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  1. Killing Felenkor Knights Quest

    Close this topic please Revolution clan did.
  2. Event

    Hi Players need to join events in order to achieve EXP for rebirth system . They don't obtain EXP when they are disconnected in the game if they join Chaos event. In my view, we are disconnected, we should resume event when we re-log in the game. And one of admin or gm can make EXP event for newest players within a day.
  3. S>Elite Warrior Items. (YouGotPwndByMyAss Merchant)

    Exchange with MERET
  4. Items were sold. @Sierra @Vivaldi @Omega @Eos Can you delete topic please?
  5. Hello I would like to sell MERET character in cypher ring in return for KC. Figure 1. Proof for selling You can view MERET's profile from home page. Click right-hand link for details > MERET's Profile Character informations are as follows... Figure 2. MERET's info There are different items in addition to this. Figure 3. Other items Figure 4. Other items continuing
  6. [New rule] Selling characters in Cypher Rings

    Bu kurala uyulmadığı için en kısa sürede bu konuyu açıklığa kavuşturacağız.
  7. Merhaba. Büyücü sınıfı eşyaları KC karşılığında toptan satılacaktır. Hello I would like to sell wholesale items in return for KC. Book of Wisdom (Flame) +11 Rebirth Flame Ring +3 (x2) Light Belt of Life +3 Elemental Pendant +3 Crimson Helmet +7 (Defense Ability Dagger:15) Crimson Pants +7 (Defense Ability Ax:17) Crimson Boots +7 (Defense Ability Spear:15)
  8. Looking for helpful clan

    Hello dividion. Welcome to ApexKO. I can help you to guide but you have to know what you need to know...
  9. Power over player at war

    There is no problem commanders and king can be noticed during war if they benefit from that by stopping to act like useless. You know, we someimtes need to manipulate in the war field. You can remove private commands such as all greeting, provoke and space
  10. Power over player at war

    @twostars @Aesteris @Sierra @Omega @Vivaldi @Eos @twostarsYour respond was on 9 September, 2017. Hello? Anybody's home? Tick !.. This situation has been going on.
  11. Be careful fake char

    Haklı olabilirsin. Bu uyarı sadece onun arkadaşları için bir uyarıydı.
  12. Be careful fake char

    I just warned
  13. Be careful fake char

    TheCordeLiaa is fake character. Don't trust this player to do anything...
  14. Lag Problems !

    As I said the lag begins from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. There is no lag right now.