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  1. MERET

    lag issue

    +1 lag and dc problem
  2. Didn't slavery end in 19 century? Stand on your own two feet Sell it as set 30k kc for all
  3. Let's make Apex KO great again? Well, I agree with you @Sick to make it great again, not all your ideas. Apex KO is a pretty good server, needing innovation in here. First of all, players must respect each other including staff. This circumstance is mutual. Secondly, persons who know C++ in order to help admins to fix bugs via coding. It is vitally important. Advertise Apex KO by making quality, different and edit videos must be essential. Therefore, we can attract or temp them into here. Who knows? Admins should revise the Lunar Wars. To remove Dungeons which are the Forgotten Temple, Monster's Stone etc or reorganizing the events. Ultima event is not like old times. Ultima should remove from Ronark Land. Players don't feel free to check CZ. Players come with which side is more crowded than the other. So no PK is inevitable.
  4. MERET

    Achievement & Title

    Playing priest is too bored if you are single at this party for a long time but it is no point. I report bugs, giving a suggestion but I haven't received an answer from admins.
  5. You have gained a [Voucher of Oracle] after Chaos Battle. The voucher can be exchanged into any of Chaos Wing. There are 3 sorts of wings: 1. Wing of Warrior: Cospre Option: Noah+5% or EXP+9% 2. Wing of Assassin: Cospre Option: HP+300 or Defence+50 3. Wing of Steel: CONT: 3 There is no advantages, usefulness or effectiveness to use Wing of Warrior. Please remove it!
  6. MERET

    S > +8 Holy Knight Asassian Set

    5 coins
  7. MERET


    There is so lag current UTC event right now. Players have weirdly obtained many UTC weapons the first time. 3rd stage in big bosses hasn't dropped anything.
  8. MERET

    Melody's Selling List [For All Classes]

    Send Ararat Rings to me via Letter. Thx...
  9. MERET


    I agree.
  10. MERET

    Achievement & Title

    Current affairs!
  11. MERET

    server need something new!

    I completed my items in 8~9 months and I failed to compound accessories many times. Until this time, I've played single at the party for a long time ago. The server needs new players. Thus, the marketplace and CZ can freshen up.
  12. MERET

    server need something new!

    On the one hand, it is such a normal situation that many players are fully geared because Apex KO has been online since 2016. Players are obliged to labour to receive the items by farming which means PK. On the other hand, there is no need to be fully geared to battle against stronger players. It is related to how to play tactically battle together. I saw many started players defeated so-called geared players here. I strongly disagree with you. There is no need to pay anything in order to purchase 3rd party tools such as the pedal and macro. There is no point if you don't know your own mind. You just need a team and play it together. Enjoy Apex KO!