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  1. As the title says : Buying Elf Metal Earrings +1/+2 leave me a PM in forum
  2. huh? Isn't it obvious enough? He's baba'ing everything with $. So if prices of Krowaz stay high in the market, it means that less people will have it ( advantage for him so he can kill people who are less geared ) But if prices of Krowaz drop in GB's more people are able to get them and that means that he´ll get fucked since he doesn't even know how to play warrior ( only thing he knows is to BABA )
  3. What would YOU like to see next?

    Read the patches ffs.
  4. If Luster denies it i surely can grab deep into my SS folder and search for some screenshots where your own clannies call him a scammer, that isn´t even a problem for me
  5. Sad cos even your own clannies said that you´re a scammer
  6. Everyone knows that you even scammed your own clannies and that you´re probably one of the biggest liars in this game. So pls shup