (special, low drop chance alongside the dumplings), 1 item from monster stone monsters, etc. As far as EXP is concerned, the main issue I believe would be people with a level disproportionate to the items they have, hitting level 80 and being stuck with +5 items hardly seems like what we need, vice-versa; people having +8 weapons before hitting 70 hardly seems the right way forward either. There is a genuine need to gain and retain as much casual players as possible, we're partly addressing the issue by letting certain events reward a percentage of your level on top of the usual rewards. While I don't necessarily think EXP should be too hard, I do think there's a need to re-evaluate required EXP per level for 60~75, especially considering the modifiers currently in place. Comments, thoughts, suggestions - please don't hesitate to post them!
  13. Aesteris

    Beta Gear

    We'll be looking into this shortly and will probably push a change to the dispenser out with the 2.045 patch.
  14. Aesteris

    Repairing mage shells shows costs at ''1''

    Probably a side effect of the 'wrong' mage shells having been distributed by the [Gear Dispenser], can you verify the new (currently dispensing) set has the same issue?
  15. Aesteris

    Players can climb any hill no matter how steep

    Indeed, and it's fixed pending a client patch (2045)
  16. Aesteris

    Chaos Dungeon event bug report

    1 and 2 were fixed, I haven't been able to reproduce 3, any help on how to bug it?
  17. Aesteris

    DC Premium

    Hi there, You obviously haven't tried mining yet, as our mining is exactly like what you've described; instead of the mysterious (gold) ore, you will directly receive the item here aswell. Our rates are probably lower than theirs as we're trying to ensure Bifrost, Juraid Mountain, and Forgotten Temple stay worthwhile to do.
  18. Aesteris

    Kunai Masterquest

    Yes, go to [Elder] MoBor or [Elder] Atlass in Karus / EMC. They're close to Warrior Master Skaky!
  19. Hi there, This is not actually an issue as the reason you're experiencing this is us stepping through the server (which has crashed at that point) to try and extract useful information on resolving the issue. While we usually try to keep this time to a minimum, there are certain cases in which extracting this information takes longer than expected and results in you having to wait longer (while the server prompts you with that message). Hope this clears things up!
  20. Aesteris

    Rogue plate armor stat requirement

    As far as I'm aware the HP requirements for these have never been changed, rogues seem powerful enough as is and if we'd allow this there'd be little point in choosing to not go for a paper rogue. Furthermore mages and priests would be demanding the same thing for their armor sets. If anyone has any good arguments as to why we should, please let us know in here!
  21. Aesteris

    Upgrade feed

    Hi there, We can tweak it a bit to only announce successful +8 / +5 reverse and burning anything +8 / +5 reverse and up. We'll probably be removing old uniques from the messages aswell, and add in exchanged unique items from gems, fragments, and chests (although this might be annoying, we really want it to be in there so as to detect any bug with the system as soon as possible!) Any thoughts on this?
  22. Aesteris

    Official PUS prices

    We've got a few different packs; 500 Apex Points - $5 1,050 Apex Points - $10 2,125 Apex Points - $20 3,250 Apex Points - $30 5,500 Apex Points - $50 11,500 Apex Points - $100 Hopefully today we'll get the go ahead to start accepting payments for anyone who wishes to pre-purchase the packs
  23. Aesteris

    Official PUS prices

    Yes, prices will roughly be the same (genie obviously won't be 20k, that's priced like that for beta)
  24. Aesteris


    Hi there, First of all, beta (should) be a very similar experience to official in terms of drop and exp rates, we obviously reserve the right to change them but we don't expect any major changes will happen to them. All of our current (and future) GMs are limited; there's no way in which they can give advantages to anyone, furthermore all commands they can actually use (which are very few) are logged and will obviously be monitored. We try to keep the server as close as possible to the lines of official KO, aside from possibly balance tweaks if they're deemed necessary. Bosses currently spawn the way you were used to during MYKO, but are on a random spawn timer (so as to deter players from camping them). The Chaos Stone also spawns in Ronark Land, which spawns bosses as it does in USKO. As for listening to what the community wants, yes, we will consider what the vast majority of the community has to say, however our personal beliefs about our server stand way stronger so unless a complaint is compelling enough to convince us otherwise, no changes will be made to something as sensitive as EXP / drop rates. Thank you for your interest in Apex KO!
  25. Aesteris

    Help us figure this out!

    Hi everyone, We're hard at work fixing the last few remaining bugs and getting the database side of things ready. One of the things that's been particularly annoying is not knowing the name of the "supplies" that should spawn in Nereids Island (boat war map). If anyone has any information about what these supplies are called, please reply to this thread! For those of you that need a refresh on what they're supposed to do, killing them while losing the war rewards your nation with 50% of the point difference between El Morad and Karus. Thank you guys!