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  1. ImmortalOne

    Hello GM

    Who cares
  2. ImmortalOne

    where to farm items

    Keep farming gold coins on bowl Other farm is crap here Just farm money and buy kc/items And stay away from anvil
  3. ImmortalOne

    Delos Bug

    if the clan hold castle they spawn in castle after teleport/ town but they spawned in town as normal players
  4. ImmortalOne

    Droplist O.o ?

    Check lycan family in luff/emc or abyss mobs
  5. ImmortalOne

    Stealth and Lupine skills failing

    Also stealth and lupine fail alot again
  6. ImmortalOne


    check ekstrima and blow arrow on archer the range is insane
  7. ImmortalOne


    same here rip my only one bdw in week
  8. ImmortalOne

    About Forgetten Temple

    There should be new reward system for every event/quest. Server is old and we just get apex/krowaz chest for winning an event / finish quest. Chests drop crappy items and the best drop (chaos wiri/gab ada+3) is 2gb on merchant.
  9. ImmortalOne

    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    Ye it was sierra
  10. ImmortalOne

    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    the rate is not 100% they didnt say what is the succes rate but long time ago one gm said its 70%
  11. ImmortalOne

    About achieve system

    just fix the other achieves from utc/draki tower
  12. ImmortalOne


    bump just let me know what is your decision i just want to save my achievements nothing more
  13. ImmortalOne


    Yeah Nps > life
  14. ImmortalOne


    Hello i have been banned by gm sierra because i went out of base without items (few times). he said that im banned for npt but i did not do npt because i dont know any of those humans that killed me i was mad because they are nps dogs and everytime i fight with 1-2-3 players they jump on me with 2-3 pt to get f**king nps i dont care about my nps so i went outside without items to give them what they want and what they need in thier life i didnt know its against rules cuz it was not "npt" i'd ask for unban and i promise to do not do it again if it's bad you can reset my nps or whatever you want but pls unban my char thanks
  15. ImmortalOne

    utc npc

    @Aesteris just edited my previous post