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  1. Codeine

    Will you ban bug abuser?

    we reported 2 weeks ago and Alpha said he warned them as well.
  2. Selling : EVERY THING IS SOLD. CONGRATZ TO THE NEW OWNER:) -The only full warrior krowaz 11 set so far in the server -Chaos wiri 11 -sos+3 -ROF+2-----SOLDDD -str SSS --SOLDDDD -Roc3 opal earring 3 -Chittin gauntlet +11 -- SOLDDD Offer.
  3. draki sss and chittin gauntlet +11 are sold
  4. Codeine

    Lets Make ApexKO Great Agin !

    why would u wanna take away players from cz? I remember draki tower almost killed the server because ppl were too concentrating on farming in it in emc/luff
  5. Suggestion for invasion. If bosses are spawned and drop small rewards like krowaz chest in emc/luff during invasion, it might encourage the loosing side to defend.
  6. Codeine

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    https://s23.postimg.org/ym6crhz9n/image.jpg yea right nice VS under the water
  7. Codeine

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    this is a clever way to npt.
  8. Codeine

    Bifrost NPT

    Thank u for reporting, at this time they already put the item into other accounts or sold it
  9. Codeine

    Trade duo Rol+2 for duo Roc+2

    I have duo ROL+2, pm me if you wanna swap ROC2 with ROL2. Thanks
  10. Codeine

    Trade duo Rol+2 for duo Roc+2

    traded 1, 1 ROL2 left
  11. Well we'll see Alpha. But it just doesn't make sense to me atm to give new players some benefit then right after that, give farmed players other benefit to compensate. It's like u upgrade new player's item from 8 to 9 but then also upgrade old player's item from 9-10.
  12. at least let us upgrade unique to +3 even with small chance. R we supposed to delete all the ROC and ROL+2 now? As u know, ROL+2 and ROC+2 worthed 1500 kc each before this patch. Now suddenly old players just lost 3000kc.
  13. Codeine

    Halloween event

    Aesteris, this is an awesome event. We need more events like this in the future to keep ppl in cz/bowl instead of spreading em out in other zones. Great job, keep it up !
  14. Codeine

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    +1 Rougean. That's why i said only unbiased suggestion should be welcomed and listened.
  15. Every time we r in bdw with this guy, he always get altar and run with lightfeet even when no1 use slow on him . Can any GM do something about it? We have reported this problem 3 weeks ago but nothing have been done.
  16. Codeine

    IronRoqu3I bug abusing in BDW

    @killersumphony, u can be patient with this matter since u were in the same pt with this dude so many times. You even tped him when he got altar so yeah. I never said apexko staff is not on-point. I said our staff should be more on point than ever during this difficult period and " feel" that the staff don't care.
  17. Codeine

    IronRoqu3I bug abusing in BDW

    @Alpha, this is a critical time for apexko since steam and other private server came out. I think the admin staff should be more on-point than ever. 3 weeks to fix this problem is really making us feel like u guys don't care. Thru this difficult time, we still stick with apexko and we expect more from the admin staff.
  18. Codeine

    IronRoqu3I bug abusing in BDW

    @Alpha how much more info? This dude is still hacking today in BDW like he doesnt give a fuck about this being report. Perhaps now his whole clan know how to do it. gg
  19. Sell: ETS+11 Diet Raum +11 Rog Krowaz helmet +11 Dex SSS ROL2 duo EME2 duo SE2 duo
  20. Codeine

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    Alpha, unbiased suggestion is welcomed, but trying to gain advantage for the class the user is currently playing is not.