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  1. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    you were using it on sin but that's good u know I talked about you
  2. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Talking about macro when your clannie/friends use it also I mean tuke hespe and other mal serbians
  3. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    hahahaha xd where is he now?
  4. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Watafak is this? xdd
  5. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Full randoms
  6. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    Vote for viki
  7. Buy Lighting mage item

    napisz jak bedziesz w grze
  8. Buy Lighting mage item

    ile dajesz za lkp?
  9. new cape bug

  10. new cape bug

  11. new cape bug

    New capes are bugged - when I want to change just colour of the cape I have to pay gb's and nps again.
  12. First castellan wep 7!

    Raptor > castellan Np
  13. I was complaining? xd Im not even playing here you tard
  14. Stop complain There was new update so stfu