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  1. Damage for rogues is as per official, as is mages right now. Implying rogue damage is wrong (too little), also implies warrior damage is.
  2. Aesteris

    Razor King Bad Spam

    What kind of scam we talking here? A vs was lost and "agreed upon" KC wasn't paid out?
  3. Aesteris

    Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]

    Did you read the patch notes and try?
  4. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    We've fixed the entries we could find, if you find any others, please report it @Casey35 I've removed the item and refunded you
  5. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    That's true, having said that, it seems okay to me to add those to the lot (although overlooked at first, there probably isn't much harm in allowing them)
  6. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    Any items that became upgradable as a result of the change that shouldn’t be, will be fixed and removed
  7. Aesteris

    Monthly rewards already expired lmao

    The top monthly NP holders get vouchers for rewards (Dark Knight Armor set +11 for ranks 2, 3, and 4, and Dark Knight Armor Set + Weapons for rank 1)
  8. Aesteris

    Patch notes (04/05/2018)

    Changelog Increased maximum upgrade to (+14) reverse for Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid, and (Level 70 / 80 quest) <selfname> items (weapons and shields). Dark Mythril Fragments are now also usable on "plain" (e.g. basic armors, no bonuses!) Super Shells at +6, +7, and +8 (giving you the equivalent Exceptional Super Shell at that grade). NOTE: As said, it ONLY works on plain, base armors! Fixed an issue in which UTC trash didn't generate loot upon death (they do now!). Increased drop rates on Under the Castle trash. (Side note: DC premium works to increase these drop rates) Increased the amount of materials Under the Castle trash can drop. (from 1 -> 3) Fixed a bug with Gab's Adamant which allows people to be teleported, and teleport themselves, while the curse is active. Fixed a bug with the [Daily] Taming the Beast quest. Decreased scaling of UTC bosses. Made some changes to how scaled HP is being updated (we hope this will fix the HP bar jumping around all over the place). Moved the 20:30 Ultima event on Fridays back 30 minutes (to 21:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC. Moved the 14:40 Juraid Mountain on Fridays back 20 minutes (to 15:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC. For those of you that need some help figuring out the event schedule, here you can find an always up-to-date schedule automagically translated to your computer's timezone!
  9. Whats it like without? Also 255 MP w/ how much bonus MP? MP scaling and ring damage contribution is all thats really changed for mage calcs.
  10. UTC is on Friday evening for each major timezone, the 3PM one you’re referring to is Friday evening for China. We won’t be changing this. We do have some changes to UTC coming for this week, hopefully that’ll fix the issues there are right now
  11. Aesteris

    War horse bug

    Makes sense to me, character transformations typically only happen when the server tells the client to do so, barring any wierd side effects from forcing the horse to become a horse.... again, I think this’d be possible to fix.
  12. That with or without elemental rings equipped?
  13. We re-disable costs for reskilling and mages will go ice and cube the carrier all the time; pick your poison
  14. Aesteris

    Under The Castle

    Alright, if UTC trash is not dropping anything, that's a bug (though, it's different from bosses and behaves exactly like monsters outside of UTC - you deal most damage -> you get the loot), and we'll look into it. The perceived HP regen is (from our point of view right now), a visual bug in the client. When I joined UTC (quite a few times) to monitor it, I could indeed also see the HP bar of the boss visually replenishing to full (no matter what HP it was on previously). Having said that, the longer you guys were killing it (and thus the lower the actual HP of the boss), the faster the HP bar would go back to normal after it visually replenished itself. Furthermore, there seems to be 2 kinds of people when it comes to UTC; Those that know the boss will eventually go down (I suspect, perhaps they've raided or something similar in other MMOs), and keep at it. And then you have the people that scream "bug" from the top of their lungs, breathing uncontrollably, full of anger, and demand we as GMs do something about it. Y'all can guess what I'm inclined to do in such a situation. So, while we wholeheartedly believe the issue with "HP regen" on UTC monsters is a visual issue and shouldn't be causing much problems (aside from being mentally discouraging to some), we do strive to fix this so that those players can get back to enjoying the content too.
  15. Aesteris

    TBL ISkyperKiller

    I checked on this guy a few hours before, aside from the (obvious) "pedal" program he has running, there doesn't seem to be any illegal thing going on. Closing this.
  16. Aesteris

    HP Damage

    We've verified resistances accurately reduce (mage) damage, this is how strong they should be.
  17. Aesteris

    Suggestion about garges bow's curse

    I'm not inclined to change this, this would devalue fire-rain windforces, and apparently it's Archer KO right now, so no need to give them free upgrades Also, unless absolutely necessary (which I don't deem this is), we'd prefer not to stray from official.
  18. Aesteris


    Am I the only one that doesn’t understand why the bow should have fire rain? ArcherKO and all that considered?
  19. Aesteris


    I’m willing to look at previous warrior nerfs and (partially) revert them, if that’s any consolation. Most of those nerfs (aside from being needed at the time), were done because they really do make warriors OP, we can revisit these and see if in the current meta, these nerfs need adjustment
  20. Aesteris


    People seem to have missed the point, my whole point was that 300 extra AP (if it even gives that much, which I'm doubtful of), is near negligible in the grand scheme of things where people have > 5000 AP (7000, according to you even!)
  21. Aesteris


    But.... but.... but..... not everyone in USKO has full +11 gear at their disposal. Also, small mobs do drop materials - you guys generally don't seem to care about them though
  22. Aesteris


    Reading is hard is all I've got to say really.
  23. Aesteris


    I’m saying it’s technically impossible to distinguish between non-unique (/unique reverse) armors and weapons, they all use the same generic upgrade entries defining feasibility, rate, and materials required. We will however increase the upgrade rate for older unique weapons (FT, Juraid, and Bifrost) to beyond +11. Although I don’t know whether what you’re claiming is true (with respect to 1.5-2k damage spam from warriors on undebuffed targets), that seems really excessive to me. Nothing actually changed for warriors, yea, there’s more AC but AC, similar to resistances, curves off after a certain point and simply becomes worth less. All in all, from where I’m standing right now, you guys just want your easy mode warriors w/ underpowered other classes back, which I doubt will happen.
  24. Aesteris


    Increasing upgrade cap is a no-go, armors will be receiving the same increase. Warriors losing 15 STR bonus equates to what, 200-300AP if even that while you’ve already got 5k+? Please tell me more about how this’ll affect your damage massively.
  25. It's recently become popular to make topics selling characters "in Cypher Ring", while this is indeed something we allow, we'll be requiring everyone to show proof of having purchased a Character Seal scroll (in case you want to play while trying to sell the character), or otherwise a Cypher Ring (with the details of 'who' is inside) in the main post of the topic. Note: We don't support any other way of selling characters (whole account sales) so any topics that sell characters and do not abide by this rule will be deleted. Turkish: Son zamanlar Cypher Ring ile char satiyorum konulari cok populer oldu, buna izin verdigimiz halde herkesden bu konuyu actiginda Character Seal Scroll satin aldiklarinin kanitini gormek istiyoruz(chari oynadigin halde satmak istiyorsan), yoksa da Cypher Ring (icinde hangi charin oldugu detayi ile beraber) konuda bulunmalidir. Kisaca Character Seal Scroll'un veya Cypher Ring'in resimi olmadigi sure butun konular silinicektir.