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  1. Making the bosses outside of Ronark Land more attractive to hunt in the server's current state doesn't look like it'd be the greatest of ideas.
  2. There's also <enter> The kind of people <enter> Who type fairly fast <enter> And prefer to communicate <enter> With a bunch of small messages <enter> Which becomes a problem <enter> With tighter spam-filter checks <enter> Not to mention the retarded <enter> Macro spamming <enter> Y'all like to do when you kill someone <enter> you don't like <enter> in CZ <enter> lol <enter> Furthermore, situational awareness for the filter of the all chat (e.g. multiple people spamming completely unrelated messages to drive out other people's chatting, or clutter your chat), or the filter being intelligent enough to determine what constitutes a "selling / buying" message accurately, accounting for botched messages and people trying to circumvent it one way or another, isn't something I even have a clue about how to approach to begin with....
  3. Just as much as you pick your fights (targets is probably a more appropriate word), your opponents should be given the opportunity (and ample time to go with that) to retreat from said fight. I doubt there are much people who willingly go into a fight against someone obviously stronger than them. There's a difference when people are "VS'ing" and then decide to retreat, one could argue that's a problem - but then again it's near impossible for us to go and do much about that. Even the proposed "disable towning when people are in combat for more than X seconds" isn't great as it incredibly heavily favors rogues (both because of their speed and the archer class in general; being the only class to have a chance at getting out of combat, and being able to keep fleeing opponents in combat with relative ease). Don't think we'll ever change this.
  4. Hey everyone, Since patch 2078 we've introduced an FPS cap on the game. Some of you think it's "completely pointless" and "you should remove it". As I'll outline below, there are plenty of reasons the cap needs to be there and going forward, we will not be removing the cap until the underlying issues as to why it's needed are resolved (which are beyond our means at this point in time). 1. Animation speed being either too fast or too slow due to fluctuating FPS 2. Cooldown on skills being faster on high FPS machines (we're talking up to 33 milliseconds faster, which on minor with its 100ms cooldown, is 1/3rd!) 3. Interpolation issues with movement; Ever fell through some stairs in Ronark Land or Juraid Mountain? Now you know why. 4. Going over 1000 FPS completely screws with almost every kind of timing there is (it's a speedhack / animation hack / cooldown hack, except you don't need any tools for this to work at all - a strong desktop computer will do the trick) 5. The Korean official servers have implemented it (presumably for similar reasons) We have hopes for these issues to be resolved by the multi CPU support the Korean official servers have very recently introduced (but we haven't yet checked out, and most likely won't be introduced to the non-Korean servers for a while), as without resolving these, supporting multiple cores would most likely result in these issues becoming even bigger. Hope this clears things up!
  5. With the patch that was scheduled for Friday, which got postponed to Saturday, and is now postponed again to Sunday (provided we work out the last few kinks) we intend to fix this problem, although it was unreproduceable on our side, we have a good idea on what it's cause is and have hopefully tackled it correctly Thanks for the report and the follow ups!
  6. It's recently become popular to make topics selling characters "in Cypher Ring", while this is indeed something we allow, we'll be requiring everyone to show proof of having purchased a Character Seal scroll (in case you want to play while trying to sell the character), or otherwise a Cypher Ring (with the details of 'who' is inside) in the main post of the topic. Any topics that sell characters and do not abide by this rule will be deleted. Turkish: Son zamanlar Cypher Ring ile char satiyorum konulari cok populer oldu, buna izin verdigimiz halde herkesden bu konuyu actiginda Character Seal Scroll satin aldiklarinin kanitini gormek istiyoruz(chari oynadigin halde satmak istiyorsan), yoksa da Cypher Ring (icinde hangi charin oldugu detayi ile beraber) konuda bulunmalidir. Kisaca Character Seal Scroll'un veya Cypher Ring'in resimi olmadigi sure butun konular silinicektir.
  7. Topic closed, no reset/relaunch/2nd server in the foreseeable future.
  8. It's fixed, thank you for the report. Closing.
  9. We're aware of it and are working on a fix
  10. We're aware of all of these and are eager to implement them once the USKO client supports them (subject to USKO pushing out the client that supports these features), #3 is already implemented (talk to Bilbor, interface is different though), as for the un-rebirth scroll; We could do that but seeing (+9) normal upgrades are disabled we feel as if there is no point in introducing the un-rebirth scroll, as who would really be using it to turn their (+5) or (+1) reverse item back to the (+7) or (+8) normal equivalent Have a great 2017!
