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  1. Weapon: Undefeatable Raum +11 Accessory: Ring of Life +3 (x2) Elf-Metal Earring +3 Amulet of Dexterity +3 Cockatrice's Earrings {Howling Rooster} +3 (x2)
  2. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    Hi guys I saw a lot of newest or oldest account to vote king nominee at king election period but I am not one of them and I have no relation with them. I am certainly sure that I took 5 votes from our clan members. Strange thing is that I am the current king of El Morad now. GAREZ is Karus king now. I think players must vote their own computer for fair play and king selection. Justice for all ! Regards...
  3. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    @twostars Thx. I have finally been cleared of situation
  4. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    Did I take 500 votes? How do you know that? you have to ask this question admin not me even if it is true.
  5. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    I explain what? I don't understand what you mean.
  6. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    Senators can implement to abuse against king. Also admin can inspect king nominees & accounts who voted for king selection. My conscience is clear and it's alright because I never rig !
  7. MERET

    For Fair King Selection

    On the other hand, Archeage's list are not mine.
  8. Hi guys. As far as we know, game masters have no authority to do many things expect unable to chat (mute), ban player from the game and using specific commands are forbidden. We contact with you about our matter at forum. Game masters are just the messenger to convey the our subjects. One way or another, I think we don't need game master(GM) as players. In brief, we convey subjects to GM and GM conveys our problem to admin. In any case I can directly convey my problem to admin. Why do we need GM? Selam. Oyun yöneticileriniz(GM) yetkileri kısıtlı. Şu anda tek yaptıkları bizim sorunlarımızı oyun sahibine iletmek. Bunu biz de yapabiliriz zaten. Sonuçta oyun yöneticisinin bize cevap vermesini bekliyoruz sadece.
  9. MERET


    DC in a row
  10. MERET

    Selling MERET in Cyhper Ring

  11. Hello I would like to sell MERET character in cypher ring. Figure 1. Selling MERET character in Cyhper Ring (obey the market rules) You can view MERET's profile from home page. Click right-hand link for details > MERET's Profile Character informations are as follows: Nation: El Morad National Point: 5.590.460 Achieve: Juraid Protector (Defense: +100) Level: 83/5 EXP: %100 There are different items in addition to this. Armour & Weapon: MERET's Adaga +7 Scorpion Shield +11 Rebirth Lobo Hammer +7 Priest Chitin Helmet +7 (Dagger: 15) Priest Chitin Armor Pauldron +7 (Club:20) Priest Chitin Armor Pads +7 (Ax: 17) Priest Chitin Armor Boots +7(Spear: 15) Priest Chitin Armor Gauntlets +7 (Sword: 17) Accessory: Legionnaire Band +3 (x2) Lillime's Earrings +3 (x2) Fire Belt +3 Lightning Belt +3 Platinum Ring +3 (x2) Golden Earring +3 (x2) Amulet of Goddess +3 and Transformation Totem
  12. Hi As far as I see, many players are troubled with Snake Queen at this war. Nobody cares about hunting it. Players just try hunting them when those mobs are in trouble for players. Maybe admin can glamorize to hunt them by changing its drops . Regards...
  13. MERET

    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    Rumour has it that Alpha who was former GM had told one about rate of accessory from +1 to +2 then becoming notorious as %70 but it wasn't fact.
  14. Hi Buy Krowaz Priest Boots +11 Reverse item in return for KC.
  15. MERET

    Ultima quest

    I agree.
  16. CASTLE SIEGE WAR Katılım Şartı: Training Knight Squad 4 ya da Grade(Derece) 4 ve üst seviyeye ulaşmış klanlar bu etkinliğe katılabilir. Katılma Yolları: CSW her Pazar günü Türkiye saatine göre 21.00’de başlar. Ödüller: 1. [Knight Online 10 year Emblem] 72 saat sonra eşya kendiliğinden silinir. 2. Castle Siege War Winners Voucher Bu eşyayı 120 saat içinde kullanmazsanız kendiliğinden silinir. Maradon bölgesinde bulunan NPC [VIP Manager] Juliane aracılığıyla kırdırmalısınız. Karşılığında Holy +9 Sete sahip olacaksınız. Holy Set +9’un kullanım süresi 48 saattir. Not: Savaşı kazandıktan sonra klandan çıkarsanız holy set +9 eşyanız doğrudan silinmektedir. Kazanımlar: Bir sonraki CSW kadar Castellan kalesine sahip olmak. Maradon ve Delos bölgesindeki vergileri tahsil etmek. Pelerin tüccarından yeni pelerinleri NP karşılığında ve para ödemeden satın alabilirsiniz. Yeni pelerinleri bir aylığına kiralama imkanı sağlayabilirsiniz. Başarı (Achievement) Sistemi War > Castle Siege 1. Delos Castle: CSW etkinliğini bir (1) kez kazan. Ödül: 10 başarı puanı 2. Never Changing Castle: CSW etkinliğini üç kez kazan. Ödül: Monster Stone, 20 başarı puanı 3. Magical Castle: CSW etkinliğini on (10) kez kazan. Ödül: 30 başarı puanı ve Crown Prince ünvanı Crown Prince Ünvan Özellikleri: +1 Ulusal Puan (NP), %1 Deneyim Puanı (EXP) 4. Castle War: CSW etkinliğini elli (50) kez kazan. Ödül: 40 başarı puanı ve King ünvanı King Unvan Özellikleri: +20 Atak Gücü (AP), +2 Ulusal Puan (NP) 5. Castle of King’s Throne: CSW etkinliğini yüz (100) kez kazan. Ödül: 50 başarı puanı ve Emperor ünvanı Emperor Ünvanı Özelliği: +2 Ulusal Puan (NP)
  17. MERET

    Eslant 70 quest problem [QUEST]lard orc

    Have you ever checked eslant instance 2 or 3 ?
  18. MERET

    problem server

    %100 olmadığından eminim. Suikastçı sınıfı oyuncular için de düzenleme getirilmiş. Kritik tutuyor benim gördüğüm kadarıyla.
  19. MERET

    problem server

    %100 değil.
  20. MERET

    How to remove assistant leader?

    Unfortunately, here ApexKO doesn't work like official. That's why u have to kick out ur asistant leader then u'll join member.
  21. That is normal expect staff HP damage 😃
  22. MERET

    CLAN & UTC

    Hi Clan Your clan position has to be member -not asistan leader- at Official KO when you transfer clan to clan assistant leader. UTC There is no drop 'Life Crystal'. Regards...
  23. MERET

    CLAN & UTC

    So do I. I just translated player's topic. Btw, what do u think about life crystal?
  24. MERET


    Procyon said warrior players can't use Aegis. On the other hand, they can use it at Offical KO...