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  1. Badran

    lost 2k kc to NPC

    exchanged 2k knight cash to NPC vendor Kaira and it didn't shown up in PUS... I exchanged 3x 500 kc and 5x 100 kc vouchers 10 minutes before the server crashed.
  2. Badran

    New server

    We want a new server turkish gm and turk moderator we want ... New server because new players are very loser users are mostly +3 +9 do not always get cash us dollars in expensive np no ty np
  3. Badran

    Starting gear and gear dispenser

    lol bad idea
  4. Badran

    S> Cocka+3/Darki DEX S.S.B

  5. Badran

    S> Cocka+3/Darki DEX S.S.B

  6. Instead of running all the way while I have 20 monster stones to do...
  7. Badran

    Website Suggestion

    Yea of course ^^
  8. Would be nice to have an item counter on website so we could see who got the items that we need for trading, buying or whatever. It would be easier that way cuz for example I was looking for a specific wirinom +11 in alot profiles of warriors and couldn't find that altough I knew someone has it.
  9. Badran

    Buying +11 WF Diet / LPP

    offer for this https://apexko.com/character/Crapyz 83/5