  11. With the release of Draki's Revenge comes the release of Draki's Pendants! You'll be able to manufacture these at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin in Moradon. All of the materials are obtainable exclusively through the "Old Draki's Supply Box" and "Superior Draki's Supply Box", these drop from ALL monsters inside the Draki's Revenge event (rate depends on the monster). These Supply Boxes are opened at the NPC [Trader] Moira. To access the Draki's Revenge event, you need to enter through the Draki's Rift in El Morad Castle if you're human, or Luferson Castle if you're orc. Once inside you need to clear through multiple floors filled with monsters in a timed event. Average completion time is 12 minutes. Protip: If you're a priest or mage, you can use the [Attack] from the National Enchanter NPC that spawns occasionally inside this dungeon. It will boost your damage output significantly! To start manufacturing a Draki's Pendant, you will first need an EMPTY Draki's Pendant. Draki's Pendants have 3 levels of upgrades available to them, the first level is chosen by you depending on which of the 5 stat-specific jewels you use. First level upgrade: This upgrade will determine which is the main stat that your Draki Pendant will have. Requirements: 1x Empty Draki Pendant. 1x Jewel of [Stat] (shown above, detailed right below) You can choose between : Jewel of Strength (STR / HP bonus) Jewel of Dexterity (DEX / HP bonus) Jewel of Intelligence (INT / HP bonus) Jewel of Magic (MP / HP bonus) Jewel of Philosopher (INT / MP bonus) Executing the upgrade process will result in a Draki Pendant enhanced to a level that identified by a letter. S, A, B, C or D (S is the best, D is the worst). The outcome is random for every single of the 3 required upgrades. After upgrading a Draki's Pendant to the first level, you can then upgrade it to level 2 by using the Jewel of Hardness. Second level upgrade: This will add weapon defenses to the Pendant. The S variant will add 12 of every weapon defense to your Draki Pendant! Requirements: 1x Draki Pendant of [Stat name] S, A, B, C or D. 1x Jewel of Hardness (shown above) Note that this and the following upgrade are optional. If you got unlucky with a subpar Draki Pendant of Dexterity D, you don't need to spend a Jewel of Hardness on it. After the process is complete, your Draki Pendant of [Stat] will have two letters next to its name. Example: Draki Pendant of Strength S.B Finally, you can upgrade the pendant to level 3 by using the Jewel of Absorption. Third level upgrade: This will add HP recovery to the Pendant. Requirements: 1x Draki Pendant of [Stat] upgraded to the second level (two letters) 1x Jewel of Absorption (shown above) This upgrade will determine the HP recover values that your Draki Pendant will have. S, being the best variant, can give up to 5 HP recovery on every hit against enemies! (For reference, Scorpion Scythe is one of the very few items that have HP recovery on hit). That's all there is to Draki's Pendants, good luck manufacturing them!
  12. I have no idea what's going on here, though I do see 1 difference between the 2; 1. In the video with BillieJean - like he pointed out - it looks as if the skill stops early; As if a mage / archer projectile hits someone other than your target. I'll have to reproduce this and see in which way the client handles this, it's entirely possible it'll try to apply it to the person hit instead of the target. 2. In the video of the official servers, the person doesn't even go flying at all; It just fails, again a contradiction to what's happened on our server. I'll be trying to reproduce what happens when a similar situation occurs before I can say that he's cheating or not - from what I saw though, it doesn't look like it. Will report back
  13. Hey everyone, We're glad to welcome the newest addition to our team : Foxtrot! He's based in the EU and speaks both Turkish and English, he'll be available to answer questions and relay complaints (or other, larger support requests) to us We're very happy to have him on the team so give him a warm welcome! P.S. We're closing in on 10 months online, thank you guys!!!
  14. Hey everyone, With today's restart, we're introducing (+3) accessory upgrading to the server! The rate to go from (+2) -> (+3) is 100%! WARNING: The rate from (+1) -> (+2) has NOT been touched - meaning YOU CAN STILL FAIL going to (+2) We hope you enjoy!
  15. All accounts were banned that were used for the NPT, as well as their main accounts, and those who received items from these characters. Thanks for the report
  16. Thank you for the suggestions; - Make Eslant bosses more interesting, any suggestions as to how to make them more interesting? If it's too interesting, new players won't get the chance to find them as the currently dominating clans will also dominate the spawns and drops, if it's not interesting enough we didn't make any progress - "The next release" here I assume means a new server; Something which is not on our horizon at this moment - Free Nation Transfer, in my opinion, is a bad solution to the problem; Why would these solo players help out the balance if it does not benefit them - more resistance in Ronark Land means more competition for bosses, effectively reducing the rate at which they can advance their gear. Instead, we could look at invisible boosts to one nation (say, as official does with war bonuses; Looking at the past 11 wars, increasing damage by 10% for the losing nation per successive war lost, up to 100% - something similar with numbers in Ronark Land may be incentive enough for players to keep it balanced themselves) Welcome back
  17. What more respect do you want than for us to try our best to get you more players to play with? Furthermore, your hard work didn't go to waste, just because you think it did at this point in time doesn't make it true. There's patches on the horizon that'll make your hard work just as valuable once more
  18. Halloween event

    Hey everyone, We've prepared a nice event for everyone to enjoy (and hopefully boost some PK!) during the Halloween season. Starting from today, Pumpkins will be spawning in Ronark Land bowl (only attackable with R-attacks), and they'll be rewarding you 50 - 80 NP upon killing them, as well as a Halloween Mask Box. The box is exchangeable at [VIP Manager] Juliane. Some loot includes : Knight Online 12 year Anniversary Emblem (7 days) Battle Hero Wing Exchange Coupon (7 days) Cospre Armor Exchange Coupon (3 days) Krowaz Chest Halloween Cane Halloween Spear Halloween transformation scroll 4 different Halloween masks (7 days) We hope everyone has a great Halloween and we look forward to seeing you all in Ronark Land! These Halloween spawns will be removed during next maintenance - so be sure to get in there and reap the rewards!
