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    About melee and mages

    Warrior AoE skills are actually like official as-is right now, what isn't is the fact that damage diminishes the further away your target is from the center of your impact - we can consider increasing the minimum damage done in these cases, but either way, you'll need to find a way to survive long enough to make it to the mages. The mage damage is as it is on official.
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    Karakterim Soyuldu

    Your story doesn’t hold up. Sorry.
  3. Welcome to ApexKO! We're a light-farm, PK oriented server that has been online since December 2015! Based on the newest Official KO version, we strive to provide a seamless, quality service to all our players. Here's a small guide to get started in ApexKO. 1. Creating a character: After finishing creating your account, you may create a character. Each character will come equipped with the following items: 5 day Cospre items (Cospre armors, Pathos Gloves, Wings) vouchers that can be redeemed in Moradon for free. A name change scroll that can be used within 24 hours. 5 million noahs. 2. Customizing your character: You can acquire starter items to suit your class at the [Gear Dispenser] NPC, situated in front of the stairs in Moradon. It's completely free. 3. Stop by Sundries to get PUS PvP scrolls and other goods. In our sundries you can find the following items, which'll aid you in your endeavors in Ronark Land: HP 1500, AC 300, Swift and Wolf scrolls for free! Weapon and Armor enchant scrolls. Lion Stat Scrolls. HP 2000 and AC 350 scrolls. Teleport to Friend scrolls. EXP, WAR and DC flashes (can't be acquired anywhere else). Unbind Item (required to unlock bind-on-equip items like Krowaz Armors). Scrap of Steel and Nest Scraps (required to upgrade old uniques) can also be purchased in sundries. Level 62 scrolls for free (Absolute Power, Scream, Magic Shield, Judgment). Now you're ready to head into CZ! 4. In-Game events: Additional to the PK / PVP modes that Knight Online is known for, you may also access a multitude of other activities in-game. Apex KO currently offers the following events: Border Defense War Chaos Dungeon Forgotten Temple Juraid Mountain Lunar Wars & Invasions Bifrost Ronark Land (Base) Wars / Boss event Castle Siege War Delos Dungeon (exclusively for CSW winners) Draki's Revenge Under the Castle For event schedule in your own local time click here, or check the hourglass in-game. 5. Farming for gear. NOTE: Do not forget to do your daily 1 hour DC Premium and Oreads quests before going farming. If you do so, you get free autoloot and significantly better drop rates. Find [Analyst] NPC in CZ town. Farming in bowl By killing Cardinals, Undyings, Dark Eyes and Harungas, you can farm Gold Coins worth 1 million noahs. Atross and Riote drop a Silver Bar worth 10 million noahs and a gem. Do not forget to slay Etaroths wandering around, they drop Krowaz chests. Try not to miss Chaos Stones, as monsters spawn after killing it whom drop Apexis chests and gems. If you see an Orc Bandit Leader, do not hesitate to kill it has a chance to drop a Trina's Piece. Farming Blessed Upgrade Scrolls Blood Seekers and Beasts have the highest chance to drop Blessed Upgrade Scrolls. If you want to avoid being raided, try killing Cardinals (not the ones in bowl) and Dragon Tooth Commanders. Mini bosses Each of these mobs spawn at a specific location outside bowl. It's your task to find out where they are. They spawn every ~30-33 minutes and their drops include valuable Krowaz items. Farming Rosetta Armors (+7) They can be obtained by slaying Medikmash, Keramash and Nigmash situated on top of the platforms. Farming Super Shells (+7) and (+8) Falcons drop Mythril armors. Titans drop both Dragon Scale and Trial's armors. Evil Wizards drop Ron's armors. Exchanging quest rewards or medals Doing your daily or weekly quests rewards you with Apexis, Garges, Felankor's and Ultima's chests. Exchange them in Chaotic Generator and get valuable items. Please, keep in mind that you need to have 5,000 ladder points to be able to take "Felankor Hunt" and "Ultima Hunt" quests. PKing gets you ladder points. You may turn them into medals that can be exchanged in Chaotic Generator. 6. Various ApexKO™ features and convenient information (Click on them for in-depth information where available): Event entry: To access BDW and Juraid Mountain you need to be at least 83/1 or have 800 National Points in your character. Anti-DC feature: In events like Border Defense War and Juraid Mountain, accidentally disconnecting won't remove you from the event. Vote Kick feature: In instanced, automatic-party formation events, you can cast a vote-kick on a user that you think deserves it. Anti-Spam feature: If you spam the chat too quickly, you will be timed out for 2 minutes! Please don't spam the chat. Letter feature: You may send items through letter, or regular mail to the enemy nation. This has been disabled in official KO for ages. Rental feature: For 150 million noahs, you can rent the best weapons in the server for 1 hour. Find this NPC in Ronark Land. Offline Merchant: You don't need to be logged in to the merchanting character anymore, turn off your PC or play on another account meanwhile. Clan Online Rewards: The more members of your clan you have online, the higher the EXP, NP and drop rate bonuses will be! Clan Bank: ApexKO provides a clan bank at Moradon. Upgrade Rates: +9 and +3 are the maximum upgrade levels in ApexKO. You may only reach +8 -> +9 through rebirth upgrades. NOTE: Personal weapons; Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid items (weapons and shields) can be upgraded to +14 Reverse. Nation Transfer: You and your clan can nation transfer for a very small cost. Changing Class: You may class change for a reduced cost. Lunar Wars: This event has been readjusted to properly reward both attackers and defenders. Daily, weekly and monthly CZ quests: ApexKO has implemented quests to give you a reason to visit CZ every day for your PK fix! Player monthly and permanent symbol rankings: Head over to the ApexKO website to see more. Clan rankings: Head over to the ApexKO website to see more. Player information: Check the items of any ApexKO player. Just change their name in your browser navigation bar. Sealing items: You don't need to have premium to seal your items and secure your valued goods. Unbinding items: Items that bind on equip such as Krowaz Armors and Draki Pendants, require special unlocking measures. Personal weapons: The personal quests reward you the weapon of your choice at +8! Character Rebirth: You may rebirth your character up to 5 times, increasing your stats and resetting all quests, including the personal weapon ones. Medal exchanging: You may turn your ladder points into medals which can be exchanged in Chaotic Generator. Find [Nation Point Merchant] NPC in Moradon town (near the teleport gates). Rewards for ladder leaders: At the end of each month, Top 4 ladder ranking users will be rewarded for their hard work throughout the whole month. 7. GM List and asking for support / reporting bugs and cheaters. Here's the list of ApexKO's current staff members. If you need help with an issue in-game, click here. If you want to report a bug, click here. If you feel that the reported bug or exploit might be gamebreaking, please notify an admin directly. You will be rewarded if it is indeed severe. If you want to report a possible cheater, click here.
  4. Aesteris

