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  1. Aesteris


    Hmm I guess that got carried over then, at the time we added the INT requirement as it overpowered warriors too much for free, right from the get-go. (And for those who remember, those weapons and armors were somewhat easy to get)
  2. Aesteris

    UTC BUG !!

    While I appreciate you posting bugs etc. to me personally it was in no way whatsoever evident that you were referring to the HP regen on the boss. If that’s all there’s to this then we can close this as it’s not a bug, but worth a discussion to look into tweaking it more appropriately
  3. Aesteris


    The Aegis you can get for free has an INT requirement, so you can equip it if you were to stat 91 into INT. Other than that, the non-free version doesn’t have this requirement so if you want to use one, you can use that one
  4. Aesteris

    UTC BUG !!

    Can’t see the picture, please use another website or upload directly to the forums.
  5. Aesteris


    Then something must’ve gotten bugged, again, and we need to look at it, again, to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Aesteris


    I encourage you to try again now with the latest patch (the 2nd and 3rd UTC should prove easier!)
  7. Aesteris

    Patch notes (18/05/2018)

    Changelog Fixed an issue where Gab's Adamant would block certain Krowaz curses it shouldn't. Slight change to Stun and slow calculations, they now use the correct data to calculate the rate with (this was fine in 99% of the cases, we've fixed it for the 1% that weren't correct) Mob kill credit is now given to all party members in range Changed HP scaling behavior on bosses a little Added HP scaling behavior logging, to debug any issues with it that may be there (e.g. health bars skipping back to 100%) Update: Fixed a bug with HP scaling and certain buff/debuff interactions.
  8. Aesteris


    We’re looking into ways to address a couple of pain points with the Bifrost event and Ultima event, stay tuned for these changes
  9. Aesteris

    Some of priest skills...

    Slow and fast casting are indeed a problem we've been trying to address for a very long time now, at this point, unless someone can figure out how to consistently reproduce this, there's nothing we can do about it :/
  10. Damage for rogues is as per official, as is mages right now. Implying rogue damage is wrong (too little), also implies warrior damage is.
  11. Aesteris

    Razor King Bad Spam

    What kind of scam we talking here? A vs was lost and "agreed upon" KC wasn't paid out?
  12. Aesteris

    Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]

    Did you read the patch notes and try?
  13. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    We've fixed the entries we could find, if you find any others, please report it @Casey35 I've removed the item and refunded you
  14. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    That's true, having said that, it seems okay to me to add those to the lot (although overlooked at first, there probably isn't much harm in allowing them)
  15. Aesteris

    Upgrading bug

    Any items that became upgradable as a result of the change that shouldn’t be, will be fixed and removed