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    its so fucking boring to see your poor ss from 2016 in every topic. funny is only that im still waiting for vs with you PS. seek, and ye shall find

    Why only chrisa " friends" crying about warrior dmg on this server? :/
  3. Npt alert?

    No thats not me Its turk
  4. Npt alert?

    cz was dead there was 2 orcs in cz atm
  5. Revolution 8vs8 TheGangAgency

    accept 1 more rules: +18
  6. Holy Knight Armor+11 from CSW

    and if they use it on next csw you cant get castle because of 50def more? thats fucking sad how much def you have? 1900? 2000?

    S> hepa raptor+11 212 ap
  8. Platinum bar

    If you have too much gbs and you dont know what to do with them just give it to me Problem solved Np
  9. top 5 player

    I love how you care about 50 deff in set holy armor more than krowaz set Diffrent is like raptor and exceptional raptor
  10. rogue skills

    And as i said before 800dmg spike I did same dmg or better on ardream char back in cwest and since this time dmg changed alot
  11. rogue skills

    You are fucking retarded and just spamming for no reason. Seems like you dont know anything about this game and just run around cz on your retarded archer and styx everyone. Dmg is not about draki pendant or iron sets here Full geared Warrior with sash and aos can tank sin so fucking easy Full dex on sin doing almost same dmg as deff sin. And about your stupid comment I can post video from usko where sin with shard9 and dv 8reb doing 8-9k dmg on tormented warrior with good gear. Sin on apex is not even close with dmg/hp to usko sins and im not talking about duration pots or red pots. I played warrior here since farm server and i never said anything about boost warrior or weak dmg/def/hp so pls stop your retarded posts
  12. rogue skills

    show me how to do same dmg on apex pls
  13. rogue skills

    This is sad when you play rogue and cant kill 2 mages because they slide you and you have to use all best skills to kill 1 mage (start gear mages) and you have no skills to kill 2nd Even archer do more dmg (spam 800dmg+3k power shot)
  14. rogue skills

    Thats big deal when you run like goat and 20ppl chase you around cz, getting 100% ice shot and you cant cure it because warrior catch you. @yougot you are "cry baby" cuz you cry about warrior dmg (spam 1200+ on non duffed rogue lol) I'd see any rogue on apex who can beat any warrior with full items in vs. Warrior = 13k hp, spam 1200 dmg Rogue = 8k hp hit 800dmg with 1 skill
  15. rogue skills

    im not running 24/7 with fraps and i cant record this shit this is how rogues hit mages on usko? mage staff = 1200 dmg mage 70/80 farm skill = 2500dmg why i cant hit any1 for 1500 w/o cp or db?