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  1. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    you were using it on sin but that's good u know I talked about you
  2. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Talking about macro when your clannie/friends use it also I mean tuke hespe and other mal serbians
  3. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    hahahaha xd where is he now?
  4. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Watafak is this? xdd
  5. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Full randoms
  6. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    Vote for viki
  7. Buy Lighting mage item

    napisz jak bedziesz w grze
  8. Buy Lighting mage item

    ile dajesz za lkp?
  9. new cape bug

  10. new cape bug

    New capes are bugged - when I want to change just colour of the cape I have to pay gb's and nps again.
  11. new cape bug

  12. First castellan wep 7!

    Raptor > castellan Np
  13. I was complaining? xd Im not even playing here you tard
  14. Stop complain There was new update so stfu
  15. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    nice maths
  16. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    Lool xddddddd
  17. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    Nice descent tbl
  18. S>>Full mage gear

    Yes B> gab ahda and nabirus
  19. S>>Full mage gear

    bro change this price lol krowaz set is 700kc garges is 10gb lbol 100kc draki 3gb xd
  20. Ultima spawn at csw time

    btw your clan talking about ultima and when its up you dont even touch it lol
  21. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    any option if you are good but its sad you cant play bp :/
  22. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    -follow 1 sin with full party around cz and town if they leave you alone You missing it :/
  23. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

  24. Ultima spawn at csw time

    Agree with ultima time but cz shouldnt be closed during csw