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  1. sebast44

    price check

    alright, i'm just doing a price check for chaos baal +7 thanks
  2. sebast44

    looking for a human clan

    well, i am on human side, is there a free NT feature?
  3. sebast44

    looking for a human clan

    title says it all, i am looking for a clan on human side. would be way better if it was an english clan though. reply here or pm me in-game --> keeprolling
  4. sebast44

    MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    thanks for approving me, but sadly, i went karus for pvp beta... yeah, im dumb haha
  5. sebast44

    MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    there is still me pending
  6. sebast44

    MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    no prob, i know some ppl could vouch for me as an archer if i need some vouchers for my INSANE skills and i have to admit that i am better than lots of rogue as when it comes to supporting a party
  7. sebast44

    MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    oh well, my turn to come here and apply i guess. - What is your main language? My main language is french, but yeah I can speak english fluently - How old are you? I'm 24 - How long have you played KO? I'd say 7 years, playing USKO and lots of private servers - What class are you going to play? (Preferably want people who are going to play their main class.) I can play any class really, but i would like to focus on rogue/warrior (depending on what you need) - What timezone are you in? I'm on GMT-5 - How many hours can you play daily. (I honestly expect at least 4 to 6 hours daily from everyone.) Please do not bullshit when posting this. Be as honest as possible. Honestly, during summer time I am active mostly on me days off work (random days), but i will try me best to do 4 hours a day, on days off it will be about 8 hours. - What are your past clans, and your past names? List as many clans and names that you've used as possible. Oh wow, I was mostly known under the name of sebast44, been in so many clans, in so many different servers that I can't really make of list of them. - Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS, and do you have a mic? As odd as this may seem to some clans, I don't really require voice communication. You can use it free willingly if you wish. I'll do whatever is needed to be able to communicate with you guys. - Do you plan on buying premium and/or genie? (Not really required, but useful information.) I am currently having cash issues, but once it gets fixed, i will do my best to buy genie and premium. I heard ThegreatEvil was going to play with you guys, I'd like to be able to play with him and with all of you guys too.
  8. sebast44

    [English] PvP beta announcement

    damn, working all weekend long.. cant even play on pvp beta when i was doing my best for normal beta
  9. sebast44

    Buying Apex Points in Open Beta

    sounds good to me
  10. sebast44

    Buying Apex Points in Open Beta

    i like this idea, but as i can mostly not attend any event (couldnt play on any event so far), it would still be nice to have a little hour of free xp once in a while just for sitting, plus giving away some xp for sitting is nice, since its a long way to lvl 83 by sitting only, but you wont be sitting only for the sake of sitting when you dont have anything to sell/buy
  11. sebast44

    Remove Talia armors

    well, they remove it cause they are too lazy to give a damn about fixing stuff, we have ppl who care about their server here, not just about money. It took them so much time to make what they did, fixing 1 more thing isnt much for them anymore..
  12. sebast44

    Remove Talia armors

    well, if they add acid pots to sundries, talias are fine IMO, since you cannot repair them
  13. sebast44

    Class change

    but every1 would go archer and then class change to what they want..
  14. you know how turks are... even if they dont have that premium, they will reach lvl 83 before any1 else in server
  15. sebast44

    cospre bundle

    i like this idea, would encourage more ppl to buy such things!