    What about the perfect balance in apex?

    This is a neat suggestion, we’ll add it to the list of considerations. Thank you!
  5. Aesteris

    What about the perfect balance in apex?

    We're looking into various ways of solving this issue (advantages due to nation transferring), they're just taking time to get right
  6. Aesteris

    Hello GM

    As said in your PM, pls get resistances. 10 LR/GR isn't going to do a lot in the way of not being stunned/slowed.
  7. Aesteris

    Rosetta Farm About

    Upgrade rates for non-unique items are all the same by design.
  8. Aesteris

    Patch notes (29/06/2018)

    Changelog Fixed a regression with AoE damage affecting ice cubed (blinking) players. DoT damage no longer affects ice cubed (blinking) players. Various improvements to projectile checks, making them even more accurate (this sounds like it's not worth noting, but a CONSIDERABLE amount of effort went into this, and the result is something you would've noticed if we hadn't done this!) Reduced BUS drop rates on Ronark Land monsters by 2%. [Update] Divide Armor will now fail if the target already has the debuff, preventing it from going on cooldown. [Update] Rework skill range checks to make use of data we obtained for projectile checks. This tightens up skill range checks considerably (particularly for melee-based skills) and in theory matches them exactly with the client's allowed skill ranges As the client's range was often slightly off the server's range, there used to be a gap on the edge of the range where the skill would just fail where you wouldn't expect it to. If the client's no longer failing it (i.e. it says it's "too far"), the server should no longer do so either. [Update] Monsters/NPCs temporarily no longer enforce these skill range checks. Officially they're using their own special ranges, which are typically a lot further than the skill's actual intended range, so this change is more in line with official behaviour. That said, it's only a temporary measure while we finish implementing support for these cases. For now this just means their skill ranges may act a little differently to usual (they'll probably hit you from further away than normal), but we'll revert this behaviour in one of the next patches.
  9. Aesteris