  19. Fixed with a restart, will take care of exchanging the item for you. Thank you!
  20. The location of the TP gate will have no influence over people going to the event, it takes what? An extra minute at most (perhaps more, with added frustration in case your nation is being overwhelmed / base camped) to get to bowl and inside the event. The problem lies with everyone getting entries to Draki's. We'll be changing that this Friday to have additional requirements to prevent players from simply creating new accounts over and over The unique items can be looked in to, though perhaps not at (+8), their rate seems too high to warrant dropping them at that (+). Chaos map is something we're looking into making destroyable as well
  21. Hey everyone, As promised, here is some more detailed information on the Draki's Revenge Expansion! 1. Login rewards Log in after the release and before 9/24 23:59PM to claim your login gifts - 5 days of Cospre Armor, Wings, and Pathos Gloves! 2. The event itself. You will be able to enter Draki's Revenge at your own convenience through the Draki Rift located in both El Morad Castle and Luferson Castle. There's an entrance limit; Once per day for non-premium players, and 3 times per day for premium players. Inside the event, you'll be facing increasingly challenging monsters, which you have to defeat within a given time limit (usually 5 minutes). There is a class-based ranking system, which allows you to see how well you did compared to others that are the same class - officially there are monthly rewards for the top players, something which we haven't implemented yet, but is scheduled to be released at a later date. What can you get from the monsters inside? Old Draki's Supply Box and Superior Draki's Supply Box - these are filled with goodies, including an empty Draki's Pendant and all the materials you'll need to customize it to your hearts desire. The Draki's Pendant can be upgraded up to 3 times by using the manufacturing system at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin. Every step of the way bonus stats get added to them, you can choose which bonus stats you want on the first level (depending on which Jewel you choose to upgrade it with, Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Intelligence, or Magic Power), but levels 2 and 3 can't be changed. When upgrading a Draki's Pendant, the new stat bonus is graded on a scale of D, C, B, A, and S. S offers the largest stat bonus. There are dedicated Draki's Pendants for every class. 3. More CZ quests We're still in the process of finalizing these quests at the moment, currently we've got the following in store for you: Kill 5x Cardinal, 5x Haunga, 5x undying, and 5x Dark Eyes in Ronark Land bowl (reward: 1x Chaos Voucher) (repeatable twice per day) Kill 1x Jersey, 1x Raxton, 1x Query (reward: Dark Mythril Fragment) (Follow up quest, accessible only after completing the above quest) Kill 3x Jersey, 3x Raxton, 1x Query (reward: Dark Mythril Fragment) Kill 1x Isiloon in Ronark Land (reward: Garses chest) Kill 1x Ego, 1x Glutton, 1x Wratch, and 1x Sloth in Ronark Land (reward: Draki's Certificate) Kill 1x Lust, 1x Envy, 1x Greed in Ronark Land (reward: Draki's Certificate) Other CZ daily quests currently available in official already (infiltration, stealing documents, etc.) Notes: The Dark Mythril Fragment will allow you to upgrade a (+6) Super Shell to a (+6) Exceptional Super Shell without failing! The Draki's Certificate will allow you to enter Draki's Revenge after you've depleted your daily allowance (one certificate per time) The Garges Chest guarantees you of a (+3) Garges Weapon (equivalent to Krowaz weapons, without there being different curses on them) 4. Improved loot for Bifrost Fragments, Juraid Gems, and Treasure Chests Most of the 'useless' drops (shells, high-class weapons, etc.) will be switched out with more useful items (super shells, (exceptional) hepa weapons, Garges Chests, Old/Superior Draki's Supply Boxes) 5. New Border Defense War system We've overhauled the Border Defense War system to match the current version in use on the official servers; An Altar of Manes will spawn in the middle of Border Defense War, which is only destroyable by R-attacks. Upon destroying it, the person who dealt the final blow will get a Fragment of Manes debuff that will slow them, prevents them from using movement speed buffs, and prevents them from being teleported. Make it all the way back to the platform near your spawn and you'll score 10 points for your team! That's all for now, we hope you're as excited for the expansion as we are!
  22. Nope, you can't fail manufacturing these, no blue trina / dragon scale needed
  23. Thank you, at least there's someone that gets its not that big of a difference. Also liking the cheaper premium with less benefits suggestion to make it more accessible to those that think 2 extra entrances a day without putting in effort is really that big of a difference
  24. You didn't understand the nature of the event It is not an event like all the others, it's individual, and ALWAYS open for you to participate in.