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  1. Raiding.

    Its not worth to do on server with 100-200 players online
  2. Anything going to be done for priest?

    You are doing 800dmg without db with ur dual hammer and you can spam heal/db so stop crying
  3. If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    If this gonna happen then please open upgrade from+8 to +9 also Thanks
  4. Suggestion for the 100% +6 sc

    Apex / krowaz chest and medals drop +3/5 Utc weapons drop+0 +7 100% is too easy and after 2 weeks every1 will run with utc weapons+8 or better
  5. About BAttle Priest

    Rogue spike for 900 dmg and its only good skill!!!!!!!!
  6. PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    Also not big diff Dks+7 201 ap Mixed set 3/2 give you more str bonus Tatto and wings not boosting you ap just dmg
  7. PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    And you didnt use berserker I have 4900 ap on my warrior with start gear
  8. PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    No dmg? Xd Warrior hit 1200+ non duffed sin and 3k with torment Sin hit 900dmg with 1 skill (spike) Feel the diffrent
  9. Many Topics & UTC

    i dont see any1 crying ingame and for those who do i have one simple idea stop playing this game 24/7 in parents house -> find work -> buy new pc
  10. Many Topics & UTC

    the only person crying i see is you. turks play and not cry taiwans not cry chinas not cry but YOU
  11. Many Topics & UTC

    can you stop cry finally? if you bought ANY item before patch you are retarded and its your fail so stop crying now apex is 2,5year old server and they want outgear every1 so they can pk, now they cant kill worm and crying on forum like kids ets+11 is not big deal, we lost WAY MORE on pk patch back in 2016 Moradon was full of merchants because some idiot opened 200 chars with pots on merchants
  12. V ! SupaMarket ! V (08.03.2017)

    nice SupaDupa
  13. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    pls post it we need more drama here
  14. Anything going to be done for priest?

    As far as i see you are retarded You cant prove anything here but just crying like baby I played int priest here with garges mace+7 & start gear and i did kills If this class is too hard for you just change it and stfu
  15. Anything going to be done for priest?

    Well from what i understand you want kill full party as int bp. Actually you can tank and kill 5-6 warriors with db and they will hit you for 200-300. You have heal and you wont die so fast. And realy i want to see your dmg on usko. Pls post some screens from usko to prove it