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  1. Yea because you can totally kick someone if they control half the party.
  2. Kurians are definitely fine as they are right now, the pull/charge rates need to be dropped a little to not literally be 100% but otherwise I think they're in a good spot.
  3. Lmfao these changes would make Kurians even more retardedly strong than they already are, the only thing that isn't a direct buff to them is Divide Armor not stacking with priest duffs.
  4. Just turn off your trade, its not against the rules it just makes that person a dick for doing it.
  5. I'm in Dragon Brigade, they're pretty chill
  6. I also agree with rewarding people for actually being in CZ.
  7. Lol giving away free bronze belts, no thanks, most people don't even have a decent belt, let alone a bronze. Way too early for a newcomer thing, the only thing I could see giving to new players is level 70 something right off the bat so they can get into the fun sooner.
  8. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

  9. Felankor and Isilion :D

    If literally anyone touched it it would AoE kill everyone.
  10. Felankor and Isilion :D

    Uhh, how about no.. I'd rather now have bowl be a "Do not enter" zone, felankor would literally just kill everyone that went close by.
  11. Rogue dmg seems quite absurd.

    It wasn't really about rogue damage being too low, it was dd being way too easy to get.
  12. Rogue dmg seems quite absurd.

    Funky probably isn't the most geared sin on the server right now xD but I agree he's one of the best ;P
  13. Selling nothing? Broke ass funky smh
  14. Dean aka iRockStar !!!

    Bye Dean, you'll be missed <3