    About achieve system

    We're considering reducing the amount needed to something a little less excessive, nothing concrete yet but it's being looked at.
  10. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've done any of these, but today I'm very pleased to announce our latest addition to the team: GM Heung! (IGN: Heung) Heung will be tasked with handling the Turkish fan base we have on Apex, assisting GM Eos where needed. Right now, he'll start off as trial, which means we're still actively training him, so bear this in mind - his answers to your questions may be wrong (though I'm sure he'll try his hardest to minimize any incorrect answers!) Furthermore, he'll act as a liaison between our non-Turkish speaking staff and our Turkish player base, making sure their concerns make it all the way to us and see to it that they are heard. This isn't to say he won't do anything for our English speaking player base, because he's fluent in English as well, so if you need help or have suggestions please do not hesitate to contact him. Anyhow, without further ado, please welcome Heung!
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    We get your frustration and apologize for not being able to keep our promise, the bifrost changes are only a small part of the bigger reworks being peformed to increase the server’s health and enjoyability Bare with us a little longer please!
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    Could anyone that's experiencing frequent disconnects perform a traceroute to login.apexko.com and send me the results - we can't see anything off on our end.
  13. Aesteris

    getting dmg while cubed

    We'll look into this, thanks for the report
  14. Aesteris

    About Archers / Mage

    Get resistances please. Locking topic.
  15. Aesteris

    About achieve system

    How many out of 100 wins did you get so far?
  16. Aesteris

    About achieve system

    Now that makes it too easy to obtain, and I'm sure those who've obtained it will feel a bit sad their hard work is now available to everyone without much effort
  17. Aesteris

    Ultima quest

    We're reworking how it works to begin with, it's not being ignored, it'll be fixed soon
  18. Aesteris

    utc npc

    Ooh you're back? Great to see, we'll consider this - can you let us know which NPC lets you exchange it on official?
  19. Aesteris

    Eslant 70 quest problem [QUEST]lard orc

    Its also possible its respawning, just not when you’re there. Respawn times for these (from memory) haven’t been touched since the farm stage of this server, which’d put their respawn time fairly high.
  20. I'm clueless as to anything of course, but don't priests generally tend to move around during PvP, even when healing?
  21. Aesteris

    Cooldown Bug !

    If you're referring to the slight time difference between Light Feet coming off cooldown and Light Feet wearing off, I believe that's latency related. Though I'm no expert by any means, does anyone have any evidence that this indeed doesn't work like this on official?
  22. Aesteris

    About poison kurian/porutu

    Is this cater to the one person complaining company? No, this is patrick. Is this cater to the one person complaining company? No, this is patrick! Is this cater to the one person complaining company? No, this is patrick!!! Locking this as this topic will only deteriorate into a bunch of retardedness. If you'd like you can check official Kurian poison damage and compare it with Apex KO. If you're just against the class as-is, I'll leave you with a simple suggestion. Choose a non-20xx server as your next endeavor.
  23. Aesteris

    UTC BUG !!

    While I appreciate you posting bugs etc. to me personally it was in no way whatsoever evident that you were referring to the HP regen on the boss. If that’s all there’s to this then we can close this as it’s not a bug, but worth a discussion to look into tweaking it more appropriately
  24. Aesteris

    UTC BUG !!

    Can’t see the picture, please use another website or upload directly to the forums.
  25. Aesteris

    Patch notes (18/05/2018)

    Changelog Fixed an issue where Gab's Adamant would block certain Krowaz curses it shouldn't. Slight change to Stun and slow calculations, they now use the correct data to calculate the rate with (this was fine in 99% of the cases, we've fixed it for the 1% that weren't correct) Mob kill credit is now given to all party members in range Changed HP scaling behavior on bosses a little Added HP scaling behavior logging, to debug any issues with it that may be there (e.g. health bars skipping back to 100%) Update: Fixed a bug with HP scaling and certain buff/debuff interactions.