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  1. About Archers

    So whats gonna happen now ?
  2. About Archers

    Can you also check light/ice arrows by far.Is that also 5x chance of cancelling
  3. Server Gidisati Hakkinda

    Berserker Alan skilleri(Aoe) düzenlendi.Çok kucuk bır alana vurabılıyorsunuz uskodan cok cok daha kotu bır durumda alan skilleri.Eger melee partyler ile kapısmak ıstıyorsanız 2 priest yapmanızı tavsıye ederım.Zamanında subside ve party cure ile tek yemıcegınızı dusunuyorum
  4. About Archers

    I tried dont worry.My gap closer(my rogue or tp mage) goes for them and they stunned or died instantly:D.It wont work
  5. About Archers

    Believe me i can fight with 15 ppl but archers.As i said they keep chasing after me dont you read it man.Well okey create a party go for pk and see with your own eyes.They just keep shooting at you even i vs 8v8 one archers stand and shoot at me just for the cancel.Is that funny
  6. About Archers

    Hide behind something not a pking i think.What i am trying to say is they are abusing it you know.They just surround you hiding not a solution i think
  7. About Archers

    Aight i accept all you said.Then lets sign a contract with archers when i go different directions 15 archers will not gonna shoot me .People will laugh about it man there is no such thing
  8. About Archers

    Aight i accept all you said.Then lets sign a contract with archers when i go different directions 15 archers will not gonna shoot me .People will laugh about it man there is no such thing
  9. About Archers

    Thanks for the comment bro.I think having some archers in my party only destroy my playstyle also i think 1 or 2 archers cant compete with 15 archers(I saw yesterday they were 2 party archers )
  10. Krowaz Land

    +1 good idea
  11. About Archers

    First of all,My nickname is LegacyKing and i would like to make a point about archers and also i have a video for it.All jobs needs to be active in pvps but the thing is if there is too much mage their dmg needs to be lowered or there is too much warriors their skills need nerf so on.Even in this hard times what i mean is shortage of users.There is too much archers pk ing in ronarkland and believe they are abusing it.We have no chance to compete with them.Let me explain this first -They dont need priest(mostly) -They have really high failed rate -2 starter archer is enough for full geared priest(I m not gonna say priest is maliced or not.Both way is dead) -When i run at them they run away from me and then i left running. They turn back and attack this is kinda toxic.Im not saying stop shooting at me but understand this this situation kinda make people tilted(angry).I ll left a link below just watch this.Then lets talk about what are you guys think about.Please dont troll.
  12. Melee passion

    Brain dead mages win i suppose...
  13. Melee saçmalığı

    Cry me a river.Her yere tek nova atmakda oyunculuk değil arkadaşlar.Melee ekiplere kafa tutmak ıstıyorsanız 6 mage 2priest.Yada Cure priest ile oynamak zorundasınız aksi takdirde ölmeye mahkumsunuz
  14. Melee passion

    You thinkin correctly and my thoughts are.Mage teams right now playing as a 7 mage and 1 priest which is mostly 45 spirit-75 heal-master23.So they cant run away from torment i mean they dont have 70 auro(party cure).So they take full damage from warriors .I played both job.If you guys want to fight with melee teams they need to play according to that for example 6 mage 2 priest.With this way they can prevent from torment and also they have subside for warriors dmg.But instead mage teams want to use single supernova everysingle position .You guys need to go usko(which is source of our game) and check .I saw +4k dmg in usko from berserker Aoe.For the conclusion what i am saying is instead of nerf warrior's Aoe you guys need to chance way of playing as a mage team .Thanks all by the way this is very good topic.We need to come up with a logical solution so our player's stay